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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

Jessie Mott art work

On this week’s Jess(i)e-fest, Jessie Mott joins Jesse and non-Jess(i)e Ryan in the studio to talk about her upcoming exhibition at the Epiphany Center for the Arts, Like Queer Animals:We Hold Your Gaze, a collaboration with queer scholar Chanal Nadeau. We yak about the origins of Mott’s aberrant animals, in all of their forms, including paintings, publications and animations. Take a listen on the wild side.

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Iris Bernblum drawings

On this pod's weekcast Iris Bernblum joins Brian and Ryan for an unadorned conversation about her current studio practice. Bernblum’s work explores an animalic kinship, navigating a longing for the unknowable natural world. The pair conjures a sensual environment by imbuing the space with scent, sound, and lush color. Her cross disciplinary practice includes watercolors, video and sculpture speaking to ideas around human desire to control and tame wild spaces.

Name Drops:

Also, we dropped the first NFT Bad at Sports has ever made, the first podcast on Foundation, and the first interview with both Kayvon Tehranian and Lindsay Howard. Maybe the only NFT we will ever make and it is hella meta (like not the facebook nonsense).

Drops at 11am CST on Friday November 19th, 2021. Good luck friends.

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Tony's murals in Glen Elen via New City Chicago
This week Bad at Sports sees the return of two legends. 
Tony Fitzpatrick joins us to talk about his last museum show ever "the Jesus of Western Avenue" at the Cleve Carney Museum. And if that weren't enough Richard Holland takes a break from his retirement to rejoin the show? We are also joined by Justin Witte, the curator and director of the Cleve Carney Museum!
Names Dropped...
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The book in the wild at Quimby's
This week Jesse Malmed and Duncan MacKenzie catch up with Zach Cahill and try to understand what compels us about unicorns, death, flowers, and pentagrams as we celebrate and query the thinking behind "Unicorn Death Road Trip Buddy Movie."
Names dropped...
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Bad at Sportsers slinging merch
This week Bad at Sports Center checks in from a very rainy Terrain Biennial at Overton Elementary. We catch up with Kristin McWharter about sports and cheerleading then carry the conversation to Lauren Leving and Michael Paul Lopez aka. Mike Lopez about an exhibition at Material. Certified fresh.
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Terrain 2021 KIT logo

Live from the block party for the 2021 Terrain Biennial with guests Richard, Medina, Sadie Woods, DJ Gino, Ahmed Ozsever... And Ryan Peter Miller? What better way to honor our friend Sabina Ott!
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Should we be more depressed about accelerating climate change or optimistic for human potential in a time of crisis? This week Jesse and Brian talk through the surprising artworks featured in Earthly Observatory with curators Giovanni Aloi and Andrew S. Yang.

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Today on Bad at Sportscenter, Jesse and Ryan are joined by some of the stars that form the constellation that post-latin-loqui astroscholars are calling This Is What We Know So Far, an exhibition open now at Chicago Art Department: artists Liz McCarthy, Sara Condo, Leo Kaplan and curator Erin Nixon. Along with Chicago faves Mike Lopez and Ben Driggs, they’ve mounted a colorful and joutous show dealing with process, the new now and the messiness of the moment. The conversation is lovely and the show even lovelier. 

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Website for TSA Chicago

This week we check in on Tiger Strikes Asteroid with curators Teresa Silva and Holly Cahill. we examine collective art action, the network, Mana contemporary art space, and  the half 46 person group show "It Feels Like The First Time."

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This week we continue our summer of comic investigation with

Weekly form the Chicago Defender by Seitu Hayden from

Seitu Hayden. Chicago illustrator extraordinaire and long time indie comic supporter. We talk about his 50 years in the independent publishing spaces, black comics, and some of the bright lights that made the scene happen. Hayden's works were included in the MCA's Chicago Comics:1960 to Now and the book "It’s Life as I See it: Black Cartoonists in Chicago, 1940–1980."

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Image of the the Comics show from the Chicago Cultural Center
…meanwhile, in the least mysterious city on the planet (apparently Chicago), Duncan and Ryan panel with the overmodest Artist/Cartoonist Chris Ware and Chicago’s cultural historian emeritus Tim Samuelson about the storied origins of the Chicago comic scene. In this harrowing episode our protagonists discuss a triumvirate of collaborative projects: the Chicago Cultural Center’s, “Chicago: Where Comics Came to Life 1880-1960”, the forthcoming exhibit at Wrightwood 659 “Romanticism to Ruin: Two Lost Works of Sulliv

an and Wright”, and an eponymous interminable exhibition of Samuelson’s personal historical ephemera curated by Ware at the Chicago Cultural Center.
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Artist Jessica Campbell will carpet figure from Taken FOr Granted

This week we are joined by the great cartoonist and brilliant artist Jessica Campbell. Campbell's cartoons and relief sculptures are on view at Chicago's MCA  as part of Comics in Chicago: 1960s to Now. She also has an upcoming exhibition at Western Exhibitions Gallery in Chicago and a graphic novel about to drop from Drawn & Quarterly, "Rave."

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Diana Guerrero-Maciá image from Carrie Secrist Gallery

This week Bad @ Sports Center is winnowed down to skeleton crew, with Ryan Peter Miller chewing the fat with the ever vital Diana Guerrero-Maciá. Fresh from receiving a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts, Guerrero-Maciá discusses her studio practice which includes slow-craft processes in painting, textiles, drawing, print, and sculptural objects. With new work recently completed for two exhibitions, High Touch, at John Michael Kohler Art Center and Light Falls Fast at Traywick Contemporary, this is a hearty conversation.

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This week Bad at Sports attempts to get to the bottom of whether is a marketplace, a platform, or a cultural hall. Dana Bassett and Duncan MacKenzie are joined by Kayvon Tehranian, CEO and Lindsay Howard, Head of Community who are lighting our way towards how artists can get paid for their content while creating a new way to sell and consume art works, and just maybe, building a new internet in the meantime.

Duncan is trying to convince Lindsay to start a book club. If you're interested slide something into his DMs.

Terrain Biennial 2021

In what feels like a throwback episode Ryan and Duncan record IRL with Holly Holmes and Tom Burtonwood. We explore the legacy of Sabina Ott, the future for the Terrain Biennial and its 2021 iteration, then we talk through what is going on in their studios and focus around their exploration of the NFT artwork space.


