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Dec 4, 2005


Reviews, reviews, reviews!!! Our London correspondents Ben Tanner and Christian Kuras make their fabulous debut and review the UK version of "Universal Experience: Art, Life, and the Tourist's Eye," which began its life on this earth at our very own MCA. Brian Andrews, our West Coast rep, is back to tell us what is wrong with the art scene in San Francisco. Duncan and Richard review "On the Scene: Jessica Rowe, Jason Salavon, Brian Ulrich," and then they check out The Museum of Contemporary Photography's new shows "Jeffrey A. Wolin: Inconvenient Stories" and "Stages of Memory: The War in Vietnam." And if THAT weren't enough, Duncan and Richard argue about whether or not Rodney Graham is full of BS after sitting through his lecture. The last song in this week's show goes out from Richard to Scott Speh.

On the Scene: Jessica Rowe, Jason Salavon, Brian Ulrich
The Museum of Contemporary Photography
Rodney Graham
Universal Experience
SF links are to follow.


We lied last week. THIS COMING WEEK, we will chat with our West Coast correspondent Brian Andrews and Britton Bertran from Gallery 40000. We'll do some other stuff too, who knows! Soon our New York City reporter, the lovely and talented Cassie Thornton, will check in with her first report, maybe next week.


Duncan and Richard save the holidays! We have put together a wacky collection of funny and non-funny holiday songs. Hate the holidays? I know I do, so we'll make sure you are filled with the milk of human kindness by these jolly little ditties. Also we would like to throw out an open call to anyone who has funny Hanukah and/or Kwanza songs. Let us know--there is a serious lack of said genre of songs, and we'd love to give equal time.