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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 426: Monique Jenkinson

This week: This week Brian and Matt Sussman talk with Monique Jenkinson, whose
work draws from dance, theater, performance art and drag. Hot topics
include: staging a guerilla fashion show in a museum, the subversive
power of Disney princesses and how performers are like archives. Plus,
more divas than the Daytime Emmys!

Don't forget the apexart "Unsolicited Proposal" deadline looms large, go go now!!

We'll miss you Lou.

Matt says "The photo should be credited to Arturo Cosenza".

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Bad at Sports Epsiode 425: The Return of James Elkins!

This week: James Elkins returns to Bad at Sports.

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Bad at Sports Episode 424: Sarah Conaway

This week: Duncan live from LA! This week he talks with artist Sarah Conaway.

Sarah Conaway (b. 1972 York, Pennsylvania) makes seemingly straightforward photographs that invite us to think magically, imbuing mundane objects with mystery and potential. Her recent photographs—printed in a range of sizes and primarily in black and white, with an occasional work in vibrant color—capture a series of actions set up by the artist in her the studio. Beyond the objects or materials that they portray, they express a residue, aura, or presence that we sense but do not necessarily see depicted. Although the act of photographing her sculptural constructions and still lifes—at times as ordinary as a crumpled strip of canvas or a piece of string—reduces the subjects’ dimensionality, it focuses our attention on texture, light, and shadow—and the sheer pleasure of looking. Conaway’s techniques are deceptively simple: her touch is light, the scale of the forms uncertain, the color and contrast stark. These arrangements of simple materials and common objects reveal their potential as architecture, figure, landscape, fantasy, or apparition while maintaining a tenuous state of balance and compositional harmony.

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Bad at Sports Episode 423: Mat Gleason

This week: People are called Ninny! Art school is shit-talked! TMZ! Lawsuits! Hot chicks! Artists traded like sports players. Art world badass, gallerist, curator, writer, swell mofo Mat Gleason!

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