This week on the B@S, Stella Brown and Nick Wylie join Jesse and Brian to talk about Buddy — the new artist-run shop/gallery/venue at the Chicago Cultural Center that features works and products by more than 220 artists — and Co-Prosperity Catskill — the new exhibition space in the Hudson Valley. These two new projects from the Public Media Institute, whose many many include WLPN, Lumpen Magazine, Lumpen TV and the Co-Prosperity space in Bridgeport, extend the ever-shifting and growing publicnesses that amplify, support and nurture so many artists and thinkers in our city. We talk about the realms of the possible, the concept of the public and end up making an ad (-vertisement and -vocacy) for Chicago in many acts.


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Christina Quarles Painting on view at MCA

On today’s episode Dana and Ryan join painter Christina Quarles [in person!] to discuss her eponymous exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. We talk painting (of course), and discuss pandemic cancellations and inspirations. We hope you enjoy the sound of face-to-face conversation and Christina’s giggles as much as we enjoyed recording them. 


Christina Quarles

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Image of Ben Davis from his website

This week we can catch up with the preeminent American Art Critic, Ben Davis from Art Net and talk about NFTs and whether this really is the future the hype demands, or whether this is a long con grift.


Ben Davis -

Art Net -

Nifty Gateway -

Foundation.App -

Beeple -


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This week we returned with Carrie Secrist and the Carrie Secrist Gallery (CSG.) A long time pillar of Chicago's south loop CSG began a significant shift and radically changed how they were doing exhibitions as the pandemic was just kicking off. We check in with the gallery's founder to learn about this adventure and how it has impacted gallery artists and informing the way the gallery will work. We also take a minute to celebrate an incredible milestone for a Chicago artist, as a hint her initials are DGM and weirdly so are our managing founders, although they are not the same human and only one of them has been recognized by the Guggenheim. WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR HER! WELL DONE DGM!

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Ruin from Stephanie Burke

On this harrowing episode of Bad at SportsCenter, we talk with photographer Stephanie Burke. Her ongoing series of photographs is a visual exploration of lost opportunities at Parks College. Founded in 1927 by Oliver “Lafe” Parks, Parks College was a nexus of aviation development throughout the 20th century. When the Parks College program was moved to SLU in 1997, the Cahokia Il campus was left empty, and has subsequently gone to ruin.


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Image c/o the Renaissance Society of Haig Aivazian's "All of the Lights"

Image c/o the Renaissance Society of Haig Aivazian's "All of the Lights"

In a wide ranging discussion with Haig Aivazian we start with the exhibition at Chicago's Renaissance Society and we reach toward the history of fire, policing, data visualization, sports and art, and why artists should not be afraid of making propaganda!
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Paul Mpagi Sepuya photograph

This week Ryan and Brian enter the dark room with Paul Mpagi Sepuya. The conversation floats along the inseparability of images and subcultures, the ritual of working an image in an analog dark room, and seeing exactly what is happening in the moment. 

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Naomi Beckwith form the MCA Chicago

On today’s episode of Bad at Sports Center, Dana and Duncan have the distinct pleasure of speaking with Naomi Beckwith, the current Museum of Contemporary Art Manilow Senior Curator and incoming Deputy Director and Jennifer and David Stockman Chief Curator of New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. We discuss Beckwith’s curatorial style, vision for her new position and and her recent work on the exhibition “Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America,” originally conceived by the late Okwui Enwezor at the New Museum. All this and just a little bit of “T” to round out our latest. We hope you enjoy it, friend.



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This week Dana and Jesse are joined "in the studio" by Chicago's native sun and brilliant author, Mairead Case. Case joins us on the show to discuss her latest novel, Tiny, and a slew of other topics ranging from grief to the dance floor and how those two are not as far apart as you might think. 
You can find more information about Mairead and Tiny at the following websites:
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Nicole Marroquin print based on school riots on the south west side of Chicago
This week Bad at Sports Center welcomes Nicole Marroquin participant in the DePaul Art Museum exhibition LatinXAmerican and Faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Marroquin's  practice ranges from social justice to community organizing to educating public school teachers to archiving microhistories and the work of the photographer Diana Solís. Ryan and Duncan trace her practice through a ruckus and bouncy chat that eventually finds its root in Marroquin's history as a printer and ceramicist.
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Beltran's work "Baby and the Bathwater"

This week Dana & Brian zoom down to Puerto Rico to continue the series of interviews with artists from LatinXAmerican at the DePaul Art Museum. Ramón Miranda Beltrán shares his insights into adapting a practice to exhibition during COVID-19 and waves of colonialism in the Caribbean.


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Caroline Kent's paint hung at the De Paul Art Museum

We are back. The audio team needed a little time to recover from a blisteringly hard 2020 but here we kicking it off strong! Hello 2021!

This episode kicks off a miniseries of artist interviews from LatinXAmerican at the DePaul Art Museum. Duncan and Brian chat with Caroline Kent about abstract painting, twin language, and refining an artistic practice during the pandemic.
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There is art you can see in the second wave of Covid! This week Brian and Duncan check in with Paola Cabal about her garden installation What Means Light visible outdoors at the Arts Club of Chicago. 
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Set your phasers to scan as we dive deep into art-making with 3D scanning techniques. Ryan and Brian chat with Michelle Hessel and Mint Boonyapanachoti about food cart vendors and all things scannable. 
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This week Brian and Ryan navigate visible and invisible lines with Nadav Assor. They discuss repurposing military technology for the human body and sports camera sponsorships in the service of multimedia experiments.  
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People of Canada gallery from Planet Magazine

This week we revisit our love for Miami, art fairs, NADA, and we check in with legendary New York contemporary art spot Canada Gallery and Phil Grauer!

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Guta Galli film still

This week Ryan & Brian chat with Samantha Reynolds, Nimah Gobir, Guta Galli and Katherine Vetne about Until it Shatters, an exhibition at Root Division in conjunction with the Feminist Art Coalition that opens this election day. The exhibition title is in reference to Hillary Clinton’s presidential concession speech “Now, I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will..." Since its original inception, the curatorial model of Until It Shatters has adapted and shifted to an artist-driven project based on the shared need for community. Artists in the exhibition include Greta Liz Anderson, Salome El, Guta Galli, Nimah Gobir, Kiana Honarmand, Kuo-Chen "Kacy" Jung, Rebecca Kaufman , dani lopez, Cathy L, Kija Luca, Chi Chai Mate, Joy Nojim, Dimitra Skandal, Indira Urrutia & Katherine Vetne.

