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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 43: Blunt Art Text

This Week:
Episode 43:  3 Three Editors from Blunt Art Text

BAT Magazine: Blunt Art Text.  Like ninjas of art journalism, these
evil doers sneak around and do smart, thoughtful reviews and publish
them in their journal.  We thought we had the drop on them, but nope
the lights when out and Richard and I found ourselves tied together,
laying on train tracks.  Who knew Richard was born with a prehensile
tail?  It was a close one.  Enjoy.

Oh Yeah, BAT is Elijah Burgher, Julia Marsh and William Staples.

Richard would like to note next to them, "[we] seem even dumber than usual."


We are being auctioned off at Phyllis's Musical Inn on
Thursday the 29th to benefit 40000.

AND TOTALLY, OH MY GOD!!! Duncan and Richard are announcing the first
annual art-world Kickball Tournament July 1st at Noon in Wicker Park.
Watch the blog for details.

40000 Gallery
James Rondeau
Raymond Pettibon
Lane Relyea
Michelle Grabner
Philip VonZweck
Scott Speh
Richard Rezac
Rhona Hoffman
Monique Meloche Gallery
Brice Marden
Alegon Gallery
Maxmilian Schubert
Banks Violette
David Altmejd
Butcher Shop Dogmatic Gallery
Luis Gispert
Bucket Rider Gallery
Jon Beasley
Alison Ruttan
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Zo�« Charlton
Kara Walker
Lisa Yuskavage
John Currin
David Hockney
Julia Marsh
Elijah Burgher
William Staples
Robert Rainey
Chicago Cultural Center
Shannon Stratton and Lisa Boumstein-Smalley
Booster and Seven
Jeremy Boyle
Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery
Quimby's Bookstore
Museum of Contemporary Art Bookstore
Jeff Ward
Marc Fischer
Gregg Perkins
Kelly Shi
Brandon Larson

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Time Out Chicago!! Click Here!!!
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Bad at Sports Episode 42: The Shark bites! Wesley Kimler (painter, agitator, and co-founder of slices and dices the Chicago art world.  Ouch.  Wesley gives us the skinny on being an artist in Chicago, who is ruining the Chicago art world, and what we can do to start turning it all around.  The man is not afraid to name names and calls for the heads of many a Chicago Art world insider.  Chicago, meet the "Shark." Lets hope we are not his foe.


In theory, we will be in this week's Time Out Chicago!!!

Bad at Sports will be on auction for the 40000 moving support fund at  Phyllis' Musical Inn (1800 W. Division St.) June 29th from 7-10pm (featuring a silent art and us auction and the musical stylings of Oh Charles!)

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Wesley Kimler
New York Times
Sabrina Raaf
Oh Charles
Ed Paschke
William "Bill" Conger
UIC, Art Dept
Northwestern Art Dept.
School of the Art Institute
Museum of Contemporary Art
Robbin Lockett Gallery: There are no links but She seems to have shown almost everyone conceptually driven examples include Chris Wool, Stephen Prina, Gaylen Gerber, Ken Lum, John Currin, James Casebere, and Hirsch Perlman. Duncan wonders if she could have really been that stupid. Whatever happened to her?
Mitchell Kane
Howard and Donna Stone
The Whitney Museum of American Art
Chicago Reader
Judith Kirshner
James Rondeau
Susanne Ghez
Flash Art
Francesco Bonami
Ant Farm
Project Artaud Theater
Mark Strand
Sandro Miller
Michael Workman
Art Basel Miami
Red Moon Theater
Paul Klein
Tony Fitzpatrick
Chicago Art Project
David Roth
Lynne Warren
Elizabeth Smith
Luc Tuymans
Elizabeth Peyton
David Salle
Julian Schnabel
John Currin
Richard Avedon
Lydia Donna
Jerry Salz
Roberta Smith
Robert Storr
William De Kooning
Joan Mitchell
Alan Artner (article "The Fly Boys")
Kerry James Marshall
Mccormick Place
Dan Ramirez
Susan Doremus
Robert Heinecken
James Yood
Soren Kierkegaard
Edward Kienholz
Michel Foucault
Walter Hopps
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ad Reinhart
The Met
Robert Hughes
Lucien/Lucian Freud
Mike Kelley
Claire Pentecost
Hubert Marcuse
Henry Gibson
Jeffrey Deitch
Art Star
Chris Sperandio
John Altoon
Philip Guston
Alejandro Escovedo (Orchestra)
Leonardo Da Vinci
You Know it!

