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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 48: Marc LeBlanc and Texas Duncan interviews Marc LeBlanc, Texas checks in led by Laura Lark and Jeff Ward. Richard is moving and unhappy.

Bill Basquin
Marc LeBlanc
1R Gallery
Van Harrison Gallery
Ghosts are Everywhere
Bucket Rider Gallery
Beautiful Decay
Duchess Gallery
Art Ledge
Paul Klein
Bridge Magazine
New Catalog
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Three Walls
40000 Gallery
Terrence McKenna
John Parot
Jason Lazarus and Lindsey L. Delahanty
Dan Peterman
Dan Graham
Standard Gallery
Suitable Gallery
Sarah Ann Johnson
Wolfgang Tillmans
Catharine Opie
Dan Flavin
Jeff Ward
Laura Lark
Diverse Works Gallery
Katy Heinlein
Eric Pearce
Diana Sofia Estrada
Benjy Mason & Danny Kirschen
Rudolph Projects/Artscan: "Kaneem Smith" (artist)
okay mountain: "Hitten Switches"
Travis Millard
Michael Sieben
Barry McGee

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Bad at Sports Episode 47: Industry of the Ordinary

Industry of the Ordinary, Matthew Wilson and Adam Brooks talk about football (soccer to us yanks), their projects and FIGHT NIGHT!!! We here at Bad at Sports can't wait to take all comers in the ring! Also our new book advocate Terri Griffith talks about Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) and his new book Rhythm Science.

Bad At Sports Podcast
Barry White
Adam Brooks
Mathew Wilson
Industry of the Ordinary
Kerry Griffith
DJ Spooky's, Rhythm Science
Douglas Gordon
Pierre Huyghe
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Francis Alys
Dominic Molon
The England Soccer Team
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
McArthur Binion
Max Kahn
Hyde Park Art Center
Mess Hall
Donald Judd
Robert Mapplethorpe
Alfonso D'Amato
Jesse Helms
Claire Pentecost
Performing Arts Chicago
Wesley Kimler
Judge Roy Moore
Second City
W.E.B. Dubois
Jonathan Rhodes and Shannon Stratton with Three Walls
Andy Warhol
Gertrude Stein
Pablo Picasso
Wayne Roony
MIT Press
Robert Rauschenberg
William S. Burroughs
Emily Bronte

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Bad at Sports Episode 46: Duchess and Matthew Barney Kat Parker and Katie Rashid tell us about Duchess, their new gallery. Brian Andrews does his own dramatic interpretation of Matthew Barney's recent radio Q&A as his publicist didn't think we were important enough to interview him.

Brian's brilliant dramatics really pull Bad at Sports in a whole new direction, changing our trajectory forever. Wow.

Who could ask for more?!?

Show note and links to follow when Duncan gets a minute.

Pablo Picasso
Joan Miro
Matthew Barney
Brian Andrews
Kat Parker & Katie Rashid
Duchess Gallery
Marc LeBlanc
Katie Herzog
Alexander Stewart
Stacey Nemeth
Cold Hearts
Deirdre Corley
Kelly Shindler
Package Deals
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
West Town Gallery Network
Body Worlds
Museum of Science and Industry
Drawing Restraint 9
Jeff Koons
Andre Serrano
Star Trek IV
Star Trek VI
Chris Cunningham
Spike Jonze
Michel Gondry
Jeff Ward

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Kicking Balls. A top down survey.
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Bad at Sports Episode 45: Tons-o-info

So, this week we try and get a handle on WTF is going on in Chicago and LA today.

Lynne Warren Talks about the work of Robert Heinecken and the hole left by his passing. Brian tells us that LA is still crummby and then sites his case studies. Amanda and Duncan hit Polvo, The Cultural Center, and the Museum of Contermporary Photography.

Also Please note on the blog for the time and place of the Robert Heinecken Memorial in your area.

Next week... Something. Something good.

Names Dropped...

Robert Heinecken
Lynne Warren
John Baldessari
Harry Callahan
Ed Paschke
Aaron Siskind
Ken Josephson
Edward Weston
Susan Sontag
Victor Burgin
Ansel Adams
Tony Wight
Bodybuider and Sportsman
New Catalog
Michel Gondry
Paul Pfeiffer
LMAN Gallery
Kaoru Mansour
Mountain Bar
Jorge Pardo
Santa Monica Museum
Serpentine Gallery
Clair Rojas
California College of The Arts
Michael Piazza
Elizam Escobar
Museum of Contemporary Photography
Vik Muniz
Ben Gest
Chris Verene
Tyson Reeder
Nick Cave
Jean Dunning

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Send us a photo of you wearing our thong!!! We don't know what prize we will offer to you in exchange for this sacrifice but, we will think of something.