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Aram Han Sifuentes with her pis Trust Black Womxn

Join us on this week's episode of Bad at Sports Center as Jesse and Dana virtually meet up for a conversation with Chicago fiber, social practice, and performance artist, Aram Han Sifuentes. We discuss the artists’ multifaceted methods and finding joy in ongoing politically oriented projects like the Protest Banner Lending Library and US Citizenship Test Sampler. We also learn how Sifuentes is adapting her 2020 Official Unofficial Voting Station to the pandemic times in advance of the upcoming election.

More information on Sifuentes’ projects can be found at:

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Knockdown Party

This episode recorded live in NYC at NADA NYC in 2017 with Michael Merck and Tyler Myers

from Knockdown Center and Cybele Maylone formerly of Urban Glass now of Aldrich Art Museum

Richard Medina

The prodigy of Sabina Ott RETURNS!

This week Ryan & Brian chat with Richard Medina to talk about his first solo exhibition, Moby Dick, and what it's like to start a curatorial practice as an impassioned youth in Chicago's welcoming art scene.

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Michael Anderson

This week we came back to sad news last week we lost a great friend of the show and a unique NYC based voice, Michael Anderson. To honor his passing we represent his interview from 2009. We miss you buddy!

Original post:

Holla! NYC correspondents Amanda Browder and Tom Sanford hang out with artist Michael Anderson in his Harlem studio. Born in the Bronx in 1968, Mr. Anderson began his artistic career fusing painting and collage but has concentrated on collage since the early 1990s.

Since that time his materials have consisted solely of posters and billboards found on the streets of international cities and physically torn down by the artist. (text from Michael’s Blog).

To prep you when you go see Michael’s show at Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea which opened on March 26th, 2009, Tom and Amanda talk to Michael about his work and end the conversation with a boxing match, as a way to get out their inner feelings. Michael watches in fear….or is it hilarity!
Michael Anderson
Marlborough Gallery
The Short Life of Trouble
Gayle Gates Art Collective
Collage Geomancy
Changing Role Gallery
Media Violence
Jack Da Vinci Johnson
Miami Ink
Paul Rodgers Gallery
Mad Collectors
Richard Prince
Interview magazine
Lucien Freud
Jackson Pollock
digital TV
Size Matters
Mike Weiss
Michelle Stern
Tom Fruin
Jeff Sugg
King Abraham
The Dark Knight
Philip Seymour Hoffman
In Cold Blood
VW Bug
Birdman’s 5 * Stunna
Tony Fitzpatrick
Time magazine
Shepard Fairey
Bruce Nauman

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Alice Tippit Artwork

Today on Bad at Sports Center, Jesse and Dana are joined by special guest host, Alex Bradley Cohen, for an interview with painter Alice Tippit. We discuss the witty, poetic nature of Tippit’s work, some of which is currently on view in the exhibition Pallid Carrier at Patron Gallery through August 29th. 


More information on Pallid Carrier here

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Chicago Manual Style

Today on the podcast, Brian and Jesse speak with Stephanie Cristello and Ruslana Lichtzier who are hosting the Chicago-based iteration of the vexillological contemporary art project Four Flags. Over the course of the next few months, dozens of Chicagoland artists are making flags that are being hoisted and hung from the façade of Chicago Manual  Style—in the West Town / Ukrainian Village neighborhood—and on instagram at @fourflags.

Four Flags was founded by Julia Mullié and Nick Terra in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and was launched on April 15, 2020. Exhibited artists to date include Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Das Institut (Kerstin Brätsch & Adele Röder), Kasper Bosmans, Jennifer Tee, Willem de Rooij, Rodrigo Hernández, Maria Roosen, Anna-Sophie Berger, Dora Budor, and Lena Henke, among others.
Bloemstraat 140B, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chicago Manual Style and P.S. (Publishing Services) is a project space sited in a garage in Chicago, IL. Directed by Stephanie Cristello, the program is dedicated to exhibitions featuring established and emerging artists, and the production of critical writing. Positioned at the convergence of exhibitions and publications, each show results in the production and commission of essays and texts on contemporary art. Ruslana Lichtzier will be collaborating on curating this specific project.

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Sadie Woods

This week on Bad at Sports Center, Ryan and Dana are joined by Sadie Woods to talk about the recent re-release of her project, It Was a Rebellion Mixtape. Woods discusses her research process for this project and her personal evolution as a deejay and artist. We didn’t have time to play a clip of It Was a Rebellion on the show, but you can download all three versions at this link: We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did. 

Learn more about Sadie’s work on her website: 

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Tune in to this week’s Bad at Sports Center for a conversation with Ellen Placey Wadey, the Arts & Collections Senior Program Officer at the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation. We discuss equity and accessibility in foundation applications and find out how the Foundation is approaching the shifting needs of small arts organizations right now.
Learn more about the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation at
and read the Vu Le article we mention in the interview here
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Brian Andrews Hominid still

This week all we ask ourselves what is Brian doing well not at the radio station. Turns out he’s having a baller film career in the AR/VR/XR arena and his latest work premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. As it expands its international festival run, we try and understand the world of the “Hominidae” -

Juxapose magazine called an earlier iteration of the work "CREEP LEVEL OMEGA." Hold on to your hat.

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Image from Deborah Stratman film at Chicago's MCA

This week on Bad at Sports Center: Dana and Jesse speak with Deborah Stratman about the filmmaker’s now-postponed Chicago Works exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We hear Stratman’s take on the issues inherent in screening work in a contemporary art museum and learn about her work on endlessly fascinating Chicago journalist Studs Terkel.

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For this weeks episode of Bad at Sports Center we’ve finally transitioned into are virtual studio and are elated to be joined by the editors of The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia, Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker. Our guests provide Ryan and Dana with some background into the pioneering experimental orchestra, and we discuss their comprehensive compilation of interviews, new essays, historical documents and images. Tune in to hear all this and so much more (including, of course, Weird Al) on this episode of B@SC. 


More information about the The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia can be found at

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Heather Mekkelson's show at 65 Grand Install shot

This week we Bad at Sport Center returns as we Kick begin experimenting with virtual recording. No one’s back in our regular studio so we are reaching out to friends and artists we admire to talk about their exhibitions and events that have existed in the vacuum created by Covid 19.

Heather Mekkelson, long time bright light and unique sculptural voice had an exhibition which is functionally still up at 65 Grand disrupted by the Chicago lockdowns related to the pandemic. We chat through and try to open up her whimsical and profound investigations.

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Artist Run Chicago install 1.0

Our Indoor Recess series concludes with a leap back a decade to the original Artists Run Chicago episode featuring Britton Bertran and Allison Peters Quinn.

