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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 248: Shannon Stratton and Judith Leeman This week: Brian Andrews and Duncan MacKenzie check in with Judith
Leeman and Shannon Stratton while visiting Portland, Oregon and discuss their
most recent curatorial endeavor the "Gestures of Resistance" exhibition at Portland's
Museum of Contemporary Craft.  We talk about problematizing the standard static exhibition,
how a viewer can access a dynamic and evolving show, what an object be
"loaded" with, and the problem with placards.

The exhibition includes...

Sara Black and John Preus, Anthea Black, Carol Lung, Cat Mazza, Mung
Lar Lam, Ehren Tool, and Theaster Gates.

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This week: The third in the lecture series that was in conjunction with the Bad at Sports organized exhibition “Don't Piss on Me and Tell Me it's Raining”. Tom and Amanda talk to Bridget Elmer and Emily Larned of Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts.

Founded by two letterpress printers, Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA). ILSSA is a membership organization for those who make conceptual or experimental work with obsolete technology. Consisting of a Union and a Research Institute, ILSSA seeks to build community and create resources, promoting the creative re-use of discarded innovations and the values embedded within them. Since its inception in 2008, ILSSA has grown to over 100 members, including a social sculpture weaver, a clip art librarian, a blogger who posts in needlepoint, a designer/builder of vacuum tube electronics, and an heirloom farmer. On this evening with the use of an overhead projector and a portable anachronistic sound system, the ILSSA co-operators will provide an overview of the organization, its activities and members, and the philosophy behind their collective interests.



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Bad at Sports Episode 246: Steven Rand This week, Duncan, Amanda and Tom talk to artist Steven Rand, who is the founder and Executive Director of apexart in New York.

If you are in or around NYC this is the last week of "Don't Piss On Me and Tell Me It's Raining" the Bad at Sports organized show, go check it out while you still can!
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This week: Painters/Painting (aka "The Painters of Painting") recorded at apexart in late April as a part of the BAS organized exhibition which runs through May 22.


Painter and Bad @ Sports NYC correspondent, Tom Sanford will moderate a panel of 5 other painters who will talk about painting. Kamrooz Aram, Holly Coulis, David Humphrey, Dike Blair and Deborah Kass not only represent three or four generations of New York painters and are all prominent voices among their cohort, but also represent a wide variety of approaches to the medium. These, "the Painters of Painting", will discuss the current concerns in painting as well as painting's enduring relevance as a humanistic and idiosyncratic antidote to the prevailing corporate culture of consensus and commodification.

Tom's wrap up e-mail sent to all involved afterwards-



-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Sanford
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 7:13 AM
To: Tom Sanford
Subject: Thanks from PAINTERS/PAINTING


Hi Guys


I just wanted to send y'all a note to thank the many many of you who 

came out to the panel and offer my apologies to those who weren't 

able to get in! I am so sorry that a super turnout put apexart in the 

position that they had no choice but to not allow a few people in. It 

was totally packed inside - i actually had an audience member sitting 

on my lap for most of the talk. But thank you all ever so much for 

making the effort, i sincerely appreciate the overwhelming show of 



The incredible turn out certainly speaks to the great enthusiasm for 

painting in the medium's global capitol city and I think the talk was 

a success. The panelists (David, Deb, Holly, Dike & Kamroos) were 

charming and interesting and insightful, i did my best to keep us on 

course, and Steven Rand and the apexart crew (Cybele, Julia & Julien) 

were gracious and generous hosts.


Best of all the audience has plenty of great questions comments and 

the occasional well timed out-burst! Special thanks to for really 

great questions and comments from Daniel Davidson, Alfred Steiner, 

Michael Anderson, Carlos Fragoso, and George Rodart among others 

whose names I didn't know - great hustle guys!


Anyway, thanks a million for all of your support and interest and 

remember the most important thing is to keep those brushes wet - and 

Michael Anderson pointed out with the optimism that we all share for 

painting and picture making "There are about 9 million new kinds of 

paintings yet to be made!!"




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Bad at Sports Episode 244: Nathaniel Stern This week: Duncan talks to artist/educator/agitator Nathaniel Stern.

Nathaniel Stern (USA / South Africa, born 1977) is an experimental installation and video artist, net.artist, printmaker and writer. He has produced and collaborated on projects ranging from interactive and immersive environments, networked art and multimedia physical theater performances, to digital printing and collage, stone lithography and slam poetry. He’s won many awards, fellowships, commissions and residencies between South Africa, America, and all over Europe. Nathaniel holds a design degree from Cornell University, studio-based Masters in art from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU), and research PhD from Trinity College Dublin. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Nathaniel has held solo exhibitions at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Johnson Museum of Art, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the University of the Witwatersrand, and several commercial and experimental galleries throughout the US, South Africa and Ireland. His work has been shown at festivals, galleries and museums internationally, including the Venice Biennale, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, South African National Gallery, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, International Print Center New York, Milwaukee Art Museum, Modern and Contemporary Art Center (Hungary) and Grahamstown National Arts Festival (South Africa). Public collections include the Johannesburg Art Gallery, The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media (Cornell University),, Contemporary Irish Art Society, and the Universities of South Africa (UNISA) and the Witwatersrand; he is in private collections all over the world. Recent features on Nathaniel’s work can be seen in the Leonardo Journal of Art, Science and Technology, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, NY Arts and Art South Africa magazines,,, the Wall Street Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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