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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports Episode 70: James Elkins Duncan and Terri talk to James Elkins about his books, criticism and more! Mike Benedetto provides an utterly hilarious movie review and public service announcement.

From Mr. Elkins' web site:

James Elkins grew up in Ithaca, New York, separated from Cornell University by a quarter-mile of woods once owned by the naturalist Laurence Palmer.

He stayed on in Ithaca long enough to get the BA degree (in English and Art History), with summer hitchhiking trips to Alaska, Mexico, Guatemala, the Caribbean, and Columbia. For the last twenty years he has lived in Chicago; he got a graduate degree in painting, and then switched to Art History, got another graduate degree, and went on to the PhD in Art History, which he finished in 1989. (All from the University of Chicago.) Since then he has been teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently E.C. Chadbourne Chair in the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism. He also teaches in the Department of Visual and Critical Studies, and is Head of History of Art at the University College Cork, Ireland.

His writing focuses on the history and theory of images in art, science, and nature. Some of his books are exclusively on fine art (What Painting Is, Why Are Our Pictures Puzzles?). Others include scientific and non-art images, writing systems, and archaeology (The Domain of Images, On Pictures and the Words That Fail Them), and some are about natural history (How to Use Your Eyes).

Current projects include a book called Success and Failure in Twentieth-Century Painting, another called Writing about the World's Art, and several edited books: a series called "The Art Seminar," one called "Theories of Modernism and Postmodernism in the Visual Art.," and edited books on W.G. Sebald, representations of pain in art, and the university-wide study of images.

He married Margaret MacNamidhe in 1994 on Inishmore, one of the Aran Islands, off the West coast of Ireland. Margaret is also an art historian, with a specialty in Delacroix. His interests include freshwater microscopy (with a Zeiss Nomarski differential interference microscope), optics (he owns an ophthalmologist’s slit-lamp microscope), stereo photography (with a Realist camera), playing piano, and winter ocean diving
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Bad at Sports Episode 69: Gavin Turk Duncan and Richard interview art superstar Gavin Turk!!!

As set forth in Wikipedia:

Gavin Turk (born 1967) is a British artist and one of the Young British Artists (YBAs). He often uses his own image in life-size sculptures of famous people.

He was born in Guildford, near London, and went to the Royal College of Art. However, in 1991, the tutors refused to give him the final degree because of his show, called Cave, which consisted of a whitewashed studio space, containing only a blue heritage plaque (of the kind normally found on historic buildings) commemorating his own presence as a sculptor. This bestowed some instant notoriety on Turk, whose work was collected by Charles Saatchi.

His work often involves his own image disguised as that of a famous person. He has cast himself in a series of detailed life sized sculptures as different romantic heroes, including Sid Vicious, Jean-Paul Marat and Che Guevara. Pop, a waxwork model of Turk as Sid Vicious, in white jacket and black trousers, pointing a handgun (appropriating the stance of Andy Warhol's painting of Elvis Presley as a cowboy), was part of the 1997 Sensation exhibition which toured London, Berlin and New York. A set of what appeared to be classic posters of Che Guevara in a beret, revealed themselves on further scrutiny to be photos of Turk in the same pose.

Ambiguity features throughout his work. What appeared to be a discarded plastic rubbish bag was in fact a bronze sculpture of one. A large industrial skip (normally yellow, battered and with rust) was painted an immaculate gloss black. He turned up at the private view of the Sensation exhibition at the solemn Royal Academy, London, dressed as a down-and-out.



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Bad at Sports Episode 68: Miami Vices

BAS vs. Miami. This week the recap of Bad at Sports' trip to Miami Basel.

We open with words of advice from BAS. Then we talk to see, review and mumble about the goings on in Miami

People who had something to say this show include:

Lisa Dorin: Assistant Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago

Lisa Boyle: Head Honcho Lisa Boyle Gallery, Bird-Horse-Muffin coach.

Christopher Vroom Collector and  Artadia Board President

Todd Simon: collector, President of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Vice-President of Jewish Family Service, and is active on the Boards of the United Way of the Midlands, Young President's Organization and R.E.S.P.E.C.T.2,

Michael Workman: Bridge guy

Vanessa Chafen: Michael Workman herder.

Jodie Jacobi: Artist

Susan Gescheidle: Gescheidle gallery. She gives us breaking news.

Noah Lang: Trillium Press.

Maura Thompson: Artist

And so much more, lots of talk about hotels and alcohol.

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Bad at Sports Episode 67: Tony Feher and More!

This week Duncan and Richard talk to Tony Feher about his work and installation at The Suburban in Oak Park. The following is shamelessly lifted from the Worcester Art Museum's site : American artist Tony Feher has become a leading voice among his generation of sculptors. Rooted in the legacy of Minimalism, Feher's understated use of humble, �forgettable� materials that he finds�bottles, jars, plastic soda crates�turns the commonplace and mundane into work that is rich with human emotion and fragile beauty.

Next, Terri and Serena talk to Larry Shure about his blisteringly kickass project Ultra Local Geography a zine focused on the microcosm.

Then, Christian and Emily talk about the galleries in the East End of London.

Hey, we know you are an opinionated bastard, go post on the Blog

Next week. Miami!


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Bad at Sports Episode 66: Joseph Friebert/Triple Base Gallery

This week we talk to Susan F. Rossen, Executive Director of Publications at the Art Institute of Chicago about the new show at Corbett vs. Dempsey: Joseph Friebert, Fred Berman, & the Milwaukee Scene 1935-1965.

Also Mike Benedetto has his first Superstar Special movie review. 

And, Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk to Joyce Grimm and Dina Pugh  about Triple Base gallery, and creating a space for emerging artists and curators. All you bright young upstarts, you need to listen to this interview.

We still want your feedback. E-mail us at with your thoughts on the show, what works, what doesn�t, who we should interview, and who should piss-off.

We promise we will never record the intro and outro in a Dunkin Donuts again, sorry.

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Bad at Sports Episode 65: Francesco Bonami

THIS WEEK: the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's Manilow Senior Curator Francesco Bonami interviewed live a Three Walls on Tuesday November 21, 2006.  Francesco gives his frank and funny perspective on everything from why Australian art is bad, compares Kentuckians to Europeans, and talks about the role of the curator as artist.

Well the residency is over. Thanks for coming. Thanks to Three Walls for all their help and patience. It was nice to meet so many of you and there was a minimum of rotting fruit thrown at us.

Hey! We need your help, yes you dammit. We crank out this show every week for you information and amusement, not it is time for your sorry butts to pitch in.

We need to hear your feedback, we are about to have our third formal staff meeting ever and would love to hear from you on what works, what doesn't, who you'd like to hear interviewed (no, no don't say "me" unless you have a solid reason or are a superstar) and any other wit and wisdom you the loyal listener wishes to send our way. We are going to re-examine and re-evaluate to project to see where we go from here (if we go from here?) and would love to hear from people outside of our sad, insular, little bubble. Please e-mail us at, title your e-mail "Feedback". Thanks!


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Bad at Sports Episode 64: Europe, Portland, Miami

Reports galore!

Duncan talks to the crew from Bridge about the impending Miami madness. Newly knighted European bureau chief Mark Staff Brandl talks lots of shows across the pond. Mike Benedetto talks Kurosawa's Rahomom. Brian Andrews on Portland.

Wow! That's a whole lotta show.

Thanks to Mr. Moon for helping out with the intro.

We need an audio intern. E-mail us if you have a clue, and don't mind somewhat dull technical work. Lots of gory, oh, my friend there is lots of glory. No money.

ALSO: BAS has an APB out for Phil Berkman. If anyone out there knows Phil Berkman we are trying to get ahold of him...

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Bad at Sports Episode 63: Rhona Hoffman Chicago gallerist and legend Rhona Hoffman recorded live in a discussion with Bad at Sports at Three-Walls, on November 7, 2006, election day... when happy days arrived again.

Links and a more elaborate show note to follow...

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Bad at Sports Episode 62: W.J.T. Mitchell

This week is an almost completely Richard free show! Duncan and Terri talk to giant of consciousness W.J.T. Mitchell about his book What Do Pictures Want? : The Lives and Loves of Images. Also, they discuss how kissing is sucking on a several hundred yard long tube with feces at the end.

Mike Benedetto gives us a 30 second movie review. Duncan talks to Vanessa Chafen about Bridge-Miami. Kathryn Born talks to Brian Shannon about the auction extravaganza coming up.

Also this week’s show answers the question, why name a dog Yummy?

DON’T FORGET: Events this week at Three Walls Gallery, Tuesday night 7:00 we record a live interview with Rhona Hoffman, come with your questions! Friday night 7:00, another fantastic panel discussion with Hamza Walker, Paul Klein, Lisa Dorin and Michelle Grabner!!!

Links to follow…


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Bad at Sports Episode 61: Kerry James Marshall

Internationally renown, Chicago based, artist Kerry James Marshall talks to Bad at Sports live before a studio audience on October 24, 2006.

Mr. Marshall talks about his work, race, the art world, his career trajectory, and reveals that art school is the biggest fraud of all time! Also, audience participation!

This is a fantastic interview, don't miss it.

Rhona Hoffman, interviewed live.  119 N. Peoria Street, 7:00 p.m.!!!

Thanks to all who came out for some pancakes on October 28!! Fun times.


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Bad at Sports Episode 60: Hamza Walker

This week Richard, Duncan, Brian and Meg the-sexy-single-lesbian-intern talk to one of the Seven Most Important Curators, Hamza Walker. We talk about everything under the sun from Neal Adams to Duncan being a "dour Canadian".


Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk about galleries in San Francisco and make fun of us Midwesterners for living in the cold. Those assholes.


