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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 156: Christian Ehrentraut, and Martin Kobe Break out the caviar and pop the champagne- this week Bad at Sports celebrates is 3rd anniversary with its 156th episode!

This week: Patrica hosts Brian, Christian Ehrentraut, and Martin Kobe for a conversation over blueberries, wine, and tea. They discuss the rise of Berlin as the new fashionable European art hot-spot, the Leipzig painter phenomenon, a German view of American cities, and and why it is important to promote quality painting in the face of the market. Christian Ehrentraut is a Berlin-based art dealer and director of Christian Ehrentraut Gallery. Martin Kobe is a painter whose architectural surfaces balance on the brink of collapse.
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Bad at Sports Episode 155: William Powhida/ Pete THE AMANDA BROWDER SHOW: Amanda and Tom talk to artist William Powhida, about coke, naked girls, and even some talk of art. Bad at Sports get added to William's enemies list.

Next: Duncan presents a lecture by Pete Fugundo at Dan Devening's space.

THIS FRIDAY: GardenFresh closes their space at 119 Peoria with a final show//event, come check it out!

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Bad at Sports Episode 154: Leslie Shows This week a fabulous crossover episode!

Amanda pops up in San Francisco to join Brian and Patrica in an interview of the rising star Leslie Shows. They discuss Leslie's work in Bay Area Now 5, plate tectonics, landscapes in New York, film narrative, and Deluzian geography. The conversation climaxes with a spirited debate between geologic time vs. swirly time.

This one's not to be missed.
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Bad at Sports Episode 153: Duncan in Philadelphia This week Duncan adventures beyond the known and takes on Philadelphia's artworld with the Help of the crew at and Flux Space.  They check in with Flux Space, Little Berlin, Bambi Gallery, PIFAS, Art Making Machine, Vox Populi, Kelly and Weber Fine Art and 1026. The conclusion... Philadelphia is a magical land but don't leave anything valuable in your car.
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