Woo Hoo!

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Allison Agsten

On this episode of our Indoor Recess series we check back into a boozie 2017 with an interview we recorded the end of our first all day takeover at WLPN as part of Open Engagement in Chicago with long time friend of the show, Allison Agsten.

It was a moment where anything seemed possible and we were excited by the road ahead. Many things (like the pandemic) have changed for us, for Allison, for Chicago and LA since then but in the context of this interview the most notable change is the closure of Allison’s project, the Main Museum. Which closed its doors in 2018 but the thing that drew us back to this moment was, everyone on mic was inspired and excited. Not everything had gone right and mistakes had been made all through the day but we were trying and we could all see new possibilities in a shared future.

Stay safe friends, we will get somewhere better together.


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Beer, Anti- Capitalist Exhibitions, Magazines, Punk Shows, Food and D&D! This Indoor Recess rewinds to the halcyon days when the Co-Prosperity Sphere was just a twinkle in Ed Marszewski's eye.


BONUS: Ed Mar teaches you how to pronounce his last name!


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Kerry James Marshall Painting

Can you have it all? Art world success and a fulfilling studio practice? Learn the master's secrets in this weeks Indoor Recess as we revisit our classic live episode with Kerry James Marshall.

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So much has changed and so much has stayed the same in the art world since 2005. Reaching to the back of the crate for a deep cut, Indoor Recess this week features a interview with Michelle Grabner from episode 12. 

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Christopher Sperandio from Somos

This week, we catch up with long time friend of the show Christopher Sperandio at CAA 2020 where he celebrating the publication of two new books. Fundamental Camarena celebrate the work of a generation of Mexican comic book makers through the resuscitation of a forgotten master and Pinko Joe borrows liberally from the cultural archive to build a new narrative around those of us who challenge human greed and profiteering.

Fundamental Camarena

Pinko Joe

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Cast of Indoor Recess

Ding ding ding! Time for Indoor Recess! This week the team does a deep dive to 2009 and our interview with seminal Chicago art group Temporary Services and celebrates all the good news in the art world today.


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Indoor Recess with Brendan F!

Indoor recess cannot be stopped! This week we throwback to our interview with Brendan Fernandes and honor Canada's musical heritage.

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Edra Soto from the Arts Club Chicago

The Bad at Sports crew keep their social distance in the forth (and a half) week of Indoor Recess, our series of retro interviews featured in our upcoming Augmented Reality project. Relax and rewind to our conversation with Edra Soto.  

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Amanda William Chicago Color abstraction

This week Bad at Sports is appearing as Indoor Recess. Collectively, we revisit the brilliance of Amanda Williams as we march towards the release of our augmented reality app (Bad at Reality) and the launch of Artists Run Chicago 2.0 at the Hyde Park Art Center probably August/September 2020.

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This week we are joined by the Journal of Artist Books, Brad Freeman, and the Center for Book and Paper, then the Center for Book, Paper, and Print's, Mel Potter. We talk about the closure of these two historic artworld fixtures, the impact on the landscape of Chicago, hole it leaves nationally, And the choice by Columbia College Chicago to close the center and fold it into the department of Art and Art History.

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Zoom Meeting Stockholder

Indoor recess persists this week as the Bad at Sports crew talk podcast walks, colorful garbage, toilet paper paintings, and Thomas Kinkade. All in the service of presenting a throwback episode with living legend Jessica Stockholder.

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CAA Logo

This week we check in from CAA 2020 in Chicago and is always at this conference we are discussing the MFA and what it does for you and me and all of us. To help us understand the recent evolution of these degrees we are joined by Ellen Mueller of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MK Guth of the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Lisa Iglesias of the University of Florida Gainesville, and Paul Catanese of Columbia College Chicago (yes, that is where Duncan works also.)

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Jim Duignan from New City Chicago

Pandemic sends the Bad at Sports team home for Indoor Recess! For the next eight weeks we will be revisiting throwback classic Bad at Sports episodes that are featured in our upcoming augmented reality app. First up this week: Jim Duignan.

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Artists Run Chicago 2.0 logo

If you love artist run spaces and Chicago this is the B@SC episode for you! Today we are joined in the studio by Hyde Park Art Center’s Director of Exhibitions, Allison Peters Quinn, to discuss Artists Run Chicago 2.0, opening to the public on April 5th. Allison reflects on the previous iteration of Artist Run Chicago in 2009 and gives us some insight into 2.0, which features 50 artists run spaces and projects with concurrent programming throughout the summer. Stay tuned until the end of the show when we touch on our recent chili competition nerve and Allison compels us to reveal our latest Bad at Sports project. 

*Sorry for the delay we were adapting to a changed world. We are going to try and drop thing a little more to schedule on Mondays and Thursdays through this "distancing event."

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Azadeh Gholizadeh art works

The entire Bad at Sports Center trifecta of Dana, Brian and Ryan are back in the studio today with Aaron Rodgers from Homeroom, Randall West from Chicago Composers Orchestra and visual artist Azadeh Gholizadeh to discuss Ten x Ten 2020, a collaborative series pairing 10 visual artists with 10 contemporary composers to create an album and print portfolio with the support of Spudnik Press. West and Gholizadeh discuss their particular process and play us excerpts from West’s composition for the project. Ten x Ten is ongoing throughout the rest of 2020 with concerts and exhibitions at various venues throughout Chicago. 


You can learn more about upcoming programming at or
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This is the least Nato like photo of Nato Thompson we could find. It is from CSPAN

Live from NADA New York... maybe more than a year ago but certainly last time we were at NADA NYC… NATO THOMPSON returns to the show to talk about “seeing power” and how we need to think about our relationship with culture, and culture’s relationship with us, especially when we are talking about "high art," "museums," and the tools of hegemony. What’s an artist to do?

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Natasha Egan from Chicago Magazine

This week Brian and Duncan take a trip to the College Art Association conference 2020 and catch up with Natasha Egan from the Museum of Contemporary Photography. This wide-ranging conversation starts with surveillance and their current exhibition “In Real Life” featuring the artists Stephanie Dinkins, Trevor Paglen, Leo Selvaggio, Maija Tammi, José Orlando Villatoro, Xu Bing, and Liam Young and ends with what is the nature of photography in our contemporary world.

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The interview as it happened. Photo by Zach

Philip von Zweck speaks with Seth Brodsky about Gray Sounds, a new experimental sound and music series at the University of Chicago's Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry.  On the occasion of the inaugural Gray Sound event Seth, Philip and Zachary Cahill talk with composer Peter Ablinger about “experimental” music, his work, noise, phonorealism, making a piano speak, and a host of other topics. 