TUESDAY: Live recording with Kerry James Marshall
SATURDAY: Art media pancake breakfast

get the scoop at

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Bad at Sports Episode 59: Lisa Boyle & Reviews This week: Lisa Boyle talks about her gallery's recent move. She schools our listeners on how emerging artists should and should not approach galleries. She tells us about the fascinating game(?) Bird Horse Muffin which totally blows Richard and Duncan's tiny little minds.

Michael Benedetto: our new 30 second film critic reviews The Proposition.

Richard, Duncan and Amanda review shows at Kavi Gupta, Carrie Secrist (during which Richard apologizes to Missy), they talk about why they were mystified by their shabby treatment at Kraft/Lieberman gallery AND why Mark Rowland of Rowland Contemporary knows how to treat gallery patrons right, and lastly Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery. The phrase "Shitty Drawing" is thrown around way way way WAY too much. Wow.

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Bad at Sports Episode 58: 44/46 & Reviews

Richard interviews Amanda Browder, Chris Walla, Aris Georgiades and Gail Simpson about Art 44/46: Curated by Stuart Keeler, Art 44/46 is a public art exhibition that will be featuring a variety of artists who are showing pieces publicly. Some are performances, some are sculptural pieces, some are video installations, etc.! All in the 44th and 46th Wards of Chicago. The wards are roughly between Clark and Broadway (and up Broadway) , and Belmont and Diversey. Please check the website for more info.


We talk about Bad at Sports BASECAMP: our forthcoming residency/series of events at Three Walls. We also touch on Bridge Miami.

We publicly ahpolohgise for our spelling.

Terri Griffith announces the first selection in the Bad at Sports Book Club!!!

Nathan Rogers-Madsen discusses things he isn't qualified to talk about but does it oh-so-well.

Richard, Duncan and Amanda beat up on Massive Change at the MCA. When did the Museum of Science and Industry open a North Michigan Avenue annex? Did we miss a memo?

The announcements make the show super long, sorry, it's all good, honest.


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Bad at Sports Episode 57: Chicago Artists Month and more.

Chicago Artists Month kicks off! Amanda and Richard go to the opening shindig at the Cultural Center and review the shows there-in, Richard confirms his lack of interest in photography, Amanda says "Op-Art" 92 times, everyone loves Ukrainian Modernism! Woo Hoo!

In memory o....I mean in the absence of Duncan we pulled an archival book review, Joanna Topor and Book Guru Terry Griffith discuss Duncan's love of "Witchy Librarians" and the iconoclastic book WINKIE by Clifford Chase, an Orlando-esque tale of a stuffed bear accused of crimes he/she did not commit.

Superstar Brian Andrews hums Randy Newman and goes and checks out art in Los Angeles(where oddly enough we have a solid listener base).

Tom Scharpling from The Best Show on WFMU makes a guest appearance.

What happened to Duncan? Who knows.

Sara Lee, please send us money!!! You paid for that shindig Thursday, you can kick us some beer money, we help the community dammit.

I forgot to mention super intern Meg Onli in the closing credits, I suck, I apologize.

 REMEMBER THE BLOG IS NOT AT!!! Be sure to post any of your comments about Scott Speh over there.


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Bad at Sports Episode 56: Curt and Jennifer Conklin Amanda, Duncan and Richard talk to Collectors and swell hosts Curt and Jennifer Conklin. Rapping! Ranting!!

The Residency is coming soon!

The Blog is now at

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Bad at Sports Episode 55: Gregory Knight and so so much more On this week's show Duncan and Richard talk to Gregory Knight Deputy Commissioner/Visual Arts of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. Kathryn Born interviews Brian Shannon on the wild and wacky world of insuring art collections. Big Red and Shiny checks in from Boston. Brian Andrews talks about the East Bay. Jason Dunda is on for a minute or so to make fun of incoming art undergrads and Duncan and Richard as they played docent for his first year students! It's like 8 shows rolled into one!

NOTE: Duncan loves the US of A and doesn't really want to relive the war of 1812, it's just that Richard's Canada bashing hurts his soft dandy-ish soul.

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Thursday, September 14, 6pm
Chicago Cultural Center, 1st Floor Garland Room
78 E. Washington Street., Chicago

Artists and cultural producers discuss how their podcasts, forums, blogs and festivals are bringing new intimacy and openness to Chicago's art scene. Panelists include: Richard Holland, Duncan MacKenzie, Amanda Browder from Bad at Sports; Ed Marszewski from Lumpen, Version and Select Media Festival; David Roth and Wesley Kimmler from Shark Forum.

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Bad at Sports Episode 54: Kick off 2006!

Amanda and Richard talked to loads of folks in the Peoria Street area for the 2006-2007 season kick off, maybe even you! Lots of people you know or have heard of get drunk and say embarrassing things! Awesome!

Also, Brian Andrews sets the world straight on how totally fucking stupid Burning Man is. MTV owns you, you sad, sad west-coasters who have more money than imagination, fuck the pre-packaged and throw your own damn party.

Damn, the Touch and Go party was mind blowing.



Thursday the 14th, 6:00 P.M. at the Chicago Cultural Center
in the "Garland Room" Bad at Sports, Ed from Lumpen and some of the Sharks from Shark Forum will be talking about alternative arts media.

Not to be missed, come throw stuff at people.

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Bad at Sports Episode 53: Tony Tasset Tony Tasset, what a damn nice guy. This week we visited the Tasset/Ledgerwood studio-fortress complex. We drove in a rented Humvee for hours into the jungle and were ushered in by the armed guard. The interview is not to be missed. The outro to this show has a special cameo by Dominic Molon.


The Crocodile Hunter is dead.
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The opening few seconds is payback for the West Town Gallery network map. How dare you. Duncan has never eaten a bratwurst in his life.

Anyway. 52 weeks worth of shows. Damn.


"We're not the first, 
I hope we're not the last
'Cause I know we're all heading
for that adult crash
The times is so little, the time belongs to us
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?
Make do with what you have
Take what you can get
Pay no mind to us
We're just a minor threat

We're just a minor threat"
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Duncan and Richard at the Suburban?
Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 1:28pm EST

Bad at Sports Episode 51: William Conger

Chicago art legend William Conger!!! He's taught many of you, heck he's taught some of your teachers. Guest host Tony Fitzpatrick joins Duncan in this great discussion that covers everything from what a great guy Ed Paschke was, to a lengthy discussion of Wesley Kimler which is not to be missed. Much talk about art history in Chicago and an overall fascinating time.

The longest episode yet, but every minute is a gem.

Next week: Our anniversary show!!!

Bill Conger
Tony Fitzpatrick
Paul Klein
Ed Paschke
Roy Boyd Gallery
Nelson Algren
Alex Kotlowitz
Giorgio Morandi
Louis Sullivan
Wesley Kimler
Dennis Adrian
Jim Nutt
Barbara Rossi
Miyoko Ito
Hyde Park Art Center
Howard Singerman
Carol Becker
Carl Wirsum
Roger Brown
Don Baum
Lane Relyea
Terra Art Museum
Jeanne Dunning
Studs Turkel
Frank Piatek
Chicago Art Write
Richard Levine
Vera Klement
Phyllis Bramson
Michelle Grabner
Jim Valerio

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Bad at Sports Episode 50: Dan Devening and Chris Walla Duncan and Amanda interview Dan Devening about his current "editions project", what printmaking is today, and his new exhibition space.

Everyone talks to Chris Walla, all around kickass guy and professor at Moorhead State University in Moorehead Minnesota.

And Duncan and Richard have a show that opens Saturday at the Suburban and an open Bad at Sports mic WTF? 

The Suburban is Located at 244 West Lake Street, Oak Park, IL.
On the "El" it is the Ridge Land Stop on the Green Line.

You should check it out.

Chris Walla
Dan Devening
devening projects + editions
Robert Meijer Curator of En/Of Editions
Infra-Thin Catalog from College of DuPage
Art Chicago
Mark Booth
Laura Letinsky
Pamela Bannos
Ken Fandell
Peggy Casey Friedman
Julia Hechtman
Carol Jackson
Judy Ledgerwood
Markus Linnenbrink
New Catalogue
William O'Brien
Michael Pfisterer
Joe Pflieger
Jason Pickleman
Christine Tarkowski
Tony Tasset
Philip Vanderhyden
Block Museum
Richard Rezac
David Mickenberg
Marcel Duchamp
Whitney Biennial
Randolph Street Gallery
Olafur Eliasson
Tacita Dean
Thomas Demand
Julia Friedman Gallery
Printed Matter
Pamela Bannos
Minnesota State University Moorhead
MCAD Art Museum
Annie Sprinkle
Glen Williams
Studio Iolo
David Bartley
gladys beltran

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Bad at Sports Episode 49: Reviews and sniping Julia Marsh from BAT joins Duncan for some reviews of group shows around Peoria Street. Terri Griffith talks American Psycho with Duncan and there is a solid digression into Eddie Murphy's failed pop music career. Richard and Duncan talk about their upcoming show and are mean to some jerks who sent us pithy e-mails to complain. Much fun is had by all. This week's intro contains some music by local supergroup Colossal.

Julia Marsh
Three Walls Gallery
Suburban Gallery
Carol Diehl
Donald Young Gallery
Kavi Gupta Gallery
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Skestos Gabriele Gallery
Linda Warren Gallery
Rowland Contemporary
Navta Schulz Gallery
Rodney Graham
Rebecca Warren
Martin Puryear
James Welling
Gary Hill
Anne Chu
Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery
Jay Jackson
John Opper
The Da Vinci Code
Jo Jackson
Chris Natrops
Michael Graves
New York Times
Máximo González
Katy Fischer
Angela Barker
Sandra Bermudez
Dodda Maggy
Natalie Settles
Tracy Nakayama
Gallery 40000
Andreas Fischer
Donald Sultan
Stephanie Dotson
Marcelino Stuhmer
Ann Toebbe
Kurt Kauper
Tom Finland
Burt Barr
Eddie Murphy's "Boogie in the Butt"
Simon & Schuster
American Psycho
Bret Easton Ellis
Robert Mapplethorpe
Ronald Reagan
George Bush
Tipper Gore
2 Live Crew
Albert Einstein

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_49_reviews_and_sniping.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 48: Marc LeBlanc and Texas Duncan interviews Marc LeBlanc, Texas checks in led by Laura Lark and Jeff Ward. Richard is moving and unhappy.

