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Aug 27, 2006


The opening few seconds is payback for the West Town Gallery network map. How dare you. Duncan has never eaten a bratwurst in his life.

Anyway. 52 weeks worth of shows. Damn.


"We're not the first, 
I hope we're not the last
'Cause I know we're all heading
for that adult crash
The times is so little, the time...

Aug 20, 2006

Chicago art legend William Conger!!! He's taught many of you, heck he's taught some of your teachers. Guest host Tony Fitzpatrick joins Duncan in this great discussion that covers everything from what a great guy Ed Paschke was, to a lengthy discussion of Wesley Kimler which is not to be missed. Much talk about art...

Aug 13, 2006

Duncan and Amanda interview Dan Devening about his current "editions project", what printmaking is today, and his new exhibition space.

Everyone talks to Chris Walla, all around kickass guy and professor at Moorhead State University in Moorehead Minnesota.

And Duncan and Richard have a show that opens Saturday at...

Aug 7, 2006

Julia Marsh from BAT joins Duncan for some reviews of group shows around Peoria Street. Terri Griffith talks American Psycho with Duncan and there is a solid digression into Eddie Murphy's failed pop music career. Richard and Duncan talk about their upcoming show and are mean to some jerks who sent us pithy e-mails to...