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There is so much wrong with this story, I don't know what to think... This story is so damn weird I don't know what to think...why do this...what would you do with them....people actually paid money to see that movie....what next?!?!

From the Chicago Tribune
Employee charged in theft at gallery
Artist, suspect know vastly different fame

By Charles Sheehan
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 18, 2006
An artist whose work has become a hot commodity after it was featured prominently in the movie "The Break-Up" was the victim of a break-in at her Chicago gallery.

Investigators now say it was an inside job. On Saturday a Cook County Criminal Court judge ordered an intern from Francine Turk Gallerie held on $50,000 bail.

Michael Gutweiler, 23, a graphic arts student at Columbia College, said nothing during his hearing before Judge Thomas Hennelly. Gutweiler has been charged with felony burglary.

Turk said that since her work appeared in the condominium at the heart of the Chicago-based film starring Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn, collectors have been snapping up everything she creates.

"It's just been such a frenzy with people grabbing my work left and right that I can't make it fast enough," she said. "I think he saw the frenzy, and one thing led to another."

Witnesses said two men in black ski masks smashed through a glass front door at 7 a.m. Tuesday in the South Loop gallery, grabbed 10 paintings and sped off in a maroon van, Officer Kristina Schuler said.

The paintings have not been found, and nobody else has been charged, police said.

Gutweiler, who grew up in St. Louis, was the subject of a 2004 profile in the Tribune.

On Oct. 19, 1998, St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little ran a stoplight in a sport-utility vehicle and smashed into the car driven by Susan Gutweiler, Michael Gutweiler's mother.

She died 12 hours later. Michael Gutweiler was 15 at the time.

Little pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 4 years' probation and 1,000 hours' community service.

In an interview with Tribune sports columnist Rick Morrissey, Gutweiler said that his mother's death had ruined his life.

He told Morrissey that after the accident, he quit playing ice hockey and soccer. He withdrew from friends and stopped taking medication for Tourette's syndrome, he said.

Turk said she posted a job for a summer intern on the Columbia College Web site seeking help in the wake of her newfound fame.

Gutweiler was hired in May, she said.

Detectives told her almost immediately that the theft was an inside job and asked Turk for a list of employees.

Court documents say Gutweiler had a pellet gun tucked in his waistband. The gun may have been used to shoot out the glass front door, police said.

Gutweiler is scheduled to appear in court again June 23.

Calls to Gutweiler's father's home in St. Louis were not returned Saturday.

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From Art or Idiocy?

RE: Maureen Gallace

Anonymous said...

i think these paintings are really great. i think bad at sports needs to start actually looking at the work and stop being so frickin lazy! stomping around and cussing will never give them a critical edge.

and there street cred is crap anyways.

4:36 PM

Anonymous said...

Wah Wah Wah, we didn't like the painting you like, waah. How dare we not like something, particularly these flacid, dull, technically mediocre paintings. You're right, our opinion makes us lazy, damn right, how dare we not like something you like!

Street cred, we have street cred?!?! I seriously doubt it, any notion of that is probably crap, our audience couldn't fill a bus.

Stop crying and challenge us to a fight you coward.

