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Nov 15, 2022

Here we are here we are finishing out our roundup with the end of our “spot check” in Calgary Alberta, Canada, and we close out with the Western Canadian performance art legend Rita McKeough.


Rita McKeough is an installation and performance artist whose practice is based in Calgary. Her work incorporates audio, electronics and mechanical performing objects. Since the late 70s, McKeough has been committed to creating thoughtful and fully immersive spaces that push and unbalance our underlying assumptions which we use to navigate our everyday lives. She uses interactive technologies to represent natural interdependencies and to create weave together her musical and artistic practices. McKeough work’ are formerly rooted in a long established feminist perspective, and she brings that lense to content that deals with the environmental impacts of land development and industrial extraction. Her’s is the voice of agency and articulates the forces of resistance mobilized by the natural world.


Thanks again to the Esker Foundation, all the friends we made in Calgary, and especially Naomi Potter!