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MORE KICKBALL NEWS Check out this week's Chicago Journal

Find a copy, it's free, and there is a picture of Bad at Sports doing the play by play.

Megin Wardle didn’t plan to play kickball last Saturday. All she was going to do was cheer for the West Town Banditos in the inaugural ArtLeague Kickball Tournament.

"I am so bad I would make you cry," said Wardle. But when the Banditos needed another player, they called on Wardle, who played two games in a blue cheerleading skirt.

Organized by Caroline Picard, the volunteer coordinator at ThreeWalls gallery in the West Loop, the tournament was originally intended to bring together different neighborhoods with discrete art scenes.

"Everybody here has something to do with the arts," said Picard.

The tournament kicked off exactly at 1:13 p.m., with the West Town Banditos kicking against the Mullet Heads, who jumped to a quick lead in the bottom of the first thanks to a three-run homer by abstract painter Nevin Tomlinson and a grand slam by sound artist Philip Von Zweck. Sadly, the Banditos couldn’t recover, eventually losing 9-1.

"We had a bad first inning and that was it," said Elanor Leskiw, a trombonist for the Astounding Punk Rock Circus marching band, of the Banditos’ defeat. "We’re just hoping to walk away the biggest losers," added Leskiw’s teammate, Cynthia Castiglione.

Game two was dominated by the Record Players, who outdistanced the Flying Pigs 8-4, advancing to the championship round against the Mullet Heads.

"I don’t see a challenge, honestly," said ThreeWalls Executive Director Jonathan Rhodes of the Record Players after the game. The West Town Banditos dominated the third-round game, but fell apart in the fourth and fifth innings, eventually losing to the Flying Pigs 11-5.

"We just fell apart, basically," said Castiglione, and actress. "We’re proud being the biggest losers."

The championship round started as a defensive battle. The Record Players held the Mullet Heads scoreless through three innings until the bottom of the fourth. The bottom of the fifth was the last chance for the Mullet Heads. With one out, Brian Taylor, who was too hungover to make the first game, singled. But line-outs by David Roman and Von Zweck gave the Record Players the title.

"It was a really good experience," said the Record Players’ Britton Bertran, curator for Gallery 40000 in West Town, who said the secret to the victory was "finesse and the play of one Mr. Jason Smith," who made several impressive catches in the outfield.

Taylor thinks that next year, he’ll better prepare for the tournament so he doesn’t miss a game.

"I think instead of the beer and margaritas, I’ll just have a lot of vitamin water and coffee," Taylor said.

The Mullet Heads, despite the loss, seemed in good spirits after the game.

"We kept it in there," said Roman. "It’s fun. It’s the only time I’ll get a tan in the summer, right?"

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Bad at Sports Episode 44: Tony Fitzpatrick

Chicago art legend, radio personality, poet, actor, boxer, and all around nice guy Tony Fitzpatrick talks about Tattoo history, Chicago's art world, the working class mode of being an artist and why this is a kick-ass time and place to be.

Richard, Duncan, and Amanda bob their heads along as this legendary Chicagoan story teller entrances us with yarns of Al Capone, Nixon's stolen election, Amanda Browder's mom, and yes, perhaps a little ribbing of your friends to the North. (No, not Milwaukee)

WEAR IT WITH PRIDE AND HELP BAS OUT! Are you interested in supporting Bad at Sports, while wearing a sporty new hoodie? Maybe picking out a great coffee mug? WTF do I mean? We have a lovely BAS + Cafe Press Site at...

Tony Fitzpatrick
Hello Beautiful w/ Edward Lifson
Lyrics of "Love the one you with"
Jonathan Demme (MAYBE??)
Buzz Kilman
Shunryu Suzuki
Scott Harrison
Mike Malone
Ed Hardy
Thom DeVita
Nick Bubash
Rube Goldberg
Huck Spaulding
Herbert Huncke
Bob Dylan
Dave Von Ronk
Cliff Raven
Al Capone
Carl Sandburg
Mike Royko
George Herriman
Krazy Kat
Robert Crumb
Daniel Higgs
Milwaukee Art Museum
Dick Tracy
Kurt Cobain
Ed Hardy's Tattoo Times
Frank Lloyd Wright
Daniel Burnham
Daley Family
Marshall Fields
Studs Turkel
Ed Paschke
Wesley Kimler
Justin Hayford
Nova Art Fair
Michael Pajon
Julia Murphy
Shelby Donnelly
Teresa James
Diana Sudyka
Adrienne Armstrong
Jim Nutt
Richard Hull
Nelson Algren
Mark Wagner
Scott Speh

Mark Wagner
Laurie Hogin

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