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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 22: Liz Armstrong, Social

An interview that goes off the rails, reviews, our San Francisco branch checks in! Wow!

Check out our new NEWS FLASH section below.


Liz Armstrong, author of the Chicago Anti-social column in the Reader.

From her Wikipedia entry:
Liz Armstrong lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has performed solo and with the bands To Live and Shave in L.A. and To Live and Shave in L.A. 2 under the stage name "Misty Martinez." Since 2004, she has written first-person party journalism for the Chicago Reader in her "Chicago Antisocial" column.

But that doesn't begin to cover our knife wielding interview. Liz is the first guest to show up "heavy" to an interview. She was none-the-less delightful and wacky to talk to. Amanda and Liz have a battle royalle and end up pals! This interview is a non-stop action fest loaded withconfessional jaw dropping moments. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it will become a part of you. You'll listen again and again. It's downright worthy of Chicago Anti-Social.

If that wasn't enough, Amanda, Duncan and Richard review the new shows at Giola, Gescheidle, Aron Packer and the Beverly Art Center.

Names dropped:

Fred Stonehouse, Michael Noland, James Rosenquist, Barbara Weisen, The Gahlberg Gallery at the College of DuPage, NASCAR, Arturo Herrera, Martin O'Conner, Jeremy Black, Jason Ruhl, Marcel Dzama, Michael Dumontier, Neil Farber, The Royal Art Lodge, Shelley Spector, Instant Coffee, Kiki Smith, Kota Ezawa, Cornelia Parker, Wang Du, Wangechi Mutu, The Beverly Art Center, Jenny O'Conner, Stephen Warde Anderson, Hank Feeley, and there are about a zillion artists in the Tattoo show that you need to go and check out on your own as I left the list at work, sorry.


New City answered all of our Gallery 400 related questions. Check it out
The Rest of the Story!!!

While you're at it check out Amanda's review!
Amanda's Review

VOTE FOR US PLEASE! We are listed as the second best art podcast, how dare they! Help us be #1!!!


Reviews from London, our San Francisco correspondent interviews internationally famous rapper and performance artist Jelly-Doughnut at the Doughnut shop featured in the Maximum Wage video, and so much more! The following week we are interviewing rock star curator James Rondeau. Free up some time to listen, these will be great shows.

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Don't fret, it is only a music video, but what a music video...


Someone please explain to me what the weiner dogs have to do with this song?
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Bad at Sports Episode 21: Chicago Artists Resource

Another great show, tell your pals that we kick ass. Duncan cries inside because there are still people in town who haven't been reached by our pithy commentary.

WHY OH WHY doesn't Tony Wight at Bodybuilder & Sportsman respond to our e-mail? Everybody else in 119 responds; where is the love??? We are just trying to give you some airtime--we won't be mean, honest. Wendy Cooper writes back, c'mon buddy.


We visit Barbara Koenen at her lovely home and discuss resources available for artists in the City of Chicago. Barbara is in charge of the utterly bad-assed Chicago Artists Resource website, which shines the light of knowledge into the dark pit of confusion for us local types. If you don't already participate, sign up now!

Chicago Artists Resource website, GO NOW!!!

ALSO: Duncan and Richard shut the hell up (leave the room even) so that Amanda and Shannon can review the new show at 40000 "Versus"

Names dropped:Brian Andrews, Cody Cloud, Rose DiSalvo, Dennis Hodges, Josh Mannis, Video Machete, Dan Peterman (also can't write back to us), Rich Mansfield, Duncan MacKenzie, Heather Mekkelson, Jenny Walters, Sze Lin Pang, Naomi Robbins, Geoff Smalley, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Alan Artner, Scott Power, BAT magazine, New Art Examiner, Bridge, Art News sucking, Flash Art, Paul Klien, Michael Workman, NOVA art fair, ACME, Switching Station Artists Lofts, Artspace, The Chicago Transit Authority, LaShawnda Crowe Storm, Michael Thompson, Michael Hernandez De Luna, New York Foundation for the Arts, Michele Feder-Nadoff, Greg Cameron, Carl Hammer, Carrie Secrists, Natalie Van Straaten, and we weep for the lack of funding for the Chicago Artists International Program.


Liz Armstrong from the Reader? James Rondeau? Michael Workman dishing on who pisses him off? We have lots of stuff in the queue, let's see who we manage to schedule time with.

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Bad at Sports Episode 20 Mark Booth

20 shows! Wow! I think back to my initial conversations with Duncan in a bar downtown and I doubt we ever expected to get an audience as large as we now have (which has doubled in the last month), the number of great, brilliant people working with us around the world, and the wonderful feedback we have been getting, thanks to you all! We continue to look at Bad at Sports as an open resource, so let us know what you think. If you want to contribute (particularly if you are somewhere other than Chicago), let us know! We are here as a public resource. Thanks!

Also, curious minds are still waiting to hear a good explanation of why, without permission from the artist, UIC took the Death by Design piece down off of the Temporary Allegiance flag pole at Gallery 400. Someone please enlighten us.

