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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 456:Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

This week: BAS west coast checks in from the YBCA for a chat with Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon.

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Bad at Sports Episode 455: Prospect New Orleans with

This week: Live from our bed at Volta, the fine folks of Propsect New Orleans! We talk to Franklin Sirmans the Artistic Director of Prospect New Orleans(who moonlights as the Terri and Michael Smooke Department Head and Curator of Contemporary Art at Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and the Executive Director of Prospect New Orleand Brooke Davis Anderson!

Plugs from our intro include:

Karen Azarnia, her installation work "Luminous" will be up at Terrain (

May 4 – 28, 2014
Reception: Sunday, May 4, 4 – 7pm

Terrain Exhibitions
704 Highland Ave. 
Oak Park, Illinois

Opening May 22, 2014 at Rush and Chestnut Streets (50 E. Chestnutt)

Curated by Jeffly Molina


Jennifer Reeder's new movie, help out, kickstarter!!

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Bad at Sports Episode 454: Pulse-ishness with TM Sisters and Frank Webster

This week: Duncan and Brian in Miami! They talk to the TM Sisters and Frank Webster.

Frank Webster

TM Sisters

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Bad at Sports Episode 453: Art and Politics panel at CAA 2014

This week: CAA 2014 was the place and time, the event the BAS Art and Politics panel!! Daniel Tucker leads the charge with Duncan, Susy Bielak and Mary Patten along for the wild ride! Learn what the point of CAA is, finally!

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