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Cat Chow Video Love her work, mystified by her travel planning.

Thanks to our news tipster corps for the heads up!

A link with Video of the Cat Chow story.

AUSTIN � A Chicago woman accused of stowing away on a plane to attend the South by Southwest Festival faces a federal charge.

Catherine "Cat" Chow, a 33-year-old artist, was on the standby list for a flight from St. Louis to Austin, booked through American Airlines. When she found out the flight was full, Chow snuck past gate agents, boarded the plane and hid in the bathroom, authorities said.

When a passenger knocked on the bathroom door, Chow took the man's seat. When his wife made her move, she took another seat. After she was forced to move again, a flight attendant discovered her, court documents said.

An agent with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force was called to the airport. Airport police also were waiting for Chow when the plane landed.

Chow told authorities she "knew what she did was wrong, but wanted to meet with her friends in Austin . . . to participate in the South by Southwest activities," documents said.

Airport police say they found marijuana and six antidepressant tablets without a prescription label.

Chow was charged with boarding an airplane without permission, a federal crime, and two state misdemeanors, possession of marijuana and possession of a dangerous drug.

Chow was being held in the Travis County jail on a $3,000 bail.

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Bad at Sports Episode 30: Edible Books and lots of reviews!


Books + Food = The 7th Annual Edible Book Show at Columbia College. Kathryn Born makes her podcast debut with an interview with Marlene Russum Scott about the festival, and book arts in the city. - Michelle Grabner picks up the critical torch in her "Art Papers" article. - Reviews a plenty: Some are kinda awesome, and some kinda are not. - Richard takes on the "Dad" character in Leave it to Beaver, and Duncan giggles his way to stardom. - All are wrapped up in a cheery band melody that Richard promises a dollar to the first person to e-mail us the exact reason of why it is so funny!


Juventus 2006
Charles LaBelle
Chris Uphues

Josh Mannis
Mariano Chavez
Jean-Pierre Roy
Michael Thomas, Butcher Shop Dogmatic
Michael Rea
Nova Art Fair
Alison Ruttan
Michelle Grabner/Art Papers
Bill Drendel
Chicago Hand Bookbinders
Chicago Public Library Special Collection
Columbia College Book & Paper Center
Edible Books
Julie Chen
Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection
Marlene Russum Scott
Melissa Jay Craig
Newberry Library
Northwestern University
Penland School of Crafts
Sherryl Keyes
Dan Anhorn
Joycelyn merchant
Oscar Wilde
Mayuko Kono
Nathaniel Smyth
Lauren Anderson
Aristotle Georgiades
Pete Fowler
Jim Woodring

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Bad at Sports Episode 29: talk talk talk

Reviews galore! We go to 92 shows in Pilsen with Liz Armstrong, we appear live without a net at the Steppenwold Theater for the Third Coast Festival and Chicago Public Radio, Brian Andrews reviews Scott Reader and other stuff, Amanda and Duncan review more stuff, and Amanda talks about going to NYC and what she saww at the Armoury.

Three Walls
Liz Armstrong
Catalog of Ships
Whitney Museum
Love and Radio
Gapers Block
David Elfings
Back to the Lab/Radio Lab
Julie Shapiro
Dubhe Carreno Gallery
Denis Lee Mitchell
Michael Goro
4 Arts
Matthew Thomas Grimaldi
Moka Gallery
Chicago Art Department
Go Go Video
Jhonmar Radames
Scott Reeder
Tyson Reeder
Jack Hanley
Meg Duguid
Laugh In
Goldie Hawn
Andrea Cohen
Ryan Swanson
Michael Andrews
Nathan Redwood
Loul Samater
Clinton King
The Armory Show
Diva Art Fair
Pulse Art Fair
Scope Art Fair
Nova Art Fair
Michael Workman
Tony Fitzpatrick
Joan Livingston
Anne Wilson
Barry McGee
Dietch Projects
Rhona Hoffman
Kavi Gupta

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Bad at Sports Episode 28: Alison Ruttan and more

We interview Alison Ruttan and talk about her show at Monique Meloche and lots and lots of talk about bonobos and why a bonobo is *not* a monkey. Brian Andrews turns off his mind relaxes and floats down stream at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Ecstasy: In and About Altered States show. Jeff Ward talks about The CORE program at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

NEXT WEEK: We talk about talking to a sell out crowd at the Steppenwolf Garage Theater, We review some stuff. We talk about partying like a rock star with Liz Armstrong while checking out 52 shows in Pilsen.


sorry this took so long!

