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Dec 9, 2007

The festival of Elkins!

Duncan talks with James Elkins about globalism, imperialism's and all sorts of lighthearted stuff.  This is audio that was recorded this summer at The Stone Theory Institute's first iteration; 2007: The Globalization of Art, co-organized with Zhivka Valiavicharska.  Bad At Sport sat in on the whole thing and has pretty much every second on tape.  We will be posting five sections over the next month or two as raw audio with a short  introduction by Elkins himself. These will not be the polished "podio" that you have been used too but for those of you academically inclined it will be freaking awesome... check the blog regularly as we will update with out notice.

We have a James Elkins original picture of all the scholars involved with their names for download at...

The show opens with an indictment of Duncan's mean-ness.