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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 39: Lane Relyea part deux! Lane Relyea is back for more mirth, music, and mayhem.

What is the future of art criticism? What is wrong with art students today? Are we too hung up on artist from the 80's? Are you wrong for holding a day job? Is Pollock mainstream? Is Death Cab for Cutie lame compared to the Postal Service? Why is Lane so hung up on ties? Is Amanda pregnant? Does Richard have three weeks to live? Will Duncan ever be allowed to use the mic? All of these questions and so much more talked about in this action packed sequel to Episode 32.

Gaylen Gerber
Jeanne Dunning
Judy Ledgerwood
Tony Tasset
Lane Relyea
Michelle Grabner
Barnett Newman
Death Cab for Cutie
Postal Service
Iron and Wine
Cat Power
Elliot Smith
Kurt Varnedoe
Nicholas Serota
Jackson Pollack
Van Gogh
Eva Hesse
Felix Gonzalez Torres
Donald Judd
Carolee Schneemann
Marlon Brando
Tennesse Williams
Franz Kline

Robert Smithson
Rikrit Tiravanija
Dave HickeyBAT
Wolfgang Tillmans
Laura Owens
David Salle
Hal Foster
Rosalind Krauss
Craig Owens
Douglas Crimp
Tom Lawson
Eric Fischl
Douglas Huebler
John Baldessari
Brett Bloom

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Bad at Sports Episode 38: James Yood Richard, Duncan and Amanda venture off to the lovely home of James Yood, critic of Artforum, and professor at SAIC. We talk about the raw humorless power of the Chicago art scene and reminice about days gone by.....oh boy. Houston checks in!

James Yood
Fred Camper
The Chicago Reader
Art News
New Art Examiner
Art Chicago
Ivan Albright
George Bellows
John Sloan
Thomas Eatkins
Thomas Blackman
Mark Lyman
Michael Workman
Paul Klein
Gaylen Gerber
Jeanne Dunning
Roger Brown
Ed Paschke
Frank Lloyd Wright
Museum of Contemporary Art
Bodybuilder & Sportsman
Mess Hall
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Whitney Biennial
Venice Biennale
Irving Sander
Walker Art Museum
Sensation Exhibition
Bob Cozzolino
Dudley Hupsteader
Penn Academy
The Met
Hilton Kramer
Leon Golub
Upton Sinclair
Art LetterSharkforum
New City Magazine
Panelhouse is Dead
Betty Rymer Gallery
Jasper Johns
Laura Lark
Sandra Dillon
Art Guys
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Philip Pearlstein
Stanley Spencer
Commerce Street Artist Warehouse
Nan Goldin
Jeffrey DeitchMorrisseyDan Steinhilber at the Contemporary Art Museum<
br/>Catherin Murohy at Texas Gallerygroup show: The Music that He Constantly Plays Says Nothing to Me about My Life
curator's site

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Duncan wins a bet, but was it worth it? Amanda and I bet Duncan $6.00 that he wouldn't lick the very very nicotine stained stuffed goat at the Charleston. Witness the wonder.
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Bad at Sports Episode 37: Reviews!!! Reviews of loads of shows from Chicago, New York, LA, and Boston. checks in from Boston, Nathan Rogers-Madsen reviews the Whitney Biennial, The BAS crew talks about LA, Art School Confidential, and the current crop of shows here in Chicago. Plus talk about pirates!

Museum of Jurassic Technology
Scion Gallery/Space
Donald Young
James Welling
Getty Museum
Gustave Courbet
John Heartfield
Robin Ward
Stephan Andrews
Harvey Levine Gallery
Fred Stonehouse
Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Trish Grantham
Museum Works Galleries
Chris Walla
Chris Walla
Big Red and Shiny
Daniel Clowes
Art School Confidential
Terry Zwigoff
Ghost World
Body Builder and Sportsman Gallery
Don Doe
Matt Siber
Peter Miller Gallery
Spencer Finch
Wendy Cooper
Sabrina Raaf
Tom 0f Finland
Thomas Demand
Gabert Ferrar
Monique Meloche Gallery
Gedi Sibony
Yuri Masnyj
Mark Bradford
Center for Land Interpretation
El Lissitzky
Pierre Huyghe
Tony Oursler
Dan Graham
Urs Fischer
Gordon Matta Clark
Robert Smithson
Ed Paschke
Robert Gober
Rodney Graham
Rachel Dayson
Allston Skirt Gallery

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Bad at Sports Episode 36: Raymond Pettibon Raymond Pettibon! We talk to art star and punk legend Raymond Pettibon,  for those of you who went to his lecture I guarentee this is peppier and more concise. This is a shorter show than usual this week as we recover from the Art Fair Madness.


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Bad at Sports Episode 35d: Thomas Blackman Thomas Blackman spills on the future of the Art Fair and talks about what went on AND manages to have a solid sense of humor about the whole thing. Vanessa Chafen talks NOVA wrap up.

Thanks to all for sticking out the 4 day marathon, we hope you found it interesting.

Drop us a line, vote for us on podcast sites, send us truckloads of cash, however you do it, let us know what you think.
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