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Jul 24, 2006

Industry of the Ordinary, Matthew Wilson and Adam Brooks talk about football (soccer to us yanks), their projects and FIGHT NIGHT!!! We here at Bad at Sports can't wait to take all comers in the ring! Also our new book advocate Terri Griffith talks about Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) and his new book Rhythm Science.

Jul 16, 2006

Kat Parker and Katie Rashid tell us about Duchess, their new gallery. Brian Andrews does his own dramatic interpretation of Matthew Barney's recent radio Q&A as his publicist didn't think we were important enough to interview him.

Brian's brilliant dramatics really pull Bad at Sports in a whole new direction, changing...

Jul 9, 2006

So, this week we try and get a handle on WTF is going on in Chicago and LA today.

Lynne Warren Talks about the work of Robert Heinecken and the hole left by his passing. Brian tells us that LA is still crummby and then sites his case studies. Amanda and Duncan hit Polvo, The Cultural Center, and the Museum of...

Jul 2, 2006

Chicago art legend, radio personality, poet, actor, boxer, and all around nice guy Tony Fitzpatrick talks about Tattoo history, Chicago's art world, the working class mode of being an artist and why this is a kick-ass time and place to be.

Richard, Duncan, and Amanda bob their heads along as this legendary Chicagoan...