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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 187: Michael Anderson

Holla! NYC correspondents Amanda Browder and Tom Sanford hang out with artist Michael Anderson in his Harlem studio. Born in the Bronx in 1968, Mr. Anderson began his artistic career fusing painting and collage but has concentrated on collage since the early 1990s. Since that time his materials have consisted solely of posters and billboards found on the streets of international cities and physically torn down by the artist. (text from Michael's Blog). To prep you when you go see Michael's show at Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea which opened on March 26th, 2009, Tom and Amanda talk to Michael about his work and end the conversation with a boxing match, as a way to get out their inner feelings. Michael watches in fear....or is it hilarity!  

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Bad at Sports Episode 186: The Print Show for Southern Graphics It's all Duncan all the time this week. This week's show is a three for the price of one deal!

In preparation for the biggest printmaking event of the year, the
Southern Graphics Council meeting for 2009 hosted by Chicago's
Columbia College, Duncan interrogates Mark Pascale (Curator of Prints and Drawings, Art Institute of Chicago), Debora Wood (Senior Curator, Northwestern University's Mary and Leigh Block Museum) and Christine Tarkowski (Associate Professor, Fiber and Material Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago) about the current state of Printmaking as an autonomous art form and its position in the academy.

We had better see all of you in Wicker Park this Friday for a kick ass set
of openings at the Green Lantern, Roots and Culture, Llyod Dobbler, and Heaven!

See you then.

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Bad at Sports Episode 185: Chris Ware

This week: Duncan and Richard are extremely excited to talk to legendary cartoonist Chris Ware!

They discuss Chris's work and career and much, much more
. Duncan pokes fun at Richard for being a dork! Much mirth, music, and mayhem is had by all. This show is not to be missed!!!

Photo by Tom VanEndye.

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Bad at Sports Episode 184: Joseph del Pesco This week the San Francisco Bureau continues their series of critics round tables. Patrica and Brian are joined by the curator Joseph del Pesco, as they take a look at the early exhibitions of 2009 in the Bay Area. During the conversation they discuss Dave Lane, Heny Darger, Mads Lynnerup, Paul McCarthy, Coulter Jacobsen, and more.
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Bad at Sports Episode 183: Steve Walters and Jay Ryan

This week: Dude, what is up with the Chicago Poster scene?

Well. Mike Benedetto might know...

Turns out Mike dragged Steve Walters (the Chicago Poster Godfather) and Jay Ryan (national poster art phenomenon) into the Bad at Sports world to interrogate the scene they helped build, how they understand their art, and the future of this scene.  Duncan's world was changed forever.

ALSO: Salvador Castillo talks to the people behind the Texas Biennial!

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