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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 35c:: Threats and recrimination Gallery reviews and interviews from NOVA (check and see if you are talked about), Version Fest, NFO XPO and Tony Fitzpatrick threatens to beat the fucking hell out of another artist! Not to be missed!

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More pics from Fashion Night!
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Bad at Sports Episode 35b: Fashion, Breasts, Stephanie Liner, Robin Richman NOVA Fashion Train! Amanda and Sarah go to town. Lots of talk of breasts, interviews with Stephanie Liner and Robin Richman.

Day 2 of the Art Fair Madness!!!

Robin Richmond
Stephanie Liner
Joli Joli
Trio Salon

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Bad at Sports Episode 35a: DJ SPOOKY! Art fair night #1 We interview DJ Spooky! Tony Fitzpatrick intros the show! Day one of the mini-shows from NOVA.

Tony Fitzpatrick
DJ Spooky
Rhythm Science
Wu Tang Clan
The Beatles
Walter Ruttmann
William Burroughs
D.W. Griffiths
R. Wagner

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The Good Stuff...  The Right Stuff...  The Only Stuff... Sharkstock 2006 - on Friday, 4/28, 8:30 PM, Wesley Kimler's Studio (2046 West Carroll, Chicago) hosts a celebration of the new Sharkforum site ( and will feature live music by Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra, Mucca Pazza, Rick Rizzo, The Issues, poetry by Simone Muench and Special Guests to be announced. On display will be original art by Wesley Kimler, David Roth, Ursula Sokolowska and Ray Pride.
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Bad at Sports Episode 34: This show was recorded, edited, and mixed all on Sunday hence the late posting!!. This week: "Grub" a compost minded exhibit by Claire Pentecost organized, mulled, and presented by 13 SAIC grad students. Brian Andrews checks in from Portland where apparently all of the SF Hipster are fleeing to. Duncan and Richard muck through the Hollywood notion of an art show, but in real life, and do a couple quickie reviews of work at Lisa Boyle, Three Walls, Western Exhibitions, and a couple other places. In a shocking turn of events, the Raymond Pettibon interview  is postponed until after the art fairs.

Apologies for the editorial slop this week, I was in a hurry.

Real show note to follow soon!

PLEASE contact us if you wish to help us out at the art fair.

Claire Pentecost
Suburban Gallery
DJ Spooky
Maureen Buskowski
Mess Hall
Nato Thompson
Critical Art Ensemble
Chapman Brothers
Jupiter Hotel
Motel Gallery
Genuine Imitation Gallery
Meredith Dittmar
Art Space USA
Judy Ledgerwood
Hamza Walker
Fraction Workspace
Lauren Frances Adams
Stacey L. Kirby
Aaron Packer
Michael Dinges
Ruth Cook
Gescheidle Gallery
Annie Morse
Ampersand International Arts
Larry Bamburg
Patricial Maloney
Stephanie Smith
Dominic Malon
Lisa Doren
Karen Irvine
Lorelei Stuart
Adam Brooks
Industry of the Ordinary
Three Walls
Frank Haines
Lisa Boyle Gallery
Amy Jean Porter
Western Exhibitions
Pedro Velez
Matthew Northridge
Carroll & Gaydos
Thomas Blackman

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Bad at Sports Episode 33: Version Festival
Bad at Sports begins the Art Fair Update by chatting it up with the organizers of the Version Festival '06 in Bridgeport (Edmar, Elise, Matt, Rotten Milk, and Burke). Later, we discuss with Michael Workman the highlights of the upcoming Nova Art Fair. Richard and Duncan end the show with a review of "Covers," the Oli Watt show at Booster and Seven. 

Sorry for the delay in posting I had some techical problems related to my bone-headed-ness.

Version 06
Lumpen Magazine
Booster and Seven
Michael workman
Katrina Kuntz
Raymond Pettibon
Claire Pentecost
Thomas Blackman Associates
ITT Tech
Heaven Gallery
South Union Arts
Bridgeport/Iron Studios
3030 Elastic Arts Foundation
Lou Mallozzi
Lee Ranaldo
Miranda July
Dirk Knibbe
Buddy Gallery
Seth Price
Deborah Stratman
Robert Gober
David Coyle/Gallery 40000
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Jason Robert Bell

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Bad at Sports Episode 32: Lane Relyea Bad at Sports interviews Northwestern professor Lane Relyea. Between sips of whiskey, Lane discusses the state of criticism in Chicago and the nation at large. Not only does he explain why it's better to be a curator in Chicago than L.A (and better to be
an artist in L.A. rather than Chicago), but then the interview crescendos into Lane and Richard's smackdown confrontation about art theory.

Later, Duncan reviews Deb Sokolow at Polvo, and Jamison Oggs at Art Ledge. Amanda wraps it up with a review of the Jose Lerma show at Andrea Rosen Gallery in NY, and Lane chimes in with rants and commentary.

Lane Relyea
Deb Sokolow
Jose Lerma
Nova Art Fair
Parkett Magazine
Frieze Magazine
Jeff Ward
Core Program
New Art Examiner
Shannon Stratton
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Art Department at UCLA

John Baldessari
Joey Fauerso
Michael Velliquette

Sam Durant
Liz Armstrong
Cal Arts
Jorge Pardo
Monique Prieto
Gallery 400
Ann Goldstein
Paul Schimmel
Russell Ferguson
Armand Hammer Museum of Art
Michael Asher
Anne Rorimer
James Rondeau
Hamza Walker
Julia Fish
Tony Tasset
Kerry James Marshall
Rebecca Morris
Museum of Contemporary Art
Adam Smith
Marian Amies
Remy Jungerman
Jamisen Ogg
Art Ledge
Andrea Rosen Gallery
7/3 Split
Scott Roberts

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Bad at Sports Episode 31: David Jones, Shannon Stratton and more! David Jones, master printer, artist, founder of the amazing Anchor Graphics and all around kickass guy talks about Anchor Graphics new merger with Columbia College Chicago. Shannon Stratton from Three Walls talks about their residency program, Duncan reviews more Mo Williams, and calls Richard a Jerk several times. 

Don't forget to mark your calendars for  the NOVA art fair April 27-30th  we will be  providing on the spot live action  news from the trenches!!!

David Jones
Chris Flynn
Tony Fitzpatrick
Mo Willems
Teresa Mucha James
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
White Wings Press
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
Southern Graphics
Landfall Press
Tandam Press
David Lynch
Shannon Stratton and the ThreeWalls Residency

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