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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

Brian Andrews Hominid still

This week all we ask ourselves what is Brian doing well not at the radio station. Turns out he’s having a baller film career in the AR/VR/XR arena and his latest work premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. As it expands its international festival run, we try and understand the world of the “Hominidae” -

Juxapose magazine called an earlier iteration of the work "CREEP LEVEL OMEGA." Hold on to your hat.

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Image from Deborah Stratman film at Chicago's MCA

This week on Bad at Sports Center: Dana and Jesse speak with Deborah Stratman about the filmmaker’s now-postponed Chicago Works exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We hear Stratman’s take on the issues inherent in screening work in a contemporary art museum and learn about her work on endlessly fascinating Chicago journalist Studs Terkel.

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For this weeks episode of Bad at Sports Center we’ve finally transitioned into are virtual studio and are elated to be joined by the editors of The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia, Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker. Our guests provide Ryan and Dana with some background into the pioneering experimental orchestra, and we discuss their comprehensive compilation of interviews, new essays, historical documents and images. Tune in to hear all this and so much more (including, of course, Weird Al) on this episode of B@SC. 


More information about the The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia can be found at

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Heather Mekkelson's show at 65 Grand Install shot

This week we Bad at Sport Center returns as we Kick begin experimenting with virtual recording. No one’s back in our regular studio so we are reaching out to friends and artists we admire to talk about their exhibitions and events that have existed in the vacuum created by Covid 19.

Heather Mekkelson, long time bright light and unique sculptural voice had an exhibition which is functionally still up at 65 Grand disrupted by the Chicago lockdowns related to the pandemic. We chat through and try to open up her whimsical and profound investigations.

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Artist Run Chicago install 1.0

Our Indoor Recess series concludes with a leap back a decade to the original Artists Run Chicago episode featuring Britton Bertran and Allison Peters Quinn.

Woo Hoo!

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Allison Agsten

On this episode of our Indoor Recess series we check back into a boozie 2017 with an interview we recorded the end of our first all day takeover at WLPN as part of Open Engagement in Chicago with long time friend of the show, Allison Agsten.

It was a moment where anything seemed possible and we were excited by the road ahead. Many things (like the pandemic) have changed for us, for Allison, for Chicago and LA since then but in the context of this interview the most notable change is the closure of Allison’s project, the Main Museum. Which closed its doors in 2018 but the thing that drew us back to this moment was, everyone on mic was inspired and excited. Not everything had gone right and mistakes had been made all through the day but we were trying and we could all see new possibilities in a shared future.

Stay safe friends, we will get somewhere better together.


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Beer, Anti- Capitalist Exhibitions, Magazines, Punk Shows, Food and D&D! This Indoor Recess rewinds to the halcyon days when the Co-Prosperity Sphere was just a twinkle in Ed Marszewski's eye.


BONUS: Ed Mar teaches you how to pronounce his last name!


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