Peter Ablinger is an Austrian composer living in Berlin. He was recently in Chicago for a series of performances, lectures and an installation as part of Grey Sounds a new series produced by the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at the University of Chicago.


Seth Brodsky is the Director of the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry and Associate Professor of Music and the Humanities at the University of Chicago. He is the author of "From 1989, or European Music and the Modernist Unconscious" (California, 2017), and has published on such topics as opera, influence, and the music of John Cage and Benjamin Britten. He is currently at work on a book about music, psychoanalysis, and repetition.

Zachary Cahill is Director of Programs and Fellowships at the Gray Center for Arts and Inquire and Editor in Chief, Portable Gray.

Philip von Zweck is an artist, occasional curator or writer and was weirdly, briefly faculty in the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, CUNY. From 1995-2010 he was the host and producer of Something Else a weekly radio program of experimental music, sound art, and live performances on WLUW.  He would like to thank composer D. Edward Davis for his help on this program.

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Chitty and MCA Chicago

Join Dana and Brian for a conversation with Alex Chitty, Raven Munsell and Jack Schneider, the artist and curators behind the playful and innovative exhibition Becoming the Breeze: Alex Chitty with Alexander Calder on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art through April 12th. We learn about the history of the Ruth and Leonard Horwich Family Loan that mandates the nearly permanent exhibition of Calder’s work and the ‘breeze’ of unseen documentation and labor that supports the beloved mobiles and sculptures.


More information on Becoming the Breeze

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Ashley Teamer Painting

Join us today on Bad at Sports for a special interview with artist Ashley Teamer. Teamer discusses her latest exhibition, Better Than Me, and her work documenting the female basketball team at Dillard University. We delve into Teamer’s aspirations and  motivations fueling her work, which includes a new series of billboards featuring Dillard players that will be on view in New Orleans’ downtown during the 2020 NCAA Women's Final Four in April. 


For more information and

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Ross Sawyers Piece at Terrain 2019

The Terrain Biennial 2019. Radio Calamity...

So this was expected to be a much longer episode. Then many things no one could control happened...

Principally, it is now an interview with the Chicago based artist Ross Sawyers (who works as the Chair of Photography were Duncan works as the Chair of Art and Art History, Columbia College Chicago) with a couple of short footnotes. We are joined by his son Charlie.

What audio survived owes a debit to Tom Burtonwood, Monica Chadha, Holly Holmes, and Richard Medina.

Apologies to Sarah Beth Woods, Lise McKean, and Bhagya Ajaikumar, and everyone scheduled with but not conversed with.

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Image by Erik Beehn

Erik Beehn and Amanda Browder throw down about the Vegas contemporary art world, printmaking, and the magic of the degraded form.

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image of work by Maryam Taghavi

This episode of Bad at Sports Center finds our hosts, Dana and Ryan are over-caffeinated and in the studio with artist Maryam Taghavi. We practice Farsi live on air while we learn about Taghavi’s flag project, بیست و چهار هفت  or Twenty Four/ Seven, currently on view as part of Roman Susan’s Woman’s Club at The Cuckoo’s Theater, which is on display in Roger's Park through Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) on March 18th. We discuss the artist's upcoming projects, flat experiences of time, and Taghavi takes us on her fascinating journey to Iran to recreate a 1984 photo. More information about Woman’s Club can be found at

You can learn more about Maryam’s work at



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On this episode of Bad at Sports Center, Dana and Brian are joined in the studio by Josh Zoerner and Chris Eichenseer of Public Works to discuss You Will Die, a frightening premonition which also happens to be the title of the gallery’s latest exhibition. Zoerner and  Eichenseer take us into the surprisingly delightful world of visual artists working in the realm of death metal music. During the second half of the show our hosts learn more about the history of Public Works, and their resilient space in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. You Will Die runs through February 14th, with a closing reception and event called Venus Doom: Dark Valentine's Day Party from 7-11pm with  DJ sets by Fee Lion and performance by GirlBoifriend.

More information can be found at

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Today on Bad at Sports Center, Dana is joined in the studio by guest host Noel Morical for an interview with curator, Anastasia Tinari, and artists Selva Aparicio and Valentina Zamfirescu whose exhibition, Beyond Reach, is currently on view at Roots and Culture through February 22nd. Aparicio and Zamfirescu reveal the intimate and fascinating infrastructure behind the show, which deals with impressions of death and loss through site specific installation. VR, cicadas, cadavers and much, much more on this episode of BASC. 

Special thanks to Lumpen's Jamie Trecker for supporting this episode!

More information on Beyond Reach can be found at

This week Ryan and Brian chat with artists Shir Ende and Elliot Doughtie with Langer Over Dickie gallerists KT Duffy and Ali Seradge. The unpack movement within architecture, experiencing bathrooms from different perspectives, and the South Side's affinity for cream cheese based dips.

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The LAM from Chicago Magazine

Bad at Sports Center starts off 2020 with nothing less than VELVET, the upcoming Guest Artist Gallery (GAG) exhibition at The Leather Archives and Museum (LAM). Artists Caleb Yono and Melissa Hespelt join us live in the studio along with LAM’s archivist Mel Leverich and curator, Vicente Ugartechea. Our hosts Brian and Dana learn about the expansive, community focused kink and fetish collection at the Archive, as well as how Yono and Hespelt and have navigated their glamorous gender queer collaboration to produce the first GAG of the year. VELVET opens January 24th from 6pm-9PM at the Leather Archives and Museum (21+ only). More information at  

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Jenn Smith

Jenn Smith talks Evangelicana, archival fevers and painting — all on view in her exhibition Soup Kite Laser Church at Flatland — with Brian and Jesse. Mining her evangelical Christian background, Jenn's work offers a unique view into the material and ephemeral histories of these communities, bringing to light their pamphlets, the pro wresting ads, the rock groups, the felt board fuzzies, usb kitsch, etc. with a deft touch that's playful, humane and mysterious all at once. Oh, and fifty-one books about Christian puppetry (in the work Fifty-one Books About Christian Puppetry).

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Michael Lopez sits down with Ryan and Jesse to talk about his ever-shifting exhibition at Adler & Floyd, his new zine The Cat Monster, The Apartment People, A Place for My Creatures to Play and his practice generally in this ever-shifting exhibition of talking. Mike is a sculptor, performer, writer, drawer, animator polymath type whose work deals with work; with money; with personal history; with material reuse, refuse and refusal; with mess and form; with the funny and the sad. 