Bad at Sports

11:27 AM

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Student industriousness at its best

Art student knits her own ferrari!
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Bad at Sports Episode 41: Blathering Oh dear.  It is a review-a-ton.   For those of you who wondered why Duncan had been muzzled as of late,  your answer is here as he and Amanda rant with willful abandon (mostly Duncan).  Once again he brings shame to his family as we review shows at VON ZWECK, The Mars Gallery, NOVA, Garden Fresh, Live Box, Kasia Kay, Navta Schulz Gallery, Rowland Contemporary, Schopf Gallery, and Three Walls.  Ouch. Not a lot of love here.  But so far everyone is still alive.

"Negative" this you blogosphere jerks.

That British Journal that Duncan Spoke of
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Olivia Schreiner
Rowland ContemporaryStan Douglas
Lora Fosberg
Linda Warren Gallery
Edward Muybridge
Barry Anderson
Steve Hamann
Schopf Gallery on Lake
Amy Devoogd
Bruce Campbell
Ben Potter
Navta Schulz Gallery
Hyeyun Park
LiveBox Gallery
Sabrina Raaf
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Annette Messager
Three Walls
Joseph Kohnke
Miklos P. Simon
Alee Peoples
Ben Driggs
Seth Hunter
NOVA: Unexpected Token Show
Garden Fresh Gallery
Dana Sperry
Ashley Bickerton
Robin Assner
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris
Jerry Bleem
Wizard Island
Aron Packer Gallery
Mars Gallery
Heaven Gallery
Tom Selleck
Japeth Mennes
Katherine Bowman

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Bad at Sports Episode 40: Dominic Molon This week we corner MCA Chicago Curator and generally popular guy, Dominic Molon.  We ask him about Wolfgang Tillmans and what the MCA thinks it's doing for Chicago Art.  Joy Division! Photography! The Challanges of the '12x12' project! What is wrong with the 12 x 12 series? Dominic explains whose fault it really is that Chicago Artists are not getting out there.  We also discuss the latest installment of the Focus series: Maureen Gallace. 
Duncan and Richard again "shit" the bed with formal and public apologies to Museum Curators and please, let this stand as our apology to the little people out there:  We meant no disrespect.  Your size is just... just... just... funny?  Is it OK to admit that in this sort of thing?  Duncan and Richard are stupid, is that OK?  Amanda is lovely, so it's OK if she is occasionally slow.  Oh yeah, and Duncan grossly miscalculates his role at Bad at Sports and tries to fire everyone.  He is still begging to get back on the show and we'll have to see about that.

Next Week: it is Angry Letter time as The Boys and Girl hit the streets for a review frenzie. 

For some reason there is lots of naughty language in this show, not for the sensitive listeners, as if we had them.

MCA Chicago
Dominic Molon
Wolfgang Tillmans
12 x 12
Lane Rayela
Maureen Gallace
Art or Idiocy?
Lisa Dorin
Marc Pascale
Chris Cunningham
Quintessential (yes I know I used it wrong)
Jurgen Teller
ID Magazines
Index Magazine
Galerie Daniel Buchholz
LA Hammer Museum
Russell Furguson
Sharon Lockhart
Mark Wigley
Peter Savill
Joy Division
New Order
Randolph Street Gallery
Independent Curators International
Situation Comedy
Julie Rodrigues Widholm
James Rondeau
Michael Asher
Hamza Walker
Art Institute of Chicago
Renaissance Society
Alan Artner
Venice Biennial
Armory Show
South by Southwest
James Yood
biennale of Sydney
Bienal de Sao Paulo
Biennale of Montreal
Douglas Gordon
Rodney Graham
Jeff Wall
Steven Shearer
Brian Jungen
Janet Cardiff
Toronto Art
Chicago Project Room
Kavi Gupta
Monique Meloche
Rhona Hoffman
Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Michelle Grabner
Bicycle Thief
Hether Hubbs
Tom Friedman
Arturo Herrera
Copenhagen Art
Peter Land
Ann Lislegaard
Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset
Joachim Koester
Self Esteem for Boys
Everyone's Fired
Fuck You Jackass From Richard

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