Bill Basquin
Marc LeBlanc
1R Gallery
Van Harrison Gallery
Ghosts are Everywhere
Bucket Rider Gallery
Beautiful Decay
Duchess Gallery
Art Ledge
Paul Klein
Bridge Magazine
New Catalog
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Three Walls
40000 Gallery
Terrence McKenna
John Parot
Jason Lazarus and Lindsey L. Delahanty
Dan Peterman
Dan Graham
Standard Gallery
Suitable Gallery
Sarah Ann Johnson
Wolfgang Tillmans
Catharine Opie
Dan Flavin
Jeff Ward
Laura Lark
Diverse Works Gallery
Katy Heinlein
Eric Pearce
Diana Sofia Estrada
Benjy Mason & Danny Kirschen
Rudolph Projects/Artscan: "Kaneem Smith" (artist)
okay mountain: "Hitten Switches"
Travis Millard
Michael Sieben
Barry McGee

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Bad at Sports Episode 47: Industry of the Ordinary

Industry of the Ordinary, Matthew Wilson and Adam Brooks talk about football (soccer to us yanks), their projects and FIGHT NIGHT!!! We here at Bad at Sports can't wait to take all comers in the ring! Also our new book advocate Terri Griffith talks about Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) and his new book Rhythm Science.

Bad At Sports Podcast
Barry White
Adam Brooks
Mathew Wilson
Industry of the Ordinary
Kerry Griffith
DJ Spooky's, Rhythm Science
Douglas Gordon
Pierre Huyghe
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Francis Alys
Dominic Molon
The England Soccer Team
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
McArthur Binion
Max Kahn
Hyde Park Art Center
Mess Hall
Donald Judd
Robert Mapplethorpe
Alfonso D'Amato
Jesse Helms
Claire Pentecost
Performing Arts Chicago
Wesley Kimler
Judge Roy Moore
Second City
W.E.B. Dubois
Jonathan Rhodes and Shannon Stratton with Three Walls
Andy Warhol
Gertrude Stein
Pablo Picasso
Wayne Roony
MIT Press
Robert Rauschenberg
William S. Burroughs
Emily Bronte

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_47_IotO.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 46: Duchess and Matthew Barney Kat Parker and Katie Rashid tell us about Duchess, their new gallery. Brian Andrews does his own dramatic interpretation of Matthew Barney's recent radio Q&A as his publicist didn't think we were important enough to interview him.

Brian's brilliant dramatics really pull Bad at Sports in a whole new direction, changing our trajectory forever. Wow.

Who could ask for more?!?

Show note and links to follow when Duncan gets a minute.

Pablo Picasso
Joan Miro
Matthew Barney
Brian Andrews
Kat Parker & Katie Rashid
Duchess Gallery
Marc LeBlanc
Katie Herzog
Alexander Stewart
Stacey Nemeth
Cold Hearts
Deirdre Corley
Kelly Shindler
Package Deals
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
West Town Gallery Network
Body Worlds
Museum of Science and Industry
Drawing Restraint 9
Jeff Koons
Andre Serrano
Star Trek IV
Star Trek VI
Chris Cunningham
Spike Jonze
Michel Gondry
Jeff Ward

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_46_Duchess_and_Barney.mp3
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Kicking Balls. A top down survey.
Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 10:23pm EST

Bad at Sports Episode 45: Tons-o-info

So, this week we try and get a handle on WTF is going on in Chicago and LA today.

Lynne Warren Talks about the work of Robert Heinecken and the hole left by his passing. Brian tells us that LA is still crummby and then sites his case studies. Amanda and Duncan hit Polvo, The Cultural Center, and the Museum of Contermporary Photography.

Also Please note on the blog for the time and place of the Robert Heinecken Memorial in your area.

Next week... Something. Something good.

Names Dropped...

Robert Heinecken
Lynne Warren
John Baldessari
Harry Callahan
Ed Paschke
Aaron Siskind
Ken Josephson
Edward Weston
Susan Sontag
Victor Burgin
Ansel Adams
Tony Wight
Bodybuider and Sportsman
New Catalog
Michel Gondry
Paul Pfeiffer
LMAN Gallery
Kaoru Mansour
Mountain Bar
Jorge Pardo
Santa Monica Museum
Serpentine Gallery
Clair Rojas
California College of The Arts
Michael Piazza
Elizam Escobar
Museum of Contemporary Photography
Vik Muniz
Ben Gest
Chris Verene
Tyson Reeder
Nick Cave
Jean Dunning

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_45_TONS-O-INFO.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:32am EST

Send us a photo of you wearing our thong!!! We don't know what prize we will offer to you in exchange for this sacrifice but, we will think of something.

Category:general -- posted at: 11:36am EST

MORE KICKBALL NEWS Check out this week's Chicago Journal

Find a copy, it's free, and there is a picture of Bad at Sports doing the play by play.

Megin Wardle didn’t plan to play kickball last Saturday. All she was going to do was cheer for the West Town Banditos in the inaugural ArtLeague Kickball Tournament.

"I am so bad I would make you cry," said Wardle. But when the Banditos needed another player, they called on Wardle, who played two games in a blue cheerleading skirt.

Organized by Caroline Picard, the volunteer coordinator at ThreeWalls gallery in the West Loop, the tournament was originally intended to bring together different neighborhoods with discrete art scenes.

"Everybody here has something to do with the arts," said Picard.

The tournament kicked off exactly at 1:13 p.m., with the West Town Banditos kicking against the Mullet Heads, who jumped to a quick lead in the bottom of the first thanks to a three-run homer by abstract painter Nevin Tomlinson and a grand slam by sound artist Philip Von Zweck. Sadly, the Banditos couldn’t recover, eventually losing 9-1.

"We had a bad first inning and that was it," said Elanor Leskiw, a trombonist for the Astounding Punk Rock Circus marching band, of the Banditos’ defeat. "We’re just hoping to walk away the biggest losers," added Leskiw’s teammate, Cynthia Castiglione.

Game two was dominated by the Record Players, who outdistanced the Flying Pigs 8-4, advancing to the championship round against the Mullet Heads.

"I don’t see a challenge, honestly," said ThreeWalls Executive Director Jonathan Rhodes of the Record Players after the game. The West Town Banditos dominated the third-round game, but fell apart in the fourth and fifth innings, eventually losing to the Flying Pigs 11-5.

"We just fell apart, basically," said Castiglione, and actress. "We’re proud being the biggest losers."

The championship round started as a defensive battle. The Record Players held the Mullet Heads scoreless through three innings until the bottom of the fourth. The bottom of the fifth was the last chance for the Mullet Heads. With one out, Brian Taylor, who was too hungover to make the first game, singled. But line-outs by David Roman and Von Zweck gave the Record Players the title.

"It was a really good experience," said the Record Players’ Britton Bertran, curator for Gallery 40000 in West Town, who said the secret to the victory was "finesse and the play of one Mr. Jason Smith," who made several impressive catches in the outfield.

Taylor thinks that next year, he’ll better prepare for the tournament so he doesn’t miss a game.

"I think instead of the beer and margaritas, I’ll just have a lot of vitamin water and coffee," Taylor said.

The Mullet Heads, despite the loss, seemed in good spirits after the game.

"We kept it in there," said Roman. "It’s fun. It’s the only time I’ll get a tan in the summer, right?"

Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 8:05am EST

Bad at Sports Episode 44: Tony Fitzpatrick

Chicago art legend, radio personality, poet, actor, boxer, and all around nice guy Tony Fitzpatrick talks about Tattoo history, Chicago's art world, the working class mode of being an artist and why this is a kick-ass time and place to be.

Richard, Duncan, and Amanda bob their heads along as this legendary Chicagoan story teller entrances us with yarns of Al Capone, Nixon's stolen election, Amanda Browder's mom, and yes, perhaps a little ribbing of your friends to the North. (No, not Milwaukee)

WEAR IT WITH PRIDE AND HELP BAS OUT! Are you interested in supporting Bad at Sports, while wearing a sporty new hoodie? Maybe picking out a great coffee mug? WTF do I mean? We have a lovely BAS + Cafe Press Site at...

Tony Fitzpatrick
Hello Beautiful w/ Edward Lifson
Lyrics of "Love the one you with"
Jonathan Demme (MAYBE??)
Buzz Kilman
Shunryu Suzuki
Scott Harrison
Mike Malone
Ed Hardy
Thom DeVita
Nick Bubash
Rube Goldberg
Huck Spaulding
Herbert Huncke
Bob Dylan
Dave Von Ronk
Cliff Raven
Al Capone
Carl Sandburg
Mike Royko
George Herriman
Krazy Kat
Robert Crumb
Daniel Higgs
Milwaukee Art Museum
Dick Tracy
Kurt Cobain
Ed Hardy's Tattoo Times
Frank Lloyd Wright
Daniel Burnham
Daley Family
Marshall Fields
Studs Turkel
Ed Paschke
Wesley Kimler
Justin Hayford
Nova Art Fair
Michael Pajon
Julia Murphy
Shelby Donnelly
Teresa James
Diana Sudyka
Adrienne Armstrong
Jim Nutt
Richard Hull
Nelson Algren
Mark Wagner
Scott Speh

Mark Wagner
Laurie Hogin

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_44_Tony_Fitzpatrick.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 43: Blunt Art Text

This Week:
Episode 43:  3 Three Editors from Blunt Art Text

BAT Magazine: Blunt Art Text.  Like ninjas of art journalism, these
evil doers sneak around and do smart, thoughtful reviews and publish
them in their journal.  We thought we had the drop on them, but nope
the lights when out and Richard and I found ourselves tied together,
laying on train tracks.  Who knew Richard was born with a prehensile
tail?  It was a close one.  Enjoy.

