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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 139: Artropolis In 1994 Paul Morris, Matthew Marks, Pat Hearn and Colin De Land had a vision.  That vision was that New York City would have an art fair. What began as the Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair has become the the Armory fair, the jewel in the art fair empire the Merchandise Mart has amassed over the last 3 years; Art Chicago, The Armory, Art Toronto, Volta Basel, Next, and Volta NYC.

This week, Paul "the 'marts Art Czar" Morris and Tony "Boss of Art Chicago" Karman break down why the Art Fair future is the future. Kathryn Born and Duncan MacKenzie listen with slack jaws and open minds.

The weird thing that happened is that Duncan actually started to get behind Art Chicago and the 'marts future in the Art Business?  WTF?  Did he drink the Kool Aid? Was he bought off? Or is there reason to believe? Listen and find out...
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Bad at Sports Episode 138: Next Art Fair

The Bad at Sports Art Explosion rolls on.

This week: Duncan and Britton Bertran talk to Kavi Gupta and Christian Viveros-Faune from Next Art Fair.

Much fun is had by all.


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Bad at Sports Episode 137: New York Art Fair Madness This week, the New York Art Fair explosion.

John Waters v. Amanda Browder, Amanda and Tom get kicked out of Armory, Christopher Hudgens on mic. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED!!!

Amanda and Tom talk to just about everyone, well not really, but they do talk to loads of interesting collectors, gallerists, artists, Europeans, and other assorted folk as they barnstorm the fairs.

And the return of Amanda's Mom wisecracks, no not really, but this show has an intro guaranteed to piss of Brian and Marc.

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Bad at Sports Episode 136: Ampersand International Spring break 2008 sweeps across Chicago with a vengeance. The freshly brewed warm weather brings Brian back to the midwest to help Duncan with hosting duties.

This week Marc and Brian head down to Ampersand International Arts to check out "How Fast is your World Changing". They talk with curator/artist Lori Gordon as well as participating artists Hope Hilton and Markuz Wernli-Saito   about lying to curators and the strange effects of silence.

Next week: Bad at sports takes on the Armory in NYC...
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