Check out the cool pictures of us Duncan posted:

Lane Relyea purportedly thinks we are cool.


We interview Mark Booth--artist, teacher, and curator of the forthcoming “an incomplete map of everything�? festival at Links Hall.

Per the Links Hall press release: “an incomplete map of everything is a fragmentary atlas of an imaginary world. The festival is comprised of co-existing “landforms�? of an experimental nature; the Goldsmith archipelago, the Bök atoll, the plateaus of Goulish, the Bervin Sea, the isthmus of Mallozzi, and the fjord of Ross. There are other topographical features as well, both familiar and unfamiliar; emerging glaciers, new volcanoes, and uncharted estuaries. If there is one thing these artists have in common apart from their shared commitment to experimentation and investigative exploration it is their interest in probing the minimal elements that form the materiality of human experience.�?

Mark also talks about being mistaken for a spaceman.

Richard and Amanda apologize to Duncan for creating confusion over the name Middle Management.

Duncan and Amanda fight TO THE DEATH over whether or not it is acceptable to curate yourself into a show.

And, finally, Richard insists you bow down to the genius of Patti Smith’s first record!

Names dropped:

Tiny Hairs, Terri Kapsalis, Libby the cat, Christian Bök, Judd Morrissey, Relaxation Record, Jesse Seldess, Luc Tuymans, Leonie Weber, Ben Brown, Meg Nafziger, Jeff Kowalkowski, Michael Workman, NOVA, Lou Mallozzi, Björn Ross, Fessenden, Institute of Failure, Trent Smith, Petrova, Jen Bervin, Lilli Carré, Erin Tikovitch, Tony Rosati, The 6 Ghosts of Fear, Ginger Krebs, Erin Moore, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ken Fandell, Matthew Goulish, Justin Cooper, Christopher Lavery, Daniel Borzutzky, CJ Mitchell, Goat Island, James Rondeau, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Open End Gallery, and last, but not least, Furries.


Barbara Koenen, fabulous overlord of the Chicago Artist Resource site, talks about how artists can make the most of what Chicago has to offer, and so much more.
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Bad at Sports: Episode 19 Michelle Grabner pt. 2

Back again for more art talk, mirth and mayhem. Tell your pals, classmates, enemies, family about the show! The more the merrier.


Michelle Grabner is back! Michelle has written criticism for more magazines than I can comfortably count, runs an art gallery and shows her work internationally. This week we present second part of our interview. Michelle points out that BAS is damn guilty of being a part of the sad watering down of art criticism. She also very kindly puts Richard in his place for his anti-intellectual criticism bashing.

ALSO: Amanda and Richard review shows at Aron Packer, Polvo, Open End, and Monique Meloche!

Name dropped:

David Romanelli, Art Forum, BAT Magazine, Andrea Frasier, Jim Elkins, Jerry Saltz, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Rashid Johnson, Lane Relyea, Monique Meloche, Middle Management, The School of the Art Institute, Death by Design, Reed Barrow, Benjamin Bellas, Justin Cooper, Clinton King, Andrea Chin, Rene Cruz, Vicki Fowler, Randall Garrett , Kevin Jefferies, Aimee Jones, Otabenga Jones, Jason Kunke, Laura Lark, Teresa O'Connor, James Eck Rippie, Chris Sauter, Jenny Schlief, Peter Tucker, Malian Lahey, Analu Lopez, Anne Benjamin, Aura Emmanuel, Matthew Kellen, Emilee Lord, Kelli Miller, Tara E. Pellentier, Marshall Preheim, Julie Prokop, William Ransom, Mike Rossi, Audrey Hasen Russell, Jeff Schweitzer, Andrew Simsak, Heather Stapelman, Stacy Sternberg, Mikolaj Szoska, Andrew Thompson, Soyeon Yang.


Who knows, I have yet to locate that darn Canadian.

links to follow eventually
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Bad at Sports: Episode 18: Michael Workman


The always controversial and busy Michael Workman--New City art critic, NOVA front man, Bridge Magazine editor in chief, Art Fair impresario, freelance writer and 92 other things-- talks about the art biz, why he pisses people off, why the youth cult is bullshit, and the state of the Chicago art scene. Amanda is hopping mad about the role of teaching in the art community.

Duncan, Richard, and Amanda talk about "Maximum Wage" from!

Our second New York Bureau member, Nate Rogers-Madsen, reviews Egon Schiele at Neue Galerie and Ed Ruscha at the Whitney.

Name-dropped this episode: Rapper Jelly Donut, Egon Schiele, Ed Ruscha, Thomas Cole, Thomas Blackman, Sterling Ruby, Heather Hubb, MC Paul Barman, Donald Young Gallery, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery, 65 Grand, Dan Peterman (who can't see fit to write back to us), Kerry James Marshall, Tony Tasset, Tony Fitzpatrick, Paul Klein, Duncan's mom, Amanda's mom.


Part 2 of our discussion with Michelle Grabner! Richard asks if art criticism is simply written for eggheads who also write art criticism.

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