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Jan 29, 2006

An interview that goes off the rails, reviews, our San Francisco branch checks in! Wow!

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Liz Armstrong, author of the Chicago Anti-social column in the Reader.

From her Wikipedia entry:
Liz Armstrong lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has performed solo and with the bands To Live and Shave in L.A. and To Live and Shave in L.A. 2 under the stage name "Misty Martinez." Since 2004, she has written first-person party journalism for the Chicago Reader in her "Chicago Antisocial" column.

But that doesn't begin to cover our knife wielding interview. Liz is the first guest to show up "heavy" to an interview. She was none-the-less delightful and wacky to talk to. Amanda and Liz have a battle royalle and end up pals! This interview is a non-stop action fest loaded withconfessional jaw dropping moments. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it will become a part of you. You'll listen again and again. It's downright worthy of Chicago Anti-Social.

If that wasn't enough, Amanda, Duncan and Richard review the new shows at Giola, Gescheidle, Aron Packer and the Beverly Art Center.

Names dropped:

Fred Stonehouse, Michael Noland, James Rosenquist, Barbara Weisen, The Gahlberg Gallery at the College of DuPage, NASCAR, Arturo Herrera, Martin O'Conner, Jeremy Black, Jason Ruhl, Marcel Dzama, Michael Dumontier, Neil Farber, The Royal Art Lodge, Shelley Spector, Instant Coffee, Kiki Smith, Kota Ezawa, Cornelia Parker, Wang Du, Wangechi Mutu, The Beverly Art Center, Jenny O'Conner, Stephen Warde Anderson, Hank Feeley, and there are about a zillion artists in the Tattoo show that you need to go and check out on your own as I left the list at work, sorry.


New City answered all of our Gallery 400 related questions. Check it out
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While you're at it check out Amanda's review!
Amanda's Review

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Reviews from London, our San Francisco correspondent interviews internationally famous rapper and performance artist Jelly-Doughnut at the Doughnut shop featured in the Maximum Wage video, and so much more! The following week we are interviewing rock star curator James Rondeau. Free up some time to listen, these will be great shows.