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Apr 29, 2007

As we recover from Sharkstock 2007 we diligently post Episode #87 the first installment of our team coverage of Artropolis, Version, Bridge, Sharkstock and a bunch of other cool stuff we went to in the last few days. Also prior to our soiree at Sonotheque we it Tony Fitzpatrick's kickass opening at Architrove which was...

Apr 22, 2007

THIS WEEK: Interviews with Leslie Hindman, Wesley “The Shark? Kimler,  and Michael “Makes icky noises into the mic which I need to edit out? Workman.

Marc LeBlanc and Brian Andrews talk Los Angeles Galleries at 95 miles per hour.

ATTENTION ALL BAD AT SPORTS LISTENERS: Amanda’s Mom will be in Chicago next week!...

Apr 16, 2007

Art Schoolin' Extravaganza!!

This week's show is an f-ing masterpiece, miss this one at your peril.

This week we talk to in turn professors: James Elkins, Sarah Kreep (organizer of the New InSight exhibition), and Lane Relyea about the future of art education, art students, and the future of the art business among many...

Apr 8, 2007

This week’s show is top notch, grade A stuff, Jack, and you sure don’t want to miss it.  Art, religion, smurfs, Dungeons and Dragons, Duncan rattling on like an old man about how kids today just don’t understand punk rock, AND the show closes with Richard’s favorite music cue in the entire run of the program, a...

Apr 1, 2007

This week Brian and Marc talk to Mary Leigh Cherry is co-owner of Cherry and Martin gallery in Los Angeles and works with the Artist Pension Trust.


Nathan Rogers-Madsen reviews PS-1!

Richard ends the show with a plea and a funny song.