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Mar 23, 2022

BEN FOCH! Marc LeBlanc? Grumpy digital skepticism? NFT revolution? Crypto currency wrestled with? EXPO party power? Hood Ornament? The Cult of the Cheetah revealed. It is quite the adventure. Pay attention nonbeliever because we live in the future.
Ben Foch
Marc LeBlanc
Cult of the Cheetah

Mar 16, 2022

This week Bad at Sports Center checks in with Chicago photo super hero Jessica Labatte and a coterie of Northern Illinois University students (Alex Dulski, Edwin Perez-Hernandez, and Emma Vitallo) as they work towards the construction of the world's largest paper snowflake.


Names Dropped:

Barbara Kasten


Mar 10, 2022

Today on Bad at Sports, special Guest Host Mel Cook joins Jesse for a lively conversation with Neal Vandenbergh. Neal has an alluring and excellent exhibition that calls itself Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake at Mickey Gallery up through April 10th. We move through Neal’s practice, talk form, talk politics,...

Mar 2, 2022

Mark Bazer and the Interview Show.

Mark Bazer joins us to talk about the 12 years he has been doing The Interview Show live from the Hideout and on their broadcast partner WTTW. We talk about the interview and how best to knock it out of the park.
Selected Names Dropped:
Jeff Tweedy and Wilco
Scott Thompson
Shannon Stratton
John Green