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Mar 5, 2006

- Jeff Ward, Shannon Stratton interviewed, Michael Miller, and the "Made in China" show at the Museum of Contemporary Photography reviewed. - ALSO LIVE WITHOUT A NET, Bad at Sports that the Steppenwolf garage theater this Wednesday the 8th as a part of the NPR, Third Coast Festival, Listen Room series. Come throw rocks at us you jerks!


Jeff Ward and Shannon Stratton have curated the wonderful series of shows, the Happiness I Seek. Showing consecutively in 5 spaces throughout the Chicago community, The Happiness I Seek will feature artists Andrea Cohen (at ThreeWalls), Loul Samater (at Fraction Workspace), Ryan Swanson (at The Chicago Cultural Center), Mike Andrews (at 40000) and Clinton King (at The Suburban). Through a format of dispersing the sculptural installations throughout the city, the exhibition takes on the rhizomatic and cooperative nature of current art and exhibition practice: the materials of the artworks and the artworks of the exhibit and the spaces in a community imply the ideas of attraction, chemistry and the dancing cheek-to-cheek as evoked by the title's Irving Berlin's lyric.


Artist, Alison Ruttan invites us to her home for an interview about her work, and research on Bonobo chimps. We continue our conversation with Jeff Ward about the Core Program in Texas, and talk with Shannon Stratton about the Three Walls Residency. We finish the show off with a cacophony of reviews!

Catalog of Ships and Michael Kraskin
Shannon Stratton
Jeff Ward
Sonia Yoon
The Pond Gallery
Howard Fonda
David Coyle
Pete Fagundo
Joan Fransel Youthcast Podcast from PRX
Jonathan Rhodes
The Core Program
Glass Tire
Art Lies
Terence Hannum
Art Nexus
Bridge Gallery

Irving Berlin
Andrea Cohen
Ryan Swanson
Mike Andrews
Loul Samater
Clinton King
Charles Stucky
Roger Brown Resources
The Cultural Center
Jun Yang
Edward Burtynsky
Polly Braden
Melanie Jackson
Michael Wolf
Danwen Xing
John Schmid
Rick Romell
Sara Ranchouse
Fraction Workspace
The Suburban
Michael Miller
Walsh Gallery

Sally Alatalo