Oh Yeah, BAT is Elijah Burgher, Julia Marsh and William Staples.

Richard would like to note next to them, "[we] seem even dumber than usual."


We are being auctioned off at Phyllis's Musical Inn on
Thursday the 29th to benefit 40000.

AND TOTALLY, OH MY GOD!!! Duncan and Richard are announcing the first
annual art-world Kickball Tournament July 1st at Noon in Wicker Park.
Watch the blog for details.

40000 Gallery
James Rondeau
Raymond Pettibon
Lane Relyea
Michelle Grabner
Philip VonZweck
Scott Speh
Richard Rezac
Rhona Hoffman
Monique Meloche Gallery
Brice Marden
Alegon Gallery
Maxmilian Schubert
Banks Violette
David Altmejd
Butcher Shop Dogmatic Gallery
Luis Gispert
Bucket Rider Gallery
Jon Beasley
Alison Ruttan
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Zo�« Charlton
Kara Walker
Lisa Yuskavage
John Currin
David Hockney
Julia Marsh
Elijah Burgher
William Staples
Robert Rainey
Chicago Cultural Center
Shannon Stratton and Lisa Boumstein-Smalley
Booster and Seven
Jeremy Boyle
Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery
Quimby's Bookstore
Museum of Contemporary Art Bookstore
Jeff Ward
Marc Fischer
Gregg Perkins
Kelly Shi
Brandon Larson

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Time Out Chicago!! Click Here!!!
Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 12:01am EST

Bad at Sports Episode 42: The Shark bites! Wesley Kimler (painter, agitator, and co-founder of slices and dices the Chicago art world.  Ouch.  Wesley gives us the skinny on being an artist in Chicago, who is ruining the Chicago art world, and what we can do to start turning it all around.  The man is not afraid to name names and calls for the heads of many a Chicago Art world insider.  Chicago, meet the "Shark." Lets hope we are not his foe.


In theory, we will be in this week's Time Out Chicago!!!

Bad at Sports will be on auction for the 40000 moving support fund at  Phyllis' Musical Inn (1800 W. Division St.) June 29th from 7-10pm (featuring a silent art and us auction and the musical stylings of Oh Charles!)

Why not throw a vote in for us at Podcast Alley.  We would love you a little more and it would delight Duncan's Parents:
 Vote For Us!  Thank You.  I love you!

Wesley Kimler
New York Times
Sabrina Raaf
Oh Charles
Ed Paschke
William "Bill" Conger
UIC, Art Dept
Northwestern Art Dept.
School of the Art Institute
Museum of Contemporary Art
Robbin Lockett Gallery: There are no links but She seems to have shown almost everyone conceptually driven examples include Chris Wool, Stephen Prina, Gaylen Gerber, Ken Lum, John Currin, James Casebere, and Hirsch Perlman. Duncan wonders if she could have really been that stupid. Whatever happened to her?
Mitchell Kane
Howard and Donna Stone
The Whitney Museum of American Art
Chicago Reader
Judith Kirshner
James Rondeau
Susanne Ghez
Flash Art
Francesco Bonami
Ant Farm
Project Artaud Theater
Mark Strand
Sandro Miller
Michael Workman
Art Basel Miami
Red Moon Theater
Paul Klein
Tony Fitzpatrick
Chicago Art Project
David Roth
Lynne Warren
Elizabeth Smith
Luc Tuymans
Elizabeth Peyton
David Salle
Julian Schnabel
John Currin
Richard Avedon
Lydia Donna
Jerry Salz
Roberta Smith
Robert Storr
William De Kooning
Joan Mitchell
Alan Artner (article "The Fly Boys")
Kerry James Marshall
Mccormick Place
Dan Ramirez
Susan Doremus
Robert Heinecken
James Yood
Soren Kierkegaard
Edward Kienholz
Michel Foucault
Walter Hopps
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ad Reinhart
The Met
Robert Hughes
Lucien/Lucian Freud
Mike Kelley
Claire Pentecost
Hubert Marcuse
Henry Gibson
Jeffrey Deitch
Art Star
Chris Sperandio
John Altoon
Philip Guston
Alejandro Escovedo (Orchestra)
Leonardo Da Vinci
You Know it!

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_42_Shark_bites.mp3
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There is so much wrong with this story, I don't know what to think... This story is so damn weird I don't know what to think...why do this...what would you do with them....people actually paid money to see that movie....what next?!?!

From the Chicago Tribune
Employee charged in theft at gallery
Artist, suspect know vastly different fame

By Charles Sheehan
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 18, 2006
An artist whose work has become a hot commodity after it was featured prominently in the movie "The Break-Up" was the victim of a break-in at her Chicago gallery.

Investigators now say it was an inside job. On Saturday a Cook County Criminal Court judge ordered an intern from Francine Turk Gallerie held on $50,000 bail.

Michael Gutweiler, 23, a graphic arts student at Columbia College, said nothing during his hearing before Judge Thomas Hennelly. Gutweiler has been charged with felony burglary.

Turk said that since her work appeared in the condominium at the heart of the Chicago-based film starring Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn, collectors have been snapping up everything she creates.

"It's just been such a frenzy with people grabbing my work left and right that I can't make it fast enough," she said. "I think he saw the frenzy, and one thing led to another."

Witnesses said two men in black ski masks smashed through a glass front door at 7 a.m. Tuesday in the South Loop gallery, grabbed 10 paintings and sped off in a maroon van, Officer Kristina Schuler said.

The paintings have not been found, and nobody else has been charged, police said.

Gutweiler, who grew up in St. Louis, was the subject of a 2004 profile in the Tribune.

On Oct. 19, 1998, St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little ran a stoplight in a sport-utility vehicle and smashed into the car driven by Susan Gutweiler, Michael Gutweiler's mother.

She died 12 hours later. Michael Gutweiler was 15 at the time.

Little pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 4 years' probation and 1,000 hours' community service.

In an interview with Tribune sports columnist Rick Morrissey, Gutweiler said that his mother's death had ruined his life.

He told Morrissey that after the accident, he quit playing ice hockey and soccer. He withdrew from friends and stopped taking medication for Tourette's syndrome, he said.

Turk said she posted a job for a summer intern on the Columbia College Web site seeking help in the wake of her newfound fame.

Gutweiler was hired in May, she said.

Detectives told her almost immediately that the theft was an inside job and asked Turk for a list of employees.

Court documents say Gutweiler had a pellet gun tucked in his waistband. The gun may have been used to shoot out the glass front door, police said.

Gutweiler is scheduled to appear in court again June 23.

Calls to Gutweiler's father's home in St. Louis were not returned Saturday.

Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 10:48am EST

From Art or Idiocy?

RE: Maureen Gallace

Anonymous said...

i think these paintings are really great. i think bad at sports needs to start actually looking at the work and stop being so frickin lazy! stomping around and cussing will never give them a critical edge.

and there street cred is crap anyways.

4:36 PM

Anonymous said...

Wah Wah Wah, we didn't like the painting you like, waah. How dare we not like something, particularly these flacid, dull, technically mediocre paintings. You're right, our opinion makes us lazy, damn right, how dare we not like something you like!

Street cred, we have street cred?!?! I seriously doubt it, any notion of that is probably crap, our audience couldn't fill a bus.

Stop crying and challenge us to a fight you coward.

Bad at Sports

11:27 AM

Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 10:24am EST

Student industriousness at its best

Art student knits her own ferrari!
Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 9:48am EST

Bad at Sports Episode 41: Blathering Oh dear.  It is a review-a-ton.   For those of you who wondered why Duncan had been muzzled as of late,  your answer is here as he and Amanda rant with willful abandon (mostly Duncan).  Once again he brings shame to his family as we review shows at VON ZWECK, The Mars Gallery, NOVA, Garden Fresh, Live Box, Kasia Kay, Navta Schulz Gallery, Rowland Contemporary, Schopf Gallery, and Three Walls.  Ouch. Not a lot of love here.  But so far everyone is still alive.

"Negative" this you blogosphere jerks.

That British Journal that Duncan Spoke of
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Olivia Schreiner
Rowland ContemporaryStan Douglas
Lora Fosberg
Linda Warren Gallery
Edward Muybridge
Barry Anderson
Steve Hamann
Schopf Gallery on Lake
Amy Devoogd
Bruce Campbell
Ben Potter
Navta Schulz Gallery
Hyeyun Park
LiveBox Gallery
Sabrina Raaf
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Annette Messager
Three Walls
Joseph Kohnke
Miklos P. Simon
Alee Peoples
Ben Driggs
Seth Hunter
NOVA: Unexpected Token Show
Garden Fresh Gallery
Dana Sperry
Ashley Bickerton
Robin Assner
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris
Jerry Bleem
Wizard Island
Aron Packer Gallery
Mars Gallery
Heaven Gallery
Tom Selleck
Japeth Mennes
Katherine Bowman

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_41_Blathering.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 40: Dominic Molon This week we corner MCA Chicago Curator and generally popular guy, Dominic Molon.  We ask him about Wolfgang Tillmans and what the MCA thinks it's doing for Chicago Art.  Joy Division! Photography! The Challanges of the '12x12' project! What is wrong with the 12 x 12 series? Dominic explains whose fault it really is that Chicago Artists are not getting out there.  We also discuss the latest installment of the Focus series: Maureen Gallace. 
Duncan and Richard again "shit" the bed with formal and public apologies to Museum Curators and please, let this stand as our apology to the little people out there:  We meant no disrespect.  Your size is just... just... just... funny?  Is it OK to admit that in this sort of thing?  Duncan and Richard are stupid, is that OK?  Amanda is lovely, so it's OK if she is occasionally slow.  Oh yeah, and Duncan grossly miscalculates his role at Bad at Sports and tries to fire everyone.  He is still begging to get back on the show and we'll have to see about that.

