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Apr 30, 2006

Gallery reviews and interviews from NOVA (check and see if you are talked about), Version Fest, NFO XPO and Tony Fitzpatrick threatens to beat the fucking hell out of another artist! Not to be missed!

Apr 29, 2006

NOVA Fashion Train! Amanda and Sarah go to town. Lots of talk of breasts, interviews with Stephanie Liner and Robin Richman.

Day 2 of the Art Fair Madness!!!

Robin Richmond
Stephanie Liner
Joli Joli

Apr 24, 2006

This show was recorded, edited, and mixed all on Sunday hence the late posting!!. This week: "Grub" a compost minded exhibit by Claire Pentecost organized, mulled, and presented by 13 SAIC grad students. Brian Andrews checks in from Portland where apparently all of the SF Hipster are fleeing to. Duncan and Richard...

Apr 17, 2006

Bad at Sports begins the Art Fair Update by chatting it up with the organizers of the Version Festival '06 in Bridgeport (Edmar, Elise, Matt, Rotten Milk, and Burke). Later, we discuss with Michael Workman the highlights of the upcoming Nova Art Fair. Richard and Duncan end the show with a review of "Covers," the Oli...