Bad at Sports
Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

The opening few seconds is payback for the West Town Gallery network map. How dare you. Duncan has never eaten a bratwurst in his life.

Anyway. 52 weeks worth of shows. Damn.


"We're not the first, 
I hope we're not the last
'Cause I know we're all heading
for that adult crash
The times is so little, the time belongs to us
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?
Make do with what you have
Take what you can get
Pay no mind to us
We're just a minor threat

We're just a minor threat"
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Duncan and Richard at the Suburban?
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Bad at Sports Episode 51: William Conger

Chicago art legend William Conger!!! He's taught many of you, heck he's taught some of your teachers. Guest host Tony Fitzpatrick joins Duncan in this great discussion that covers everything from what a great guy Ed Paschke was, to a lengthy discussion of Wesley Kimler which is not to be missed. Much talk about art history in Chicago and an overall fascinating time.

The longest episode yet, but every minute is a gem.

Next week: Our anniversary show!!!

Bill Conger
Tony Fitzpatrick
Paul Klein
Ed Paschke
Roy Boyd Gallery
Nelson Algren
Alex Kotlowitz
Giorgio Morandi
Louis Sullivan
Wesley Kimler
Dennis Adrian
Jim Nutt
Barbara Rossi
Miyoko Ito
Hyde Park Art Center
Howard Singerman
Carol Becker
Carl Wirsum
Roger Brown
Don Baum
Lane Relyea
Terra Art Museum
Jeanne Dunning
Studs Turkel
Frank Piatek
Chicago Art Write
Richard Levine
Vera Klement
Phyllis Bramson
Michelle Grabner
Jim Valerio

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Bad at Sports Episode 50: Dan Devening and Chris Walla Duncan and Amanda interview Dan Devening about his current "editions project", what printmaking is today, and his new exhibition space.

Everyone talks to Chris Walla, all around kickass guy and professor at Moorhead State University in Moorehead Minnesota.

And Duncan and Richard have a show that opens Saturday at the Suburban and an open Bad at Sports mic WTF? 

The Suburban is Located at 244 West Lake Street, Oak Park, IL.
On the "El" it is the Ridge Land Stop on the Green Line.

You should check it out.

Chris Walla
Dan Devening
devening projects + editions
Robert Meijer Curator of En/Of Editions
Infra-Thin Catalog from College of DuPage
Art Chicago
Mark Booth
Laura Letinsky
Pamela Bannos
Ken Fandell
Peggy Casey Friedman
Julia Hechtman
Carol Jackson
Judy Ledgerwood
Markus Linnenbrink
New Catalogue
William O'Brien
Michael Pfisterer
Joe Pflieger
Jason Pickleman
Christine Tarkowski
Tony Tasset
Philip Vanderhyden
Block Museum
Richard Rezac
David Mickenberg
Marcel Duchamp
Whitney Biennial
Randolph Street Gallery
Olafur Eliasson
Tacita Dean
Thomas Demand
Julia Friedman Gallery
Printed Matter
Pamela Bannos
Minnesota State University Moorhead
MCAD Art Museum
Annie Sprinkle
Glen Williams
Studio Iolo
David Bartley
gladys beltran

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Bad at Sports Episode 49: Reviews and sniping Julia Marsh from BAT joins Duncan for some reviews of group shows around Peoria Street. Terri Griffith talks American Psycho with Duncan and there is a solid digression into Eddie Murphy's failed pop music career. Richard and Duncan talk about their upcoming show and are mean to some jerks who sent us pithy e-mails to complain. Much fun is had by all. This week's intro contains some music by local supergroup Colossal.

Julia Marsh
Three Walls Gallery
Suburban Gallery
Carol Diehl
Donald Young Gallery
Kavi Gupta Gallery
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Skestos Gabriele Gallery
Linda Warren Gallery
Rowland Contemporary
Navta Schulz Gallery
Rodney Graham
Rebecca Warren
Martin Puryear
James Welling
Gary Hill
Anne Chu
Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery
Jay Jackson
John Opper
The Da Vinci Code
Jo Jackson
Chris Natrops
Michael Graves
New York Times
Máximo González
Katy Fischer
Angela Barker
Sandra Bermudez
Dodda Maggy
Natalie Settles
Tracy Nakayama
Gallery 40000
Andreas Fischer
Donald Sultan
Stephanie Dotson
Marcelino Stuhmer
Ann Toebbe
Kurt Kauper
Tom Finland
Burt Barr
Eddie Murphy's "Boogie in the Butt"
Simon & Schuster
American Psycho
Bret Easton Ellis
Robert Mapplethorpe
Ronald Reagan
George Bush
Tipper Gore
2 Live Crew
Albert Einstein

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