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Bad at Sports Episode 405: William Pope.L

This week: Live from the Arts Club of Chicago (with great thanks to Janine Mileaf and Allie Foradas!!) Duncan and Richard talk to William Pope.L, about the forthcoming performance "Pull", his show at the Renaissance Society "Forlesen", and more!

William Pope.L (born 1955 in Newark, New Jersey) is an American visual artist best known for his work in performance art, and interventionist public art. However, he has also produced art in painting, photography and theater. He was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial and is a Guggenheim Fellow.

Hi Richard,

It was nice to meet you yesterday-- also it's always fun to put a face to a podcast host voice! Thanks for plugging PULL! through the podcast and the social media hoo-ha as well. I am pasting below two announcements (labeled Message #1 & #2) that have gone out about the project and the important websites too.

As you know we really need to get funding at this point so the kicker is to promote the USA Projects site here:

I hope you'll Tweet and Facebook as much as you think is reasonable from now til June 9, using the materials and info I've included. Also the hashtag for the project is #pullcleveland so you can attach that to whatever you post as well.

Other ways to help would be to Like Pope.L's Facebook page here:

and it would be HUGELY awesome if you could invite as many people as you are able (and encourage them do the same) to the event page:

If you have questions or concerns, be in touch.

All best and hope to see you at HCL on June 30 for the talk!




Pull! an artwork about work.
William Pope.L invites you to take part in his newest project - Pull! -a celebration of small city might, a performance-discussion on job rights and joblessness as well as an opportunity to do some work.
Pope.L in collaboration with the arts organization SPACES, has challenged the city of Cleveland to help him pull an 8 ton former ice cream truck, by hand, 34 miles from the eastside of the city to the westside over 3 days, June 7 to 9. And he needs your help to do it.

If you live in Cleveland (or plan to visit!), you can help pull the truck. If elsewhere, help us provide stipends to folks who'd like to participate in a volunteer art project but can't afford to. See our cute but edgy and informational fund raising video @ USA projects.

You can also send us images on work @ SPACES. Or just spread the word via Facebook or Twitter.

Pull! is a massive group effort, and we can't do it without you! It is a testament to the power of shared labor, and a chance to spark a national conversation about what work means to those who have jobs and want something better and those folks who just want a job.

Thank you for your support.


PULL! needs pullers!

Pope.L's newest project - PULL! - needs participants to help pull by hand an 8-ton truck 34 miles across the city of Cleveland as a symbolic act: an unequivocal 'no' against unemployment and huge 'yes' for more and better jobs. If you are in the Cleveland area June 7-9 come join this performance-action for job rights, fair pay and benefits.

Pull! is a massive group effort, a testament to the power of shared labor, and a chance to join a national conversation about what work means to those who have jobs and want something better and those folks who just want a job.

Please join us in Cleveland! Or, add your voice to the nation-wide conversation on Twitter and Facebook and support the pullers by making a contribution at our USA project site.

Thank you for your support.

William Pope.L

to supportPull! go to

to participate as a puller or to submit a photo

to join the conversation about Pull!

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