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Dec 12, 2005

Holy crap did we have a hard time posting this!
Libsyn is giving me a rash, it shouldn't take 8 f-ing hours and 29 tries to upload a file.


Britton Bertran (head honcho at 40000) and Brian Andrews (mean listener, etc.) talk to Duncan and Richard about Brian's new show. Britton throws down the gauntlet to the world at large, proclaiming that he is in Chicago to stay. Brian talks about being delighted to be back in Chicago to trudge through 6 inches of gray slush.

Reviews! Duncan, Richard, and Amanda Browder review Michelle Faust at 65 Grand, The Promised Land show at Wendy Cooper including Dan Attoe, Tim Barber, Chris Dorland, Kim Krans, Jin Lee, Sabine Linse, Shona Macdonald, Nancy Mladenoff, AND the OODA Group, AND, if that weren't enough we review new work from Melissa Pokorny and Paul Nudd at Bodybuilder and Sportsman.

And we name drop: the West Town Gallery Network, NOVA, Michael Workman, Paul Klein, Bill Gross, Nevin Tomlinson, Thomas Blackman, Thomas Kincaid, and our pal David Michael Coyle.

Wendy Cooper Gallery
Dan Attoe
Shona MacDonald
Melissa Pokorny
Paul Nudd
Body Builder and Sportsman
ooda group

West Town Gallery
Western Exhibitions
Brian Andrews
Michael Workman
NOVA Art Gallery
Paul Klien
65 Grand
Bill Gross
Nevin Tomlinson
Tomas Blackman
Thomas Kincaid
David Michael Coyle


Duncan and Richard save the holidays! We have put together a wacky collection of funny and non-funny holiday songs. Hate the holidays? I know I do, so we'll make sure you are filled with the milk of human kindness by these jolly little ditties.