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And, we’re back! Chicago artists’ artist Kyle Schlie sits down with Jesse and Brian to talk about his current exhibition at Stanley Brown Jewelist, the Globe Al Chemical Company, the expanded soap opera By Way of Today (through which he collaborates with Cameron Gibson and a cast of literal dozens) and his distinctive parafictive hand-hewn conceptualism. Kyle’s work is generous, wide-ranging and just a little mysterious, and the conversation matches that. Take a listen and head to Stanley Brown Jewelist to see an immersive museological study that comes with snacks, a merch table and some easy-listening country western to tap your toes to (and that is turned on by tapping too).

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Megafauna hosts, Jesse Malmed and Ryan Peter Miller, hold an animated exchange with curator Kate Sierzputowski and artists Danielle Rosen and Dominique Knowles, discussing The Intuitive Language of an Extended Hand, an exhibition currently on display at Julius Ceasar, which also features artist Emilie Gossiaux. In the spirit of the exhibition, the conversation decries the anthropocentric hierarchy of non-human and human animals, exploring the mutual care between the not-so-distinct classifications of beings.

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AppleButter and Sonnenzimmer

On this beautiful September day in Bridgeport, a collaboration of collaborationists convene in the WLPN studio with the B@SC crew. Nick Butcher, one half of the graphic art collaborative, Sonnenzimmer, along with Megan Jedrysiak and Jackson Ammenheuser of AppleButter Animated, a Chicago based animation studio, assemble to discuss their upcoming exhibition at Public Works GalleryI'm Not Trying to Change Anything, I'm Just Changing. There is talk of a robot that paints, skeuomorphs, and the brilliant courage of earning a living as commercial artists. 

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Cruzvillages image from Thomas Dane Gallery

On today’s show Dana and Duncan are joined in the Lumpen studios by conceptual heavyweight, Abraham Cruzvillegas. We discuss the work and intention behind The Ballad of Etc., a new exhibition opening at The Arts Club of Chicago on September 12th featuring a musical performance in collaboration with experimental jazz ensemble, Restroy. In addition his brilliant conversation, Cruzvillegas shares a preview of some of the writing and music used to create the exhibition. Definitely an episode not to be missed! 

The Ballad of Etc. runs from September 12 - December 21. More information can be found here:

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Lisa Lapinski Tabacco Camel

In this week's episode we check in with Houston based artist Lisa Lapinski. On the opening day of the NADA Chicago invitational Lapinsky makes time to sit down and talk about Minneapolis art institutions, underpants, tobacco, and bingo and a post-Orientalist America. We check in about childhood myths and modernist sculpture, and recognize the vaping horrors being experienced by the youth of America today.

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Vote for prisoner no. 9642

The fall art season is at hand! Ryan & Brian sit down with painter Jason Dunda and FLXST gallerist Jan Bernabe in anticipation of Jason's exhibition Twelve Step Program for Iconoclasm. Severed heads, Spock, studio first aid kits, and student sound experiments are discussed in ernest.

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Wineberg/Newton Gallery

On this week's installment of B@SC, the team connects with Kasia Houlihan and Nabiha Kahn, Co-Directors of Weinberg/Newton Gallery. With a recent move to Chicago's west loop, Weinberg/Newton Gallery's first exhibition, The Way the Mystic Sees, is in partnership with Human Rights Watch, surveying contemporary perspectives and historical approaches to technology and surveillance. 

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Artwork by Amanda Assaley

On this week's harrowing tale of visual art, the Bad@Sports team sits down with artist Amanda Assaley and curator Adia Sykes, currently featured in the exhibition 
Reclamation: of time, of agency, of narrative at Acre ExhibitionsAssaley's sculptural work manipulates domestic objects, addressing the dynamics of control and agency from a cultural and personal perspective. Sykes, informed by her background as an Anthropologist, has built her curatorial practice as an advocacy tool for racial equity in the arts.

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Erin Hayden Painting

Today on Bad at Sports, Erin Hayden joins Brian, Dana and Jesse to chat about her shows at the Chicago Artists Coalition (up now!) and the University Galleries at Illinois State University (opening Friday, 8/9!). Surface, depth, backwards, forwards, improvisation, composition, typewriting, Celtic mythology, upstate, downstate, dreamstate — we go there and elsewhere in a wide-ranging conversation with the painter poet performer. song and story, Erin’s new body of concretions alongside an oceanic floor is up through the month at CAC.

Erin Hayden


University Galleries at Illinois State University

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Holly Murkerson and Kaylee Wyant

On today’s episode of Bad at Sports Center, Jesse, Dana and Brian are joined by artists Holly Murkerson and Kaylee Wyant, whose collaborative exhibition “Come Roaming” is on view at the Comfort Station. We discuss their individual practices as well as their work as part of the ADDS DONNA artist-run space and collective. 


A closing reception for “Come Roaming” took place on August 3rd from 5-8pm, more details can be found at

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Aaron Hughes War Victim image

This week on Bad at Sports Center, Dana, Ryan and Jesse are joined in the studio by veteran artist and activist, Aaron Hughes. We discuss the recent National Veterans Art Museum Triennial, taking place across three prestigious venues in the city of Chicago. We have a fascinating conversation on contemporary [mis]understandings of the veteran art community as well as the interrelated exhibitions of the Triennial. More information can be found here:

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Bad at Sports is pleased to present a recording of our recent panel on art radio at Common Field’s Philadelphia Convening. Out of Sight brought together a diverse group of art podcasters and radio hosts to discuss radio and podcasting in the realm of contemporary art. We discuss podcasting as practice, archives, income, interview and narrative formats, and technical concerns related to producing your own audio project. We are exceptionally thankful to panel participants: Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes, Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez of Archives + Futures and Agustina Woodgate of as well as to Common Field for hosting us. More information on the panel, including session notes can be found at

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On this episode of Bad@Sports the team travels to NADA Miami 2017. We speak with Aramis Gutierrez, a Miami based artist, discusses his orgiastic paintings and iterative institutional edeavors Noguchi Breton, VersaceVersaceVersace and GucciVuitton. We speak with Denise Kupferschmidt about the relationship between her graphic figurative drawings and new sculptural forms. AND. THERE. IS. STILL. MORE. NADA. TO. COME.

