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Feb 22, 2023

Language lovers rejoice — the blab at sporkers transmit live to tape from the exhibition Glossolalia, hosted at ACRE (hosted by Drama Club) with our guests David Sprecher and Jeff Prokash. Their collaborative show, which performs a complicated material translation of an excerpt of a Franny Choi poem, is up through the weekend and includes a series of readings this Saturday (2/25/23) amidst and among their sculpture-phonemes. We talk about talking and think about thinking in what Zagat’s is calling “ə ˈrɪli ɡreɪt ˌɛksəˈbɪʃən ... wɜrθ ˈsikɪŋ ænd ˈsiɪŋ ɪf ju hir wɑt ɪts ˈseɪɪŋ θru ˈbiɪŋ sin …” and we’ll agree.