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Sep 30, 2007

Duncan and guest host Shannon Stratton talk to Lisa Stone curator of the Roger Brown study collection about what a kickass resource it is and what you can do, by simply clicking a mouse, to help save it.

Kathryn Born checks in from the Hyde Park Art Center about their current show.

Coming soon! Jim Elkins, Judy...

Sep 23, 2007

This week Anthony Elms and Duncan talk to Marc Fischer about the Public Collectors project and other things.

Then Marc LeBlanc and Brian Andrews talk about how Marc is turning Japanese, he thinks he’s turning Japanese, he really thinks so….

The intro discusses how Philip von Zweck is a thug.

Anthony, please, dear...

Sep 16, 2007

Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland (from the Alliance of Pentaphillic Curators) are back, along with Kathryn, Christopher Hudgens in a rare on mic appearance, Duncan, Terri and Serena all providing team coverage of opening extravaganza 2007.

You are mentioned in this episode, seriously, no name drop list this week because...

Sep 9, 2007

This episode is full of drama and mystery. Is this the middle of the end? Will Duncan and Richard ever work together again? Is the closing to this week’s show the saddest thing ever on a podcast? Are squid the new deer?

This week Clare Britt from Fraction Workspace returns and discusses La Biennale di Venezia with...

Sep 2, 2007

This week Clare Britt from Fraction Workspace stops
by to give the run down on a couple of the
European shows with Duncan and Joanna. Namely
Documenta and Munster. She will be back next week
To consider Venice.

Also the fine and wacky folks form The Alliance
of Pentaphilic Curators show up to encourage
Philip von...