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You won’t want to miss this delightfully juicy and enlightening conversation with living legend and self-described “Black Hornet”, Howardena Pindell. On this episode, Dana travels to New York for a special interview with the well-known artist and activist, who joins Bad at Sports as the first major survey of her work, “Howardena Pindell: What Remains to be Seen” ends its multi-museum run at the Rose Art Museum this month. Pindell comments on a range of topics, from the inspiration behind some of her most famous works and her history of arts activism and advocacy, to her latest and upcoming art projects.

Howardena Pindell


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On this episode of Bad@Sports the team travels to NADA Miami 2017. We speak with Justin Polera, designer or Exhibitionary, an iOS app and mobile optimized art guide, covering the latest exhibitions across the globe. We speak with Hubert Neumann and Alison Wolfson about their new model for art collection through Neumann Wolfson Art based out of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And to close the show, we dish about fair culture with gallerist and collecter Avi Gitler. It is all worth the wait. 

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This week we talk Cuba, books and artistic exchange with Chicago's Dianna Frid. In advance of the opening of... 


JULY 11, 2019
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Smart Museum of Art   5550 S. Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637

JULY 11–AUGUST 18, 2019



Cross Currents is the result of an artist exchange organized by the National Museum of Mexican Art. Six Chicago-based artists visited Havana in spring 2017 and six Cuban artists visited Chicago in fall 2017 and summer 2018. The work on view reflects the artists’ experiences and observations as they interacted with each other, curators, cultural spaces, and neighborhoods during their trips. The project aims to open pathways of communication and understanding between the two cities and peer artists while also reflecting on their own artistic practices at this moment in time. 


Based in Chicago:

  • Alberto Aguilar (b. Chicago)
  • Carlos Barberena (b. Nicaragua)
  • Dianna Frid (b. Mexico City)
  • Rodrigo Lara Zendejas (b. Toluca, Mexico)
  • Harold Mendez (b. Chicago)
  • Edra Soto (b. San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Based in Havana:

  • Humberto Diaz (b. Cuba)
  • Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (b. Cuba)
  • Douglas Pérez (b. Cuba)
  • Alejandro González (b. Cuba)
  • Celia Irina González (b. Cuba) and Yunior Aguiar Perdomo (b. 1984, Cuba)
  • Requer (Renier Quer Figueredo, b.Cuba)

Dianna can be found here.

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Today on Bad at Sports Center, Naomi Potter of the Esker Foundation drops into the studio with fellow Calgarian, DMack Mackenzie. Potter tells us about exhibitions and programing at Esker, and discusses her work building an arts institution from the ground up. We weirdly ask her to imagine if the B@S team were all babies (which we are), and give a few of our own Chicago art viewing recommendations for this summer in Chicago. We learn what an “esker” is and you can too if you listen to the show! 

(No dump buttons were pressed in the making of this podcast.) 


More information about the Esker Foundation can be found at

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I am Alberto Aguilar. For this episode of Bad at Sports I’m joined with Lorelei Stewart to be interviewed by Dana, Ryan, Duncan and co-guest Jesse Malmed. How is Jesse a co-guest? Shouldn’t he be a guest co-host? I have allowed for questions. We are here to talk about my survey exhibition ‘moves on human scale’ (it is not a retrospective) at Gallery 400 which runs through June 15, but may go a month longer. I have allowed for open endedness. This interview will last a little under an hour. It doesn’t need to be a good interview we just need to fill the allotted time. In the recording booth we will have an experience which will be shared with you, the listener. One thing you may not hear as the listener is Ryan getting up in the middle of the recording to get me a can of seltzer water to alleviate an unexpected cough. I have allowed for chance. If you don’t listen to this interview in actual time you can listen to the recording later (unless Duncan or Ryan forget to hit the record button).

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_694_Alberto_Aguilar.mp3
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Open Meeting for Arts Educators and Teaching Artists


How might arts educators gather together to develop, share, and practice pedagogies that foster collective skills and values?


Friday 5/17 from 6-8pm

Facilitators: Members of the Pedagogy Group


The Pedagogy Group is a group of educators, cultural workers, and political organizers who resist the individualist, market-driven subjectivities produced by mainstream art education. Together, they develop and practice pedagogies that foster collective skills and values. Activities include sharing syllabi, investigating political economies of education, and connecting classrooms to social movements.Their efforts are guided by accountability to specific struggles and by critical reflection on our social subjectivities and political commitments.


Book Launch: Making and Being: A Guide to Embodiment, Collaboration and Circulation in the Visual Arts


What ways of making and being do we want to experience in art classes?


Friday 10/25 from 6-8pm

Stacey Salazar in dialog with Caroline Woolard, Susan Jahoda, and Emilio Martinez Poppe of BFAMFAPhD


Making and Being is a multi-platform pedagogical project that offers practices of contemplation, collaboration, and circulation in the visual arts. Making and Being is a book, a series of videos, a deck of cards, and an interactive website with freely downloadable content created by authors Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard with support from Fellow Emilio Martinez Poppe and BFAMFAPhD members Vicky Virgin and Agnes Szanyi.


BFAMFAPhD is a collective that employs visual and performing art, policy reports, and teaching tools to advocate for cultural equity in the United States. The work of the collective is to bring people together to analyze and reimagine relationships of power in the arts.

BFAMFAPhD received critical acclaim for Artists Report Back (2014), which was presented as the 50th anniversary keynote at the National Endowment for the Arts and was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Art and Design, Gallery 400 in Chicago, Cornell University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Their work has been reviewed in The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, WNYC, and Hyperallergic, and they have been supported by residencies and fellowships at the Queens Museum, Triangle Arts Association, NEWINC and PROJECT THIRD at Pratt Institute. BFAMFAPhD members Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard are now working on Making and Being, a multi-platform pedagogical project which offers practices of collaboration, contemplation, and social-ecological analysis for visual artists.

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_693_BFAMFAPhD_and_Pedagogy.mp3
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This week we welcome Chicago-based contemporary artist Audrius Plioplys,  practicing neurologist and visual artist for more than 40 years, talks brain, soul, string theory, convergence, and art. We start with his exhibition at the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge at the University of Chicago and lost in the hallways of the mind.



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Bad @ Sports Center fans gets a double-header this week when director Lin Hixon and dramaturg Matthew Goulish deliver on their current performance collaborative Every house has a doorand their formative history with Goat Island performance ensemble. Building from the ground up, Dana and Ryan discuss the acquisition of the Goat Island archives by the SAIC’s John M. Flaxman Library, the ongoing Goat Island retrospective at the Chicago Cultural Center, and their concurrent Every house performance at Regards, in coordination with Chicago painter, Matthew Metzger. This conversation is G.O.A.T.

