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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 161: Locals Only AHHHH! This week we return to the local Chicago Art world and the things that mean most to us. 

First, we check in with Allison Stites at the Around the Coyote and ask why and how the city's main emerging arts festival is moving from the community that gave it life.  There are some good answers. 

Then we check into what is going on with Chicago's Allrise gallery.  It's director, Lisa Flores, tells us about how she is moving heaven and earth to do weekly shows and how you can get involved. 

Finally, the BOOK Review is back!  This week we chat about David Carr's "The Night of the Gun."  Also, we want to let everyone in the world know that celeb author Naemm Murr is reading at the Parlor on October 7th.  Be there.


VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN - It is the Chicago way!

If we win, Duncan will accept our award dressed in a Barney the Dinosaur costume!

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Bad at Sports Episode 160: The All Canada Show This week Duncan returns to his homeland.  A nation that although slightly socialist, does not own it's own insurance agency or mortgage lender. What it does have "cooking" is a different Art funding system and a network of Galleries that are called "Artist Run Centers." MN Hutchinson fills us in on how they work.  Then Calgary's best contemporary Art Dealers, Emily Barnett and Bart Habermiller at "Skew Gallery" explains what they do and the outlook for the local Calgary Art world.

Please note the 100% Canadian Music Showcase.

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Bad at Sports Episode 159: Bay Area Now 5 This week Brian and Patricia head over to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to check out Bay Area Now 5, a triennial of local contemporary art. Joining the round table discussion are curators
Berin Golonu, Valerie Imus, and Taraneh Hemami, as well as participating artists Ian McDonalnd, Edmundo de Marcheno, and Jonn Herschend.

YBCA's fifth triennial exhibition of Bay Area art explores questions around how to re-imagine a regional survey in the midst of globalization. What continues to draw artists here and makes the Bay Area a unique place to live and work when more and more of us are traversing the globe and becoming international citizens? How does the physical geography of the Bay, both natural and constructed, influence the Bay Area as a site of artistic production? How does the history of this region, including its legacy of social activism, shape Bay Area residents' understanding of themselves and the rest of the world's notion of this place? What are the contrasts between the myths, ideals and realities of the Bay Area and the aspirations of its residents? The Bay Area Now 5 survey exhibition asks these questions to explore the many ways artists are influenced by their experiences both inside and outside of the Bay Area.
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Bad at Sports Episode 158: Hello Chicago Here we stand, at the beginning of the most exciting part of our Art Year: opening night.  So, what do we do? We return to past form, act like idiots, and debate the state of the Chicago Art World and Art Chicago with Michael Workman.

Also, a sober and sick Duncan MacKenzie can't handle a rowdy and drunken Bad at Sports crew and totally melts down, then screams repeatedly at Richard Holland?  Could the band be breaking up?  Speculation ensues.

Let your hate mail begin.
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Bad at Sports Episode 157: Ivan Brunetti First, Duncan sleepily laments about Richard waking him up at 1 in the afternoon, as this is "early" in McKenzie.

Next: FIGHT NIGHT IS ON PEOPLE!!!! Start training now. Bad at Sports calls dibs on Tony Fitzpatrick to be our collective trainer, you can't have him.

THEN the main event: This week Anna Kunz drops in to aid Duncan in interviewing Ivan Brunetti about his works (Misery Loves Comedy, Haw, Schizo...) and the collections that he has been publishing with Yale University Press (An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories:Volume 1 and 2.)
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