Next Week: it is Angry Letter time as The Boys and Girl hit the streets for a review frenzie. 

For some reason there is lots of naughty language in this show, not for the sensitive listeners, as if we had them.

MCA Chicago
Dominic Molon
Wolfgang Tillmans
12 x 12
Lane Rayela
Maureen Gallace
Art or Idiocy?
Lisa Dorin
Marc Pascale
Chris Cunningham
Quintessential (yes I know I used it wrong)
Jurgen Teller
ID Magazines
Index Magazine
Galerie Daniel Buchholz
LA Hammer Museum
Russell Furguson
Sharon Lockhart
Mark Wigley
Peter Savill
Joy Division
New Order
Randolph Street Gallery
Independent Curators International
Situation Comedy
Julie Rodrigues Widholm
James Rondeau
Michael Asher
Hamza Walker
Art Institute of Chicago
Renaissance Society
Alan Artner
Venice Biennial
Armory Show
South by Southwest
James Yood
biennale of Sydney
Bienal de Sao Paulo
Biennale of Montreal
Douglas Gordon
Rodney Graham
Jeff Wall
Steven Shearer
Brian Jungen
Janet Cardiff
Toronto Art
Chicago Project Room
Kavi Gupta
Monique Meloche
Rhona Hoffman
Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Michelle Grabner
Bicycle Thief
Hether Hubbs
Tom Friedman
Arturo Herrera
Copenhagen Art
Peter Land
Ann Lislegaard
Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset
Joachim Koester
Self Esteem for Boys
Everyone's Fired
Fuck You Jackass From Richard

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_40_Dominic_Molon.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 39: Lane Relyea part deux! Lane Relyea is back for more mirth, music, and mayhem.

What is the future of art criticism? What is wrong with art students today? Are we too hung up on artist from the 80's? Are you wrong for holding a day job? Is Pollock mainstream? Is Death Cab for Cutie lame compared to the Postal Service? Why is Lane so hung up on ties? Is Amanda pregnant? Does Richard have three weeks to live? Will Duncan ever be allowed to use the mic? All of these questions and so much more talked about in this action packed sequel to Episode 32.

Gaylen Gerber
Jeanne Dunning
Judy Ledgerwood
Tony Tasset
Lane Relyea
Michelle Grabner
Barnett Newman
Death Cab for Cutie
Postal Service
Iron and Wine
Cat Power
Elliot Smith
Kurt Varnedoe
Nicholas Serota
Jackson Pollack
Van Gogh
Eva Hesse
Felix Gonzalez Torres
Donald Judd
Carolee Schneemann
Marlon Brando
Tennesse Williams
Franz Kline

Robert Smithson
Rikrit Tiravanija
Dave HickeyBAT
Wolfgang Tillmans
Laura Owens
David Salle
Hal Foster
Rosalind Krauss
Craig Owens
Douglas Crimp
Tom Lawson
Eric Fischl
Douglas Huebler
John Baldessari
Brett Bloom

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Bad at Sports Episode 38: James Yood Richard, Duncan and Amanda venture off to the lovely home of James Yood, critic of Artforum, and professor at SAIC. We talk about the raw humorless power of the Chicago art scene and reminice about days gone by.....oh boy. Houston checks in!

James Yood
Fred Camper
The Chicago Reader
Art News
New Art Examiner
Art Chicago
Ivan Albright
George Bellows
John Sloan
Thomas Eatkins
Thomas Blackman
Mark Lyman
Michael Workman
Paul Klein
Gaylen Gerber
Jeanne Dunning
Roger Brown
Ed Paschke
Frank Lloyd Wright
Museum of Contemporary Art
Bodybuilder & Sportsman
Mess Hall
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Whitney Biennial
Venice Biennale
Irving Sander
Walker Art Museum
Sensation Exhibition
Bob Cozzolino
Dudley Hupsteader
Penn Academy
The Met
Hilton Kramer
Leon Golub
Upton Sinclair
Art LetterSharkforum
New City Magazine
Panelhouse is Dead
Betty Rymer Gallery
Jasper Johns
Laura Lark
Sandra Dillon
Art Guys
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Philip Pearlstein
Stanley Spencer
Commerce Street Artist Warehouse
Nan Goldin
Jeffrey DeitchMorrisseyDan Steinhilber at the Contemporary Art Museum<
br/>Catherin Murohy at Texas Gallerygroup show: The Music that He Constantly Plays Says Nothing to Me about My Life
curator's site

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_38_Hey_Yood.mp3
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Duncan wins a bet, but was it worth it? Amanda and I bet Duncan $6.00 that he wouldn't lick the very very nicotine stained stuffed goat at the Charleston. Witness the wonder.
Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 11:12pm EST

Bad at Sports Episode 37: Reviews!!! Reviews of loads of shows from Chicago, New York, LA, and Boston. checks in from Boston, Nathan Rogers-Madsen reviews the Whitney Biennial, The BAS crew talks about LA, Art School Confidential, and the current crop of shows here in Chicago. Plus talk about pirates!

Museum of Jurassic Technology
Scion Gallery/Space
Donald Young
James Welling
Getty Museum
Gustave Courbet
John Heartfield
Robin Ward
Stephan Andrews
Harvey Levine Gallery
Fred Stonehouse
Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Trish Grantham
Museum Works Galleries
Chris Walla
Chris Walla
Big Red and Shiny
Daniel Clowes
Art School Confidential
Terry Zwigoff
Ghost World
Body Builder and Sportsman Gallery
Don Doe
Matt Siber
Peter Miller Gallery
Spencer Finch
Wendy Cooper
Sabrina Raaf
Tom 0f Finland
Thomas Demand
Gabert Ferrar
Monique Meloche Gallery
Gedi Sibony
Yuri Masnyj
Mark Bradford
Center for Land Interpretation
El Lissitzky
Pierre Huyghe
Tony Oursler
Dan Graham
Urs Fischer
Gordon Matta Clark
Robert Smithson
Ed Paschke
Robert Gober
Rodney Graham
Rachel Dayson
Allston Skirt Gallery

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_37_Reviews.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 36: Raymond Pettibon Raymond Pettibon! We talk to art star and punk legend Raymond Pettibon,  for those of you who went to his lecture I guarentee this is peppier and more concise. This is a shorter show than usual this week as we recover from the Art Fair Madness.


Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_36_Pettibon.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:08am EST

Bad at Sports Episode 35d: Thomas Blackman Thomas Blackman spills on the future of the Art Fair and talks about what went on AND manages to have a solid sense of humor about the whole thing. Vanessa Chafen talks NOVA wrap up.

Thanks to all for sticking out the 4 day marathon, we hope you found it interesting.

Drop us a line, vote for us on podcast sites, send us truckloads of cash, however you do it, let us know what you think.
Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_35d_TBA.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 35c:: Threats and recrimination Gallery reviews and interviews from NOVA (check and see if you are talked about), Version Fest, NFO XPO and Tony Fitzpatrick threatens to beat the fucking hell out of another artist! Not to be missed!

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_35c_threats.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:59pm EST

More pics from Fashion Night!
Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 9:56am EST

Bad at Sports Episode 35b: Fashion, Breasts, Stephanie Liner, Robin Richman NOVA Fashion Train! Amanda and Sarah go to town. Lots of talk of breasts, interviews with Stephanie Liner and Robin Richman.

Day 2 of the Art Fair Madness!!!

Robin Richmond
Stephanie Liner
Joli Joli
Trio Salon

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_35b_Nova_Fashion.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 35a: DJ SPOOKY! Art fair night #1 We interview DJ Spooky! Tony Fitzpatrick intros the show! Day one of the mini-shows from NOVA.

Tony Fitzpatrick
DJ Spooky
Rhythm Science
Wu Tang Clan
The Beatles
Walter Ruttmann
William Burroughs
D.W. Griffiths
R. Wagner

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_35a_DJ_Spooky.mp3
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The Good Stuff...  The Right Stuff...  The Only Stuff... Sharkstock 2006 - on Friday, 4/28, 8:30 PM, Wesley Kimler's Studio (2046 West Carroll, Chicago) hosts a celebration of the new Sharkforum site ( and will feature live music by Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra, Mucca Pazza, Rick Rizzo, The Issues, poetry by Simone Muench and Special Guests to be announced. On display will be original art by Wesley Kimler, David Roth, Ursula Sokolowska and Ray Pride.
Category:general -- posted at: 7:52am EST

Bad at Sports Episode 34: This show was recorded, edited, and mixed all on Sunday hence the late posting!!. This week: "Grub" a compost minded exhibit by Claire Pentecost organized, mulled, and presented by 13 SAIC grad students. Brian Andrews checks in from Portland where apparently all of the SF Hipster are fleeing to. Duncan and Richard muck through the Hollywood notion of an art show, but in real life, and do a couple quickie reviews of work at Lisa Boyle, Three Walls, Western Exhibitions, and a couple other places. In a shocking turn of events, the Raymond Pettibon interview  is postponed until after the art fairs.

Apologies for the editorial slop this week, I was in a hurry.

Real show note to follow soon!

PLEASE contact us if you wish to help us out at the art fair.

