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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 200: Reviews This week Bad at Sports celebrates its 200-th episode by getting back to the known- Review-o-rama. We welcome guest reviewers Tony Tasset and Lori Waxman to take the pulse of Chicago's west loop.
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Bad at Sports Episode 199: Gallery 400 This week Duncan and Richard go to Gallery 400 and talk to Director Lorelei Stewart and Assistant Director Anthony Elms about the current exhibition Our Literal Speed the end of the At the Edge: Innovative Art in Chicago series, and the new approach they are taking to commission and exhibit the work of emerging and mid-career artists.

Gallery 400, a not-for-profit arts exhibition space at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was founded in 1983 to exhibit and support art, design and architecture. Over its 26 year history Gallery 400 has grown into a nationally recognized gallery that presents consistently acclaimed exhibitions, lectures, and artist commissions. The exhibitions and programs present a broad range of recent developments and aesthetic concerns and have included more than 1,000 artists to date.
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Bad at Sports Episode 198: Leonard Bullock

This week Mark Staff Brandl interviews ex-pat artist Leonard Bullock.

Here is some text crassly cut and pasted from somewhere else: Leonard Bullock originally from North Carolina and New York City, has lived in Europe for the last 15 years, frequently exhibiting in Switzerland and Germany. ... Bullock is a painters' painter, his direct facture influencing many better-known contemporaries such as the young Swiss artist Lori Hersberger. While Bullock often paints on surprising surfaces such as fiberglass or silk, the most arresting aspect of his work has been his mark-making, which is somewhat reminiscent of de Kooning in that it aspires to an indexical demonstration of sensation. Bullock does not copy his inspirational sources but rather updates them. He aligns a wide variety of strokes into tilted vectors, forming abstract totem poles that appear to swerve through space. His sense of touch reveals a painter more concerned with Titian and with questions of disparateness than with expressionism.

In the "outro" to this weeks show, Duncan defends the good name of Joseph Mohan, against Richard's inappropriate commentary.

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Bad at Sports Episode 197: Mark Francis This week Duncan and Christian Kuras talk to YBA artist Mark Francis, all the way from London. Duncan is not afraid to commit to go the distance to get an interview.
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