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Aug 20, 2006

Chicago art legend William Conger!!! He's taught many of you, heck he's taught some of your teachers. Guest host Tony Fitzpatrick joins Duncan in this great discussion that covers everything from what a great guy Ed Paschke was, to a lengthy discussion of Wesley Kimler which is not to be missed. Much talk about art history in Chicago and an overall fascinating time.

The longest episode yet, but every minute is a gem.

Next week: Our anniversary show!!!

Bill Conger
Tony Fitzpatrick
Paul Klein
Ed Paschke
Roy Boyd Gallery
Nelson Algren
Alex Kotlowitz
Giorgio Morandi
Louis Sullivan
Wesley Kimler
Dennis Adrian
Jim Nutt
Barbara Rossi
Miyoko Ito
Hyde Park Art Center
Howard Singerman
Carol Becker
Carl Wirsum
Roger Brown
Don Baum
Lane Relyea
Terra Art Museum
Jeanne Dunning
Studs Turkel
Frank Piatek
Chicago Art Write
Richard Levine
Vera Klement
Phyllis Bramson
Michelle Grabner
Jim Valerio