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Duncan and Richard at the Suburban?
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Kicking Balls. A top down survey.
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MORE KICKBALL NEWS Check out this week's Chicago Journal

Find a copy, it's free, and there is a picture of Bad at Sports doing the play by play.

Megin Wardle didn’t plan to play kickball last Saturday. All she was going to do was cheer for the West Town Banditos in the inaugural ArtLeague Kickball Tournament.

"I am so bad I would make you cry," said Wardle. But when the Banditos needed another player, they called on Wardle, who played two games in a blue cheerleading skirt.

Organized by Caroline Picard, the volunteer coordinator at ThreeWalls gallery in the West Loop, the tournament was originally intended to bring together different neighborhoods with discrete art scenes.

"Everybody here has something to do with the arts," said Picard.

The tournament kicked off exactly at 1:13 p.m., with the West Town Banditos kicking against the Mullet Heads, who jumped to a quick lead in the bottom of the first thanks to a three-run homer by abstract painter Nevin Tomlinson and a grand slam by sound artist Philip Von Zweck. Sadly, the Banditos couldn’t recover, eventually losing 9-1.

"We had a bad first inning and that was it," said Elanor Leskiw, a trombonist for the Astounding Punk Rock Circus marching band, of the Banditos’ defeat. "We’re just hoping to walk away the biggest losers," added Leskiw’s teammate, Cynthia Castiglione.

Game two was dominated by the Record Players, who outdistanced the Flying Pigs 8-4, advancing to the championship round against the Mullet Heads.

"I don’t see a challenge, honestly," said ThreeWalls Executive Director Jonathan Rhodes of the Record Players after the game. The West Town Banditos dominated the third-round game, but fell apart in the fourth and fifth innings, eventually losing to the Flying Pigs 11-5.

"We just fell apart, basically," said Castiglione, and actress. "We’re proud being the biggest losers."

The championship round started as a defensive battle. The Record Players held the Mullet Heads scoreless through three innings until the bottom of the fourth. The bottom of the fifth was the last chance for the Mullet Heads. With one out, Brian Taylor, who was too hungover to make the first game, singled. But line-outs by David Roman and Von Zweck gave the Record Players the title.

"It was a really good experience," said the Record Players’ Britton Bertran, curator for Gallery 40000 in West Town, who said the secret to the victory was "finesse and the play of one Mr. Jason Smith," who made several impressive catches in the outfield.

Taylor thinks that next year, he’ll better prepare for the tournament so he doesn’t miss a game.

"I think instead of the beer and margaritas, I’ll just have a lot of vitamin water and coffee," Taylor said.

The Mullet Heads, despite the loss, seemed in good spirits after the game.

"We kept it in there," said Roman. "It’s fun. It’s the only time I’ll get a tan in the summer, right?"

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Time Out Chicago!! Click Here!!!
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There is so much wrong with this story, I don't know what to think... This story is so damn weird I don't know what to think...why do this...what would you do with them....people actually paid money to see that movie....what next?!?!

From the Chicago Tribune
Employee charged in theft at gallery
Artist, suspect know vastly different fame

By Charles Sheehan
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 18, 2006
An artist whose work has become a hot commodity after it was featured prominently in the movie "The Break-Up" was the victim of a break-in at her Chicago gallery.

Investigators now say it was an inside job. On Saturday a Cook County Criminal Court judge ordered an intern from Francine Turk Gallerie held on $50,000 bail.

Michael Gutweiler, 23, a graphic arts student at Columbia College, said nothing during his hearing before Judge Thomas Hennelly. Gutweiler has been charged with felony burglary.

Turk said that since her work appeared in the condominium at the heart of the Chicago-based film starring Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn, collectors have been snapping up everything she creates.

"It's just been such a frenzy with people grabbing my work left and right that I can't make it fast enough," she said. "I think he saw the frenzy, and one thing led to another."

Witnesses said two men in black ski masks smashed through a glass front door at 7 a.m. Tuesday in the South Loop gallery, grabbed 10 paintings and sped off in a maroon van, Officer Kristina Schuler said.

The paintings have not been found, and nobody else has been charged, police said.

Gutweiler, who grew up in St. Louis, was the subject of a 2004 profile in the Tribune.

On Oct. 19, 1998, St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little ran a stoplight in a sport-utility vehicle and smashed into the car driven by Susan Gutweiler, Michael Gutweiler's mother.

She died 12 hours later. Michael Gutweiler was 15 at the time.

Little pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 4 years' probation and 1,000 hours' community service.

In an interview with Tribune sports columnist Rick Morrissey, Gutweiler said that his mother's death had ruined his life.

He told Morrissey that after the accident, he quit playing ice hockey and soccer. He withdrew from friends and stopped taking medication for Tourette's syndrome, he said.

Turk said she posted a job for a summer intern on the Columbia College Web site seeking help in the wake of her newfound fame.

Gutweiler was hired in May, she said.

Detectives told her almost immediately that the theft was an inside job and asked Turk for a list of employees.

Court documents say Gutweiler had a pellet gun tucked in his waistband. The gun may have been used to shoot out the glass front door, police said.

Gutweiler is scheduled to appear in court again June 23.

Calls to Gutweiler's father's home in St. Louis were not returned Saturday.

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From Art or Idiocy?

RE: Maureen Gallace

Anonymous said...

i think these paintings are really great. i think bad at sports needs to start actually looking at the work and stop being so frickin lazy! stomping around and cussing will never give them a critical edge.

and there street cred is crap anyways.

4:36 PM

Anonymous said...

Wah Wah Wah, we didn't like the painting you like, waah. How dare we not like something, particularly these flacid, dull, technically mediocre paintings. You're right, our opinion makes us lazy, damn right, how dare we not like something you like!

Street cred, we have street cred?!?! I seriously doubt it, any notion of that is probably crap, our audience couldn't fill a bus.

Stop crying and challenge us to a fight you coward.

Bad at Sports

11:27 AM

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Student industriousness at its best

Art student knits her own ferrari!
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Duncan wins a bet, but was it worth it? Amanda and I bet Duncan $6.00 that he wouldn't lick the very very nicotine stained stuffed goat at the Charleston. Witness the wonder.
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More pics from Fashion Night!
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Why I left Milwaukee at 19...
Art museum party gets out of hand

A party at a US art museum got out of hand after the organisers promised revellers as many martinis as they could drink.

The martini fete at at Milwaukee Art Museum ended with drunk guests passing out, throwing up and clambering over artworks.

One reveller, Kathleen Christians, 39, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "It was crazy. People were shoving people over. People were getting sick, screaming, shouting, messing with the artwork."

Four young men climbed onto Standing Woman, a tall, bronze sculpture of a goddess-like woman by early 20th-century American artist Gaston Lachaise.

"They were standing on it, grabbing the boobs, and somebody was just taking pictures with a cell phone," said Laura Collins, 35.

The Martinifest event, organised by local radio station Clear Channel, offered unlimited martinis for the equivalent of about £17.

"Hindsight is 20-20... It was probably too cheap," Kerry Wolfe, a local programming director for Clear Channel, said .

David Gordon, the museum's director, said: "It was not an appropriate event to be held in the museum, and we have reviewed our procedures for bookings."

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