Claire Pentecost
Suburban Gallery
DJ Spooky
Maureen Buskowski
Mess Hall
Nato Thompson
Critical Art Ensemble
Chapman Brothers
Jupiter Hotel
Motel Gallery
Genuine Imitation Gallery
Meredith Dittmar
Art Space USA
Judy Ledgerwood
Hamza Walker
Fraction Workspace
Lauren Frances Adams
Stacey L. Kirby
Aaron Packer
Michael Dinges
Ruth Cook
Gescheidle Gallery
Annie Morse
Ampersand International Arts
Larry Bamburg
Patricial Maloney
Stephanie Smith
Dominic Malon
Lisa Doren
Karen Irvine
Lorelei Stuart
Adam Brooks
Industry of the Ordinary
Three Walls
Frank Haines
Lisa Boyle Gallery
Amy Jean Porter
Western Exhibitions
Pedro Velez
Matthew Northridge
Carroll & Gaydos
Thomas Blackman

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_34_Grub.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 33: Version Festival
Bad at Sports begins the Art Fair Update by chatting it up with the organizers of the Version Festival '06 in Bridgeport (Edmar, Elise, Matt, Rotten Milk, and Burke). Later, we discuss with Michael Workman the highlights of the upcoming Nova Art Fair. Richard and Duncan end the show with a review of "Covers," the Oli Watt show at Booster and Seven. 

Sorry for the delay in posting I had some techical problems related to my bone-headed-ness.

Version 06
Lumpen Magazine
Booster and Seven
Michael workman
Katrina Kuntz
Raymond Pettibon
Claire Pentecost
Thomas Blackman Associates
ITT Tech
Heaven Gallery
South Union Arts
Bridgeport/Iron Studios
3030 Elastic Arts Foundation
Lou Mallozzi
Lee Ranaldo
Miranda July
Dirk Knibbe
Buddy Gallery
Seth Price
Deborah Stratman
Robert Gober
David Coyle/Gallery 40000
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Jason Robert Bell

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_33_VERSION..mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 32: Lane Relyea Bad at Sports interviews Northwestern professor Lane Relyea. Between sips of whiskey, Lane discusses the state of criticism in Chicago and the nation at large. Not only does he explain why it's better to be a curator in Chicago than L.A (and better to be
an artist in L.A. rather than Chicago), but then the interview crescendos into Lane and Richard's smackdown confrontation about art theory.

Later, Duncan reviews Deb Sokolow at Polvo, and Jamison Oggs at Art Ledge. Amanda wraps it up with a review of the Jose Lerma show at Andrea Rosen Gallery in NY, and Lane chimes in with rants and commentary.

Lane Relyea
Deb Sokolow
Jose Lerma
Nova Art Fair
Parkett Magazine
Frieze Magazine
Jeff Ward
Core Program
New Art Examiner
Shannon Stratton
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Art Department at UCLA

John Baldessari
Joey Fauerso
Michael Velliquette

Sam Durant
Liz Armstrong
Cal Arts
Jorge Pardo
Monique Prieto
Gallery 400
Ann Goldstein
Paul Schimmel
Russell Ferguson
Armand Hammer Museum of Art
Michael Asher
Anne Rorimer
James Rondeau
Hamza Walker
Julia Fish
Tony Tasset
Kerry James Marshall
Rebecca Morris
Museum of Contemporary Art
Adam Smith
Marian Amies
Remy Jungerman
Jamisen Ogg
Art Ledge
Andrea Rosen Gallery
7/3 Split
Scott Roberts

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Bad at Sports Episode 31: David Jones, Shannon Stratton and more! David Jones, master printer, artist, founder of the amazing Anchor Graphics and all around kickass guy talks about Anchor Graphics new merger with Columbia College Chicago. Shannon Stratton from Three Walls talks about their residency program, Duncan reviews more Mo Williams, and calls Richard a Jerk several times. 

Don't forget to mark your calendars for  the NOVA art fair April 27-30th  we will be  providing on the spot live action  news from the trenches!!!

David Jones
Chris Flynn
Tony Fitzpatrick
Mo Willems
Teresa Mucha James
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
White Wings Press
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
Southern Graphics
Landfall Press
Tandam Press
David Lynch
Shannon Stratton and the ThreeWalls Residency

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_31_David_Jones.mp3
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Cat Chow Video Love her work, mystified by her travel planning.

Thanks to our news tipster corps for the heads up!

A link with Video of the Cat Chow story.

AUSTIN � A Chicago woman accused of stowing away on a plane to attend the South by Southwest Festival faces a federal charge.

Catherine "Cat" Chow, a 33-year-old artist, was on the standby list for a flight from St. Louis to Austin, booked through American Airlines. When she found out the flight was full, Chow snuck past gate agents, boarded the plane and hid in the bathroom, authorities said.

When a passenger knocked on the bathroom door, Chow took the man's seat. When his wife made her move, she took another seat. After she was forced to move again, a flight attendant discovered her, court documents said.

An agent with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force was called to the airport. Airport police also were waiting for Chow when the plane landed.

Chow told authorities she "knew what she did was wrong, but wanted to meet with her friends in Austin . . . to participate in the South by Southwest activities," documents said.

Airport police say they found marijuana and six antidepressant tablets without a prescription label.

Chow was charged with boarding an airplane without permission, a federal crime, and two state misdemeanors, possession of marijuana and possession of a dangerous drug.

Chow was being held in the Travis County jail on a $3,000 bail.

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Bad at Sports Episode 30: Edible Books and lots of reviews!


Books + Food = The 7th Annual Edible Book Show at Columbia College. Kathryn Born makes her podcast debut with an interview with Marlene Russum Scott about the festival, and book arts in the city. - Michelle Grabner picks up the critical torch in her "Art Papers" article. - Reviews a plenty: Some are kinda awesome, and some kinda are not. - Richard takes on the "Dad" character in Leave it to Beaver, and Duncan giggles his way to stardom. - All are wrapped up in a cheery band melody that Richard promises a dollar to the first person to e-mail us the exact reason of why it is so funny!


Juventus 2006
Charles LaBelle
Chris Uphues

Josh Mannis
Mariano Chavez
Jean-Pierre Roy
Michael Thomas, Butcher Shop Dogmatic
Michael Rea
Nova Art Fair
Alison Ruttan
Michelle Grabner/Art Papers
Bill Drendel
Chicago Hand Bookbinders
Chicago Public Library Special Collection
Columbia College Book & Paper Center
Edible Books
Julie Chen
Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection
Marlene Russum Scott
Melissa Jay Craig
Newberry Library
Northwestern University
Penland School of Crafts
Sherryl Keyes
Dan Anhorn
Joycelyn merchant
Oscar Wilde
Mayuko Kono
Nathaniel Smyth
Lauren Anderson
Aristotle Georgiades
Pete Fowler
Jim Woodring

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Bad at Sports Episode 29: talk talk talk

Reviews galore! We go to 92 shows in Pilsen with Liz Armstrong, we appear live without a net at the Steppenwold Theater for the Third Coast Festival and Chicago Public Radio, Brian Andrews reviews Scott Reader and other stuff, Amanda and Duncan review more stuff, and Amanda talks about going to NYC and what she saww at the Armoury.

Three Walls
Liz Armstrong
Catalog of Ships
Whitney Museum
Love and Radio
Gapers Block
David Elfings
Back to the Lab/Radio Lab
Julie Shapiro
Dubhe Carreno Gallery
Denis Lee Mitchell
Michael Goro
4 Arts
Matthew Thomas Grimaldi
Moka Gallery
Chicago Art Department
Go Go Video
Jhonmar Radames
Scott Reeder
Tyson Reeder
Jack Hanley
Meg Duguid
Laugh In
Goldie Hawn
Andrea Cohen
Ryan Swanson
Michael Andrews
Nathan Redwood
Loul Samater
Clinton King
The Armory Show
Diva Art Fair
Pulse Art Fair
Scope Art Fair
Nova Art Fair
Michael Workman
Tony Fitzpatrick
Joan Livingston
Anne Wilson
Barry McGee
Dietch Projects
Rhona Hoffman
Kavi Gupta

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Bad at Sports Episode 28: Alison Ruttan and more

We interview Alison Ruttan and talk about her show at Monique Meloche and lots and lots of talk about bonobos and why a bonobo is *not* a monkey. Brian Andrews turns off his mind relaxes and floats down stream at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Ecstasy: In and About Altered States show. Jeff Ward talks about The CORE program at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

NEXT WEEK: We talk about talking to a sell out crowd at the Steppenwolf Garage Theater, We review some stuff. We talk about partying like a rock star with Liz Armstrong while checking out 52 shows in Pilsen.


sorry this took so long!

Alison Ruttan
Monique Meloche
Brian Andrews
Jeff Ward
Nature vs. Nurture
Scarlett Johansson
Franz de Waal
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Pant Grunt
Hair Do
Hyde Park Art Center
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Los Angeles
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

George Braque

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Bad at Sports Episode 27: Happiness

- Jeff Ward, Shannon Stratton interviewed, Michael Miller, and the "Made in China" show at the Museum of Contemporary Photography reviewed. - ALSO LIVE WITHOUT A NET, Bad at Sports that the Steppenwolf garage theater this Wednesday the 8th as a part of the NPR, Third Coast Festival, Listen Room series. Come throw rocks at us you jerks!


Jeff Ward and Shannon Stratton have curated the wonderful series of shows, the Happiness I Seek. Showing consecutively in 5 spaces throughout the Chicago community, The Happiness I Seek will feature artists Andrea Cohen (at ThreeWalls), Loul Samater (at Fraction Workspace), Ryan Swanson (at The Chicago Cultural Center), Mike Andrews (at 40000) and Clinton King (at The Suburban). Through a format of dispersing the sculptural installations throughout the city, the exhibition takes on the rhizomatic and cooperative nature of current art and exhibition practice: the materials of the artworks and the artworks of the exhibit and the spaces in a community imply the ideas of attraction, chemistry and the dancing cheek-to-cheek as evoked by the title's Irving Berlin's lyric.