Alison Ruttan
Monique Meloche
Brian Andrews
Jeff Ward
Nature vs. Nurture
Scarlett Johansson
Franz de Waal
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Pant Grunt
Hair Do
Hyde Park Art Center
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Los Angeles
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

George Braque

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Bad at Sports Episode 27: Happiness

- Jeff Ward, Shannon Stratton interviewed, Michael Miller, and the "Made in China" show at the Museum of Contemporary Photography reviewed. - ALSO LIVE WITHOUT A NET, Bad at Sports that the Steppenwolf garage theater this Wednesday the 8th as a part of the NPR, Third Coast Festival, Listen Room series. Come throw rocks at us you jerks!


Jeff Ward and Shannon Stratton have curated the wonderful series of shows, the Happiness I Seek. Showing consecutively in 5 spaces throughout the Chicago community, The Happiness I Seek will feature artists Andrea Cohen (at ThreeWalls), Loul Samater (at Fraction Workspace), Ryan Swanson (at The Chicago Cultural Center), Mike Andrews (at 40000) and Clinton King (at The Suburban). Through a format of dispersing the sculptural installations throughout the city, the exhibition takes on the rhizomatic and cooperative nature of current art and exhibition practice: the materials of the artworks and the artworks of the exhibit and the spaces in a community imply the ideas of attraction, chemistry and the dancing cheek-to-cheek as evoked by the title's Irving Berlin's lyric.


Artist, Alison Ruttan invites us to her home for an interview about her work, and research on Bonobo chimps. We continue our conversation with Jeff Ward about the Core Program in Texas, and talk with Shannon Stratton about the Three Walls Residency. We finish the show off with a cacophony of reviews!

Catalog of Ships and Michael Kraskin
Shannon Stratton
Jeff Ward
Sonia Yoon
The Pond Gallery
Howard Fonda
David Coyle
Pete Fagundo
Joan Fransel Youthcast Podcast from PRX
Jonathan Rhodes
The Core Program
Glass Tire
Art Lies
Terence Hannum
Art Nexus
Bridge Gallery

Irving Berlin
Andrea Cohen
Ryan Swanson
Mike Andrews
Loul Samater
Clinton King
Charles Stucky
Roger Brown Resources
The Cultural Center
Jun Yang
Edward Burtynsky
Polly Braden
Melanie Jackson
Michael Wolf
Danwen Xing
John Schmid
Rick Romell
Sara Ranchouse
Fraction Workspace
The Suburban
Michael Miller
Walsh Gallery

Sally Alatalo

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Why I left Milwaukee at 19...
Art museum party gets out of hand

A party at a US art museum got out of hand after the organisers promised revellers as many martinis as they could drink.

The martini fete at at Milwaukee Art Museum ended with drunk guests passing out, throwing up and clambering over artworks.

One reveller, Kathleen Christians, 39, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "It was crazy. People were shoving people over. People were getting sick, screaming, shouting, messing with the artwork."

Four young men climbed onto Standing Woman, a tall, bronze sculpture of a goddess-like woman by early 20th-century American artist Gaston Lachaise.

"They were standing on it, grabbing the boobs, and somebody was just taking pictures with a cell phone," said Laura Collins, 35.

The Martinifest event, organised by local radio station Clear Channel, offered unlimited martinis for the equivalent of about £17.

"Hindsight is 20-20... It was probably too cheap," Kerry Wolfe, a local programming director for Clear Channel, said .

David Gordon, the museum's director, said: "It was not an appropriate event to be held in the museum, and we have reviewed our procedures for bookings."

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