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Sep 25, 2006

Amanda, Duncan and Richard talk to Collectors and swell hosts Curt and Jennifer Conklin. Rapping! Ranting!!

The Residency is coming soon!

The Blog is now at

Sep 18, 2006

On this week's show Duncan and Richard talk to Gregory Knight Deputy Commissioner/Visual Arts of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. Kathryn Born interviews Brian Shannon on the wild and wacky world of insuring art collections. Big Red and Shiny checks in from Boston. Brian Andrews talks about the East...

Sep 11, 2006

Amanda and Richard talked to loads of folks in the Peoria Street area for the 2006-2007 season kick off, maybe even you! Lots of people you know or have heard of get drunk and say embarrassing things! Awesome!

Also, Brian Andrews sets the world straight on how totally fucking stupid Burning Man is. MTV owns you, you...

Sep 4, 2006

Tony Tasset, what a damn nice guy. This week we visited the Tasset/Ledgerwood studio-fortress complex. We drove in a rented Humvee for hours into the jungle and were ushered in by the armed guard. The interview is not to be missed. The outro to this show has a special cameo by Dominic Molon.


The Crocodile...