Artist, Alison Ruttan invites us to her home for an interview about her work, and research on Bonobo chimps. We continue our conversation with Jeff Ward about the Core Program in Texas, and talk with Shannon Stratton about the Three Walls Residency. We finish the show off with a cacophony of reviews!

Catalog of Ships and Michael Kraskin
Shannon Stratton
Jeff Ward
Sonia Yoon
The Pond Gallery
Howard Fonda
David Coyle
Pete Fagundo
Joan Fransel Youthcast Podcast from PRX
Jonathan Rhodes
The Core Program
Glass Tire
Art Lies
Terence Hannum
Art Nexus
Bridge Gallery

Irving Berlin
Andrea Cohen
Ryan Swanson
Mike Andrews
Loul Samater
Clinton King
Charles Stucky
Roger Brown Resources
The Cultural Center
Jun Yang
Edward Burtynsky
Polly Braden
Melanie Jackson
Michael Wolf
Danwen Xing
John Schmid
Rick Romell
Sara Ranchouse
Fraction Workspace
The Suburban
Michael Miller
Walsh Gallery

Sally Alatalo

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports__Episode_27_happiness.mp3
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Why I left Milwaukee at 19...
Art museum party gets out of hand

A party at a US art museum got out of hand after the organisers promised revellers as many martinis as they could drink.

The martini fete at at Milwaukee Art Museum ended with drunk guests passing out, throwing up and clambering over artworks.

One reveller, Kathleen Christians, 39, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "It was crazy. People were shoving people over. People were getting sick, screaming, shouting, messing with the artwork."

Four young men climbed onto Standing Woman, a tall, bronze sculpture of a goddess-like woman by early 20th-century American artist Gaston Lachaise.

"They were standing on it, grabbing the boobs, and somebody was just taking pictures with a cell phone," said Laura Collins, 35.

The Martinifest event, organised by local radio station Clear Channel, offered unlimited martinis for the equivalent of about £17.

"Hindsight is 20-20... It was probably too cheap," Kerry Wolfe, a local programming director for Clear Channel, said .

David Gordon, the museum's director, said: "It was not an appropriate event to be held in the museum, and we have reviewed our procedures for bookings."

Category:Art Events! -- posted at: 9:51pm EST

Bad at Sports Episode 26: Corbett vs. Dempsey and State of the Union



It's our sixth month anniversary and there is much excitement for all!

This week we talk to John Corbett and Jim Dempsey of Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery. Also we reflect on six months of weekly podcasts and mull whether or not to go on. A very special episode of Bad at Sports. Like an afterschool special with expletives.

Real show note to follow at some point soon.

John Corbett
Jim Dempsey
Third Coast Festival
Experimental Sound Studio
Open End Barn Dance, Featuring Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band
Jeff Ward
Shannon Stratton
Sun Ra
Nelson Algren
Miyoko Ito
Chicago Imagists
Michiko Itatani
Morris Barazani
John Wilde
Joe Freebert
Bob Cozzolino
Dusty Grooves
WPA Muralists: Restoration
Roger Brown Study Collection
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Robert Amft
Clement Greenberg
Harold Rosenberg
Robert Henry Adams
Valerie Carberry
Thomas McCormick
Time Out Chicago: interview with Robert Amft

Scott Speh
Paul Klein
Michael Workman

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Bad at Sports Episode 25: Wendy Cooper and reviews!

This Week

This week we interview Chicago gallerist Wendy Cooper. Then the BAS team reviews new shows at the Renaissance Society (Yutaka Sone's Forecast: Snow) and the Hyde Park Art Center (4-Reel). Amanda checks out more shows on her own, and--possibly the most exciting segment of the show yet--Duncan and Richard go to see Unshackled, recorded live at the Pacific Garden Mission.

Names Dropped

Wendy Cooper
Yutaka Sone
Renaissance Society
Unshackled Radio Show
John McKinnon
Art Institute of Chicago
Tony White/ Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Three Walls
Whitney Biennial
Fracesco Bonami
College Art Association
UW-Madison Art Dept.
Armory Show
Art Basel Miami Beach
Hyde Park Art Center
4-Reel Exhibition
Marie Krane Bergman
Cream Co.
David Coyle
Sasha Earle
Leah Finch
Howard Fonda
Bill Gerhard
Jaysen James
Michael Kiresuk
John Photos
Edgar Allen Poe
Yayoi Kusama
Lawrence Rinder
Bill Brown
Alison Ruttan
Steve Reber
Hamza Walker
Brian Taylor


We will interview the fine folks of Corbett vs. Dempsey and artist Alison Ruttan. Although I doubt we'll have time for both in one week, we'll see what happens.

Also, next week, we start a war with someone! YEAH! This whole Bad-at-Sports-declares-peace-with-everyone thing is crap.
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Bad at Sports Episode 24: Stuff

I'm sick, this will be a less glitzy and amusing e-mail than usual. Hence this notice coming out so late.


We set the record straight about our rumored conflict with Gallery 400, although we definitely didn't like the show they have up right now. We check out the utterly fabulous collection of shows at the Cultural Center. AND to make it total art overload, we go to the MCA and take in an array of shows there too. Also our London branch (Ben Tanner and Christian Kuras) checks in and we get a brief NOVA plug from Michael Workman.

Names dropped:

Barbara DeGenevieve
Marco Castillo and Dagoberto Rodriguez
Alexandre Arrechea
Stephen Balkenhol
Jan Theun Van Rees
Lari Pittman
David Shrigley
Robert Mapplethorpe
Karen Finley
Lorelei Stewart
Anthony Elms
Tony Tassett
Lawrence Seward
Rodney Graham
Stephanie Brooks
Bob and Roberta Smith
David Robbins
Michael Elmgreen
Dana Schutz
Ron Mueck
Juan Munoz
Charles Ray
Peter Halley
Judy Ledgerwood
Julia Fish
Michelle Grabner
Sol Lewitt
Ad Reinhardt
Tom Friedman
Maurizio Cattelan
Matthew Barney
Chuck Close
Kerry James Marshall
Ellen Gallagher

Laura Owens
Robert Smithson
Robert Irwin
Dan Flavin
Dubhe Carreño
Carl Hammer
Stephen Kelly
Carrie Secrist
Natalie van Straaten
Greg Cameron


We interview Gallerist Wendy Cooper, and do some reviews INCLUDING our review of a taping of Unshackled at the Pacific Garden Mission.
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Bad at Sports Episode 23: James Rondeau, Cecilia Edefalk

Duncan and Richard interview James Rondeau, superstar curator and Cecelia Edefalk, superstar artist. We just bought the right to the word "superstar" so we are compelled to use it as much as possible. Stealing liberally from the AIC's press release bank we now paste the following for your enlightenment.

"The Art Institute of Chicago presents the first solo U.S. exhibition of Swedish artist Cecilia Edefalk as part of its Focus exhibitions of contemporary art. Double White Venus, a series of 12 paintings all titled Double White Venus, will be on view in Gallery 139 of the museum from February 2 to April 23, 2006. Born in 1954, Edefalk draws viewers in by exploring, through repetition as well as innovative installations, the mechanics of making and looking at painted images. Edefalk works slowly and deliberately, in direct contrast to our high-speed, image-based world; she began Double White Venus in 1999 and completed its 12 paintings over the course of nearly 7 years."

James Rondeau is the Frances and Thomas Dittmer Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, and a damn nice guy. He has overseen the significant growth and expansion in recent years of the Art Institute of Chicago's commitment to contemporary art.

Brian Andrews our west coast correspondent has really been earning his keep these days. This week he interviews Andrew Bancroft aka the superstar rapper Jelly D. from the brilliant Maximum Wage video.

"The son of an ex-pool hustler and former Catholic nun, Andrew Bancroft grew up in Maine, where he developed an early love of acting and music. Andrew graduated with honors from Wesleyan UniversitySan Francisco in 2000. Andrew's many film credits include the title role in Gabriel Angel Of The Lord, as well as directing and starring as rapper "Jelly Donut" in Illbilly's mock music video Maximum Wage . He has many other performance credits, including The Ken and Andy Show and Popcorn Anti-Theater."

If you don't go check out your toes will rot off.

Names Dropped: Stan Douglas, Anne Goldstein, James Coleman, Michael Asher, Madeleine Grynsztejn, Jeremy Strick, Claude Monet, A. James Speyer, Philip K. Dick, Robert Gober, Francesco Clemente, Robert Ryman, Sean Scully, Buzz Spector, Suzanne Ghez, Francesco Bonami, Thomas Hirschhorn, Lisa Dorin, Chalres Stuckey, Neal Benezra, Anne Rojimer, James Wood, James Cuno, Kenny Taylor, the all important Bob's Donut Shop in San Francisco, CA, and more, more, more


Reviews from London, Gallerist Wendy Cooper, maybe some reviews, c'mon I just finished this damn show do I really need to dish about what we have for next week. Sheesh.

Cecilia Edefalk
Stan Douglas
Anne Goldstein
James Coleman
Michael Asher
Madeleine Grynsztejn
Jeremy Strick
Claude Monet
A. James Speyer
Philip K. Dic
Robert Gober
Francesco Clemente
Robert Ryman
Sean Scully
Buzz Spector
Suzanne Ghez
Francesco Bonami
Thomas Hirschhorn

Lisa Dorin
Charles Stuckey
Neal Benezra
Anne Rorimer

James Cuno
Wendy Cooper

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Bad at Sports Episode 22: Liz Armstrong, Social

An interview that goes off the rails, reviews, our San Francisco branch checks in! Wow!

Check out our new NEWS FLASH section below.


Liz Armstrong, author of the Chicago Anti-social column in the Reader.