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On this episode of Bad at Sports Center, Dana and Brian are joined by abstract painter, Pooja Pittie. Pittie discusses the new work in her upcoming exhibition, Moon Illusion, at McCormick Gallery as well as her fascinating journey from entrepreneur to full time artist. 

More information about Pittie’s May 4th exhibition can be found here:
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BFAMFAPhD, Making and Being, teaching tools, installation detail, exhibition at the Dekalb Gallery, Pratt Institute, PROJECT THIRD residency, summer 2018. Photograph by João Enxuto.

Event 6: Group Agreements


What group agreements are necessary in gatherings that occur at residencies, galleries, and cultural institutions today?


Friday 4/19 from 6-8pm

Sarah Workneh, and Danielle Jackson


Sarah Workneh has been Co-Director at Skowhegan for nine years leading the educational program and related programs in NY throughout the year, and oversees facilities on campus. Previously, Sarah worked at Ox-Bow School of Art as Associate Director. She has served as a speaker in a wide variety of conferences and schools. She has played an active role in the programmatic planning and vision of peer organizations, most recently with the African American Museum of Philadelphia. She is a member of the Somerset Cultural Planning Commission's Advisory Council (ME); serves on the board of the Colby College Museum of Art.


Danielle Jackson is a critic, researcher, and arts administrator. She is currently a visiting scholar at NYU’s Center for Experimental Humanities.  As the co-founder and former co-director of the Bronx Documentary Center, a photography gallery and educational space, she helped conceive, develop and implement the organization’s mission and programs.  Her writing and reporting has appeared in artnet and Artsy.  She has taught at the Museum of Modern Art, International Center of Photography, Parsons, and Stanford in New York, where she currently leads classes on photography and urban studies.

Event 7: Educators




Making and Being is a multi-platform pedagogical project that offers practices of contemplation, collaboration, and circulation in the visual arts. Making and Being is a book, a series of videos, a deck of cards, and an interactive website with freely downloadable content created by authors Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard with support from Fellow Emilio Martinez Poppe and BFAMFAPhD members Vicky Virgin and Agnes Szanyi.


BFAMFAPhD is a collective that employs visual and performing art, policy reports, and teaching tools to advocate for cultural equity in the United States. The work of the collective is to bring people together to analyze and reimagine relationships of power in the arts.

BFAMFAPhD received critical acclaim for Artists Report Back (2014), which was presented as the 50th anniversary keynote at the National Endowment for the Arts and was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Art and Design, Gallery 400 in Chicago, Cornell University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Their work has been reviewed in The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, WNYC, and Hyperallergic, and they have been supported by residencies and fellowships at the Queens Museum, Triangle Arts Association, NEWINC and PROJECT THIRD at Pratt Institute. BFAMFAPhD members Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard are now working on Making and Being, a multi-platform pedagogical project which offers practices of collaboration, contemplation, and social-ecological analysis for visual artists.

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Join Bad at Sports Center for a summer-facing conversation with Threewalls Director and independent curator, Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D. We speak with Haynes following the announcement that AFRICOBRA: Nation Time, the second iteration of her recent exhibition at MoCA in North Miami will travel to Italy as an official Collateral Event at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Hayes discusses the process of curating the landmark exhibition, and her intentions for staging a new version in Venice. All this & more on this weeks episode of Bad at Sports Center on Lumpen Radio!



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In this episode we welcome back three long lost friends. We pull Richard Holland and Christian Kuras out of retirement to speak deeply and profoundly about the complexities of museum funding. We visit the studio of Michael Rakowitz to talk about what it's like to be considered for the Whitney biennial and to choose not to participate. Then to have that choice forced to become a public act and to find the people wanting for a conversation about the future of our museums.


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This week bad at sports presents a event on When Projects Depart presented at Hauser and Wirth by our partners BFAMFAPhD.

Event 5:

When Projects Depart


What practices might we develop to honor the departure of a project?  For example, where do materials go when they are no longer of use, value, or interest?


Millet Israeli and Lindsay Tunkl


Millet Israeli is a psychotherapist who focuses on the varied human experience of loss.  She works with individuals and families struggling with grief, illness, end of life issues, anticipatory loss, and ambiguous loss.  Her approach integrates family systems theory, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, and trauma informed care. Millet enjoys creating and exploring photography and poetry, and both inform her work with her clients. Millet holds a BA in psychology from Princeton, a JD from Harvard Law School, an MSW from NYU and is certified in bioethics through Montefiore. She sits on an Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research at Weill Cornell.


Lindsay Tunkl is a conceptual artist and writer using performance, sculpture, language, and one-on-one encounters to explore subjects such as the apocalypse, heartbreak, space travel, and death. Tunkl received an MFA in Fine art and an MA in Visual + Critical Studies from CCA in San Francisco (2017) and a BFA from CalArts In Los Angeles (2010). Her work has been shown at the Hammer Museum, LA, Southern Exposure, SF, and The Center For Contemporary Art, Santa Fe. She is the creator of Pre Apocalypse Counseling and the author of the book When You Die You Will Not Be Scared To Die.

Upcoming Event:

Group Agreements

What group agreements are necessary in gatherings that occur at residencies, galleries, and cultural institutions today?

Friday 4/19 from 6-8pm

Sarah Workneh, Laurel Ptak, and Danielle Jackson




Making and Being is a multi-platform pedagogical project that offers practices of contemplation, collaboration, and circulation in the visual arts. Making and Being is a book, a series of videos, a deck of cards, and an interactive website with freely downloadable content created by authors Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard with support from Fellow Emilio Martinez Poppe and BFAMFAPhD members Vicky Virgin and Agnes Szanyi.


BFAMFAPhD is a collective that employs visual and performing art, policy reports, and teaching tools to advocate for cultural equity in the United States. The work of the collective is to bring people together to analyze and reimagine relationships of power in the arts.

BFAMFAPhD received critical acclaim for Artists Report Back (2014), which was presented as the 50th anniversary keynote at the National Endowment for the Arts and was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Art and Design, Gallery 400 in Chicago, Cornell University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. Their work has been reviewed in The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, WNYC, and Hyperallergic, and they have been supported by residencies and fellowships at the Queens Museum, Triangle Arts Association, NEWINC and PROJECT THIRD at Pratt Institute. BFAMFAPhD members Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard are now working on Making and Being, a multi-platform pedagogical project which offers practices of collaboration, contemplation, and social-ecological analysis for visual artists.

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