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Sep 29, 2008

This week we return to the local Chicago Art world and the things that mean most to us. 

First, we check in with Allison Stites at the Around the Coyote and ask why and how the city's main emerging arts festival is moving from the community that gave it life.  There are some good answers. 

Then we check into what is going on with Chicago's Allrise gallery.  It's director, Lisa Flores, tells us about how she is moving heaven and earth to do weekly shows and how you can get involved. 

Finally, the BOOK Review is back!  This week we chat about David Carr's "The Night of the Gun."  Also, we want to let everyone in the world know that celeb author Naemm Murr is reading at the Parlor on October 7th.  Be there.


VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN - It is the Chicago way!

If we win, Duncan will accept our award dressed in a Barney the Dinosaur costume!