From her Wikipedia entry:
Liz Armstrong lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has performed solo and with the bands To Live and Shave in L.A. and To Live and Shave in L.A. 2 under the stage name "Misty Martinez." Since 2004, she has written first-person party journalism for the Chicago Reader in her "Chicago Antisocial" column.

But that doesn't begin to cover our knife wielding interview. Liz is the first guest to show up "heavy" to an interview. She was none-the-less delightful and wacky to talk to. Amanda and Liz have a battle royalle and end up pals! This interview is a non-stop action fest loaded withconfessional jaw dropping moments. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it will become a part of you. You'll listen again and again. It's downright worthy of Chicago Anti-Social.

If that wasn't enough, Amanda, Duncan and Richard review the new shows at Giola, Gescheidle, Aron Packer and the Beverly Art Center.

Names dropped:

Fred Stonehouse, Michael Noland, James Rosenquist, Barbara Weisen, The Gahlberg Gallery at the College of DuPage, NASCAR, Arturo Herrera, Martin O'Conner, Jeremy Black, Jason Ruhl, Marcel Dzama, Michael Dumontier, Neil Farber, The Royal Art Lodge, Shelley Spector, Instant Coffee, Kiki Smith, Kota Ezawa, Cornelia Parker, Wang Du, Wangechi Mutu, The Beverly Art Center, Jenny O'Conner, Stephen Warde Anderson, Hank Feeley, and there are about a zillion artists in the Tattoo show that you need to go and check out on your own as I left the list at work, sorry.


New City answered all of our Gallery 400 related questions. Check it out
The Rest of the Story!!!

While you're at it check out Amanda's review!
Amanda's Review

VOTE FOR US PLEASE! We are listed as the second best art podcast, how dare they! Help us be #1!!!


Reviews from London, our San Francisco correspondent interviews internationally famous rapper and performance artist Jelly-Doughnut at the Doughnut shop featured in the Maximum Wage video, and so much more! The following week we are interviewing rock star curator James Rondeau. Free up some time to listen, these will be great shows.

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Don't fret, it is only a music video, but what a music video...


Someone please explain to me what the weiner dogs have to do with this song?
Category:general -- posted at: 2:19pm EST

Bad at Sports Episode 21: Chicago Artists Resource

Another great show, tell your pals that we kick ass. Duncan cries inside because there are still people in town who haven't been reached by our pithy commentary.

WHY OH WHY doesn't Tony Wight at Bodybuilder & Sportsman respond to our e-mail? Everybody else in 119 responds; where is the love??? We are just trying to give you some airtime--we won't be mean, honest. Wendy Cooper writes back, c'mon buddy.


We visit Barbara Koenen at her lovely home and discuss resources available for artists in the City of Chicago. Barbara is in charge of the utterly bad-assed Chicago Artists Resource website, which shines the light of knowledge into the dark pit of confusion for us local types. If you don't already participate, sign up now!

Chicago Artists Resource website, GO NOW!!!

ALSO: Duncan and Richard shut the hell up (leave the room even) so that Amanda and Shannon can review the new show at 40000 "Versus"

Names dropped:Brian Andrews, Cody Cloud, Rose DiSalvo, Dennis Hodges, Josh Mannis, Video Machete, Dan Peterman (also can't write back to us), Rich Mansfield, Duncan MacKenzie, Heather Mekkelson, Jenny Walters, Sze Lin Pang, Naomi Robbins, Geoff Smalley, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Alan Artner, Scott Power, BAT magazine, New Art Examiner, Bridge, Art News sucking, Flash Art, Paul Klien, Michael Workman, NOVA art fair, ACME, Switching Station Artists Lofts, Artspace, The Chicago Transit Authority, LaShawnda Crowe Storm, Michael Thompson, Michael Hernandez De Luna, New York Foundation for the Arts, Michele Feder-Nadoff, Greg Cameron, Carl Hammer, Carrie Secrists, Natalie Van Straaten, and we weep for the lack of funding for the Chicago Artists International Program.


Liz Armstrong from the Reader? James Rondeau? Michael Workman dishing on who pisses him off? We have lots of stuff in the queue, let's see who we manage to schedule time with.

Direct download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_21_Chicago.mp3
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Bad at Sports Episode 20 Mark Booth

20 shows! Wow! I think back to my initial conversations with Duncan in a bar downtown and I doubt we ever expected to get an audience as large as we now have (which has doubled in the last month), the number of great, brilliant people working with us around the world, and the wonderful feedback we have been getting, thanks to you all! We continue to look at Bad at Sports as an open resource, so let us know what you think. If you want to contribute (particularly if you are somewhere other than Chicago), let us know! We are here as a public resource. Thanks!

Also, curious minds are still waiting to hear a good explanation of why, without permission from the artist, UIC took the Death by Design piece down off of the Temporary Allegiance flag pole at Gallery 400. Someone please enlighten us.

Check out the cool pictures of us Duncan posted:

Lane Relyea purportedly thinks we are cool.


We interview Mark Booth--artist, teacher, and curator of the forthcoming “an incomplete map of everything�? festival at Links Hall.

Per the Links Hall press release: “an incomplete map of everything is a fragmentary atlas of an imaginary world. The festival is comprised of co-existing “landforms�? of an experimental nature; the Goldsmith archipelago, the Bök atoll, the plateaus of Goulish, the Bervin Sea, the isthmus of Mallozzi, and the fjord of Ross. There are other topographical features as well, both familiar and unfamiliar; emerging glaciers, new volcanoes, and uncharted estuaries. If there is one thing these artists have in common apart from their shared commitment to experimentation and investigative exploration it is their interest in probing the minimal elements that form the materiality of human experience.�?

Mark also talks about being mistaken for a spaceman.

Richard and Amanda apologize to Duncan for creating confusion over the name Middle Management.

Duncan and Amanda fight TO THE DEATH over whether or not it is acceptable to curate yourself into a show.

And, finally, Richard insists you bow down to the genius of Patti Smith’s first record!

Names dropped:

Tiny Hairs, Terri Kapsalis, Libby the cat, Christian Bök, Judd Morrissey, Relaxation Record, Jesse Seldess, Luc Tuymans, Leonie Weber, Ben Brown, Meg Nafziger, Jeff Kowalkowski, Michael Workman, NOVA, Lou Mallozzi, Björn Ross, Fessenden, Institute of Failure, Trent Smith, Petrova, Jen Bervin, Lilli Carré, Erin Tikovitch, Tony Rosati, The 6 Ghosts of Fear, Ginger Krebs, Erin Moore, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ken Fandell, Matthew Goulish, Justin Cooper, Christopher Lavery, Daniel Borzutzky, CJ Mitchell, Goat Island, James Rondeau, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Open End Gallery, and last, but not least, Furries.


Barbara Koenen, fabulous overlord of the Chicago Artist Resource site, talks about how artists can make the most of what Chicago has to offer, and so much more.
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Bad at Sports: Episode 19 Michelle Grabner pt. 2

Back again for more art talk, mirth and mayhem. Tell your pals, classmates, enemies, family about the show! The more the merrier.


Michelle Grabner is back! Michelle has written criticism for more magazines than I can comfortably count, runs an art gallery and shows her work internationally. This week we present second part of our interview. Michelle points out that BAS is damn guilty of being a part of the sad watering down of art criticism. She also very kindly puts Richard in his place for his anti-intellectual criticism bashing.

ALSO: Amanda and Richard review shows at Aron Packer, Polvo, Open End, and Monique Meloche!

Name dropped:

David Romanelli, Art Forum, BAT Magazine, Andrea Frasier, Jim Elkins, Jerry Saltz, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Rashid Johnson, Lane Relyea, Monique Meloche, Middle Management, The School of the Art Institute, Death by Design, Reed Barrow, Benjamin Bellas, Justin Cooper, Clinton King, Andrea Chin, Rene Cruz, Vicki Fowler, Randall Garrett , Kevin Jefferies, Aimee Jones, Otabenga Jones, Jason Kunke, Laura Lark, Teresa O'Connor, James Eck Rippie, Chris Sauter, Jenny Schlief, Peter Tucker, Malian Lahey, Analu Lopez, Anne Benjamin, Aura Emmanuel, Matthew Kellen, Emilee Lord, Kelli Miller, Tara E. Pellentier, Marshall Preheim, Julie Prokop, William Ransom, Mike Rossi, Audrey Hasen Russell, Jeff Schweitzer, Andrew Simsak, Heather Stapelman, Stacy Sternberg, Mikolaj Szoska, Andrew Thompson, Soyeon Yang.


Who knows, I have yet to locate that darn Canadian.

links to follow eventually
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Bad at Sports: Episode 18: Michael Workman


The always controversial and busy Michael Workman--New City art critic, NOVA front man, Bridge Magazine editor in chief, Art Fair impresario, freelance writer and 92 other things-- talks about the art biz, why he pisses people off, why the youth cult is bullshit, and the state of the Chicago art scene. Amanda is hopping mad about the role of teaching in the art community.

Duncan, Richard, and Amanda talk about "Maximum Wage" from!

Our second New York Bureau member, Nate Rogers-Madsen, reviews Egon Schiele at Neue Galerie and Ed Ruscha at the Whitney.

Name-dropped this episode: Rapper Jelly Donut, Egon Schiele, Ed Ruscha, Thomas Cole, Thomas Blackman, Sterling Ruby, Heather Hubb, MC Paul Barman, Donald Young Gallery, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery, 65 Grand, Dan Peterman (who can't see fit to write back to us), Kerry James Marshall, Tony Tasset, Tony Fitzpatrick, Paul Klein, Duncan's mom, Amanda's mom.


Part 2 of our discussion with Michelle Grabner! Richard asks if art criticism is simply written for eggheads who also write art criticism.

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