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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 61: Kerry James Marshall

Internationally renown, Chicago based, artist Kerry James Marshall talks to Bad at Sports live before a studio audience on October 24, 2006.

Mr. Marshall talks about his work, race, the art world, his career trajectory, and reveals that art school is the biggest fraud of all time! Also, audience participation!

This is a fantastic interview, don't miss it.

Rhona Hoffman, interviewed live.  119 N. Peoria Street, 7:00 p.m.!!!

Thanks to all who came out for some pancakes on October 28!! Fun times.


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Bad at Sports Episode 60: Hamza Walker

This week Richard, Duncan, Brian and Meg the-sexy-single-lesbian-intern talk to one of the Seven Most Important Curators, Hamza Walker. We talk about everything under the sun from Neal Adams to Duncan being a "dour Canadian".


Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk about galleries in San Francisco and make fun of us Midwesterners for living in the cold. Those assholes.


TUESDAY: Live recording with Kerry James Marshall
SATURDAY: Art media pancake breakfast

get the scoop at

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Bad at Sports Episode 59: Lisa Boyle & Reviews This week: Lisa Boyle talks about her gallery's recent move. She schools our listeners on how emerging artists should and should not approach galleries. She tells us about the fascinating game(?) Bird Horse Muffin which totally blows Richard and Duncan's tiny little minds.

Michael Benedetto: our new 30 second film critic reviews The Proposition.

Richard, Duncan and Amanda review shows at Kavi Gupta, Carrie Secrist (during which Richard apologizes to Missy), they talk about why they were mystified by their shabby treatment at Kraft/Lieberman gallery AND why Mark Rowland of Rowland Contemporary knows how to treat gallery patrons right, and lastly Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery. The phrase "Shitty Drawing" is thrown around way way way WAY too much. Wow.

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Bad at Sports Episode 58: 44/46 & Reviews

Richard interviews Amanda Browder, Chris Walla, Aris Georgiades and Gail Simpson about Art 44/46: Curated by Stuart Keeler, Art 44/46 is a public art exhibition that will be featuring a variety of artists who are showing pieces publicly. Some are performances, some are sculptural pieces, some are video installations, etc.! All in the 44th and 46th Wards of Chicago. The wards are roughly between Clark and Broadway (and up Broadway) , and Belmont and Diversey. Please check the website for more info.


We talk about Bad at Sports BASECAMP: our forthcoming residency/series of events at Three Walls. We also touch on Bridge Miami.

We publicly ahpolohgise for our spelling.

Terri Griffith announces the first selection in the Bad at Sports Book Club!!!

Nathan Rogers-Madsen discusses things he isn't qualified to talk about but does it oh-so-well.

Richard, Duncan and Amanda beat up on Massive Change at the MCA. When did the Museum of Science and Industry open a North Michigan Avenue annex? Did we miss a memo?

The announcements make the show super long, sorry, it's all good, honest.


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Bad at Sports Episode 57: Chicago Artists Month and more.

Chicago Artists Month kicks off! Amanda and Richard go to the opening shindig at the Cultural Center and review the shows there-in, Richard confirms his lack of interest in photography, Amanda says "Op-Art" 92 times, everyone loves Ukrainian Modernism! Woo Hoo!

In memory o....I mean in the absence of Duncan we pulled an archival book review, Joanna Topor and Book Guru Terry Griffith discuss Duncan's love of "Witchy Librarians" and the iconoclastic book WINKIE by Clifford Chase, an Orlando-esque tale of a stuffed bear accused of crimes he/she did not commit.

Superstar Brian Andrews hums Randy Newman and goes and checks out art in Los Angeles(where oddly enough we have a solid listener base).

Tom Scharpling from The Best Show on WFMU makes a guest appearance.

What happened to Duncan? Who knows.

Sara Lee, please send us money!!! You paid for that shindig Thursday, you can kick us some beer money, we help the community dammit.

I forgot to mention super intern Meg Onli in the closing credits, I suck, I apologize.

 REMEMBER THE BLOG IS NOT AT!!! Be sure to post any of your comments about Scott Speh over there.


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