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Jun 25, 2006

This Week:
Episode 43:  3 Three Editors from Blunt Art Text

BAT Magazine: Blunt Art Text.  Like ninjas of art journalism, these
evil doers sneak around and do smart, thoughtful reviews and publish
them in their journal.  We thought we had the drop on them, but nope
the lights when out and Richard and I found ourselves...

Jun 18, 2006

Wesley Kimler (painter, agitator, and co-founder of slices and dices the Chicago art world.  Ouch.  Wesley gives us the skinny on being an artist in Chicago, who is ruining the Chicago art world, and what we can do to start turning it all around.  The man is not afraid to name names and calls...

Jun 12, 2006

Oh dear.  It is a review-a-ton.   For those of you who wondered why Duncan had been muzzled as of late,  your answer is here as he and Amanda rant with willful abandon (mostly Duncan).  Once again he brings shame to his family as we review shows at VON ZWECK, The Mars Gallery, NOVA, Garden Fresh, Live Box, Kasia Kay,...

Jun 3, 2006

This week we corner MCA Chicago Curator and generally popular guy, Dominic Molon.  We ask him about Wolfgang Tillmans and what the MCA thinks it's doing for Chicago Art.  Joy Division! Photography! The Challanges of the '12x12' project! What is wrong with the 12 x 12 series? Dominic explains whose fault it really...