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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

Holy guacamole it's my freaking birthday, my landlord is making me move my studio, and we STILL get the show out early. That's quality people, trauma, mirth and on time. When choosing podcasts remember who loves ya baby, we don't make you wait three weeks between shows like lots of the other bush league podcasters out there in I-pod land. Duncan and I sit, huddled under a bare bulb, humming "working in a coal mine" and get our shit out in short order. Golly.

Okay, anyway. This week, Chicago art legend Paul Klein, Duncan reviews a book and rants about the oppression of pest fowl, I counterpoint, and west coast bureau chief Brian Andrews checks in with his first report. Damn, that's a lot of quality art reporting.

As this is the temp show note posted in the 8:00 a.m. hour no links as of yet, but eventually Duncan will get to it. Although, I am making him accompany me to the comic book convention today, so he has an excuse.

Lastly, spread the damn word already, we want thousands of adoring fans fawning at us instead of the measly hundreds we have now.

Happy Halloween.

Chicago Artist Foundation
de Young Museum
Klien Arts old site
Art Letter
Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Three Walls
Mexican Fine Arts Center
Southside Community Art Center
Union League Club of Chicago

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We interview Edward Lifson, host of Chicago Public Radio's weekly Arts program Hello Beautiful

Also: Bill Gross of 65 Grand returns to discuss the tone of the lecture at the Three Arts Club a few weeks back. AND Amanda Browder and Richard review a plethora of shows! Rhona Hoffman, Monique Meloche, and the ever bad-assed Gallery 40000. Wow!

Early Adopters
Hello Beautiful
Rhona Hoffman
Monique Meloche
Gallery 40000
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Bill Gross, Depart-ment, Duncan MacKenzie and Shannon Stratton at Fraction, and Michael Asher reviewed at last.

Okay so this show was edited in a Toyota and in a Holiday Inn in Port Washington Wisconsin.

Not our tightest work and we had WAY too much material.

Things edited out and that will be worked into future shows include: Bill, Duncan and Richard discussing the current show at the Three Arts Club and the discussion that followed the opening that was lots of complaining, Amanda and Richard discussing a whole bunch of shows and why Gordon Matta-Clark's used Kleenex would probably be brilliant, and Duncan calling for the world to hate Richard as he is evil.

Real note to follow soon with appropriate links.

65 Grand =
Skestos Gallery
Micheal Asher
Fraction Workspace

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We interview Scott Speh at Western Exhibitions, he talks about the current show, 5 Solo Exhibitions (Mike Andrews, Jimmy Baker, Carl Baratta, Paul Fuchs and Ben Stone), and about running a gallery space in the contemporary Chicago art scene.

Next we talk to Philip von Zweck, artist, radio show producer and host, artist, project coordinator, and now gallery owner about his work and his new gallery.

This show is a must for a great state of the union of the Chicago art scene and making it as an artist here.

Scott Speh
Philp Von Zweck and Associates
Fraction Workspace

The Rest of Westtown
Gallery 40000
Lisa Boyle Gallery
Booster and Seven
Corbett vs. Dempsey

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Musicircus and the Pentaphilic!  Maybe some reviews as well.

Meet a plethora of people from the Musicircus at the MCA including Eric Leonardson, Chris Preissing, Peter Rosenbloom, Robb Drinkwater and Jesse Seay. Also we review Michael Goro at ARC and we talk about a zillion painters in the Everybody Paints! show at Parlour. Duncan interviews Jason Dunda of Pentaphilic Curatorial Projects. There is some Canada bashing and we decide to pick a fist fight with Art News Magazine's editorial staff.

Chris Preissing and the Chicago Composers Forum
Robb Drinkwater
Eric Leonardson and Peter Jones Gallery
Jesse Seay and Likes To Do Other Things Podcast
Peter Rosenbloom and False Walls

The Chicago Tribune review of Musicircus.

The review section of the show.

Michael Goro
ARC Gallery
Parlor (they have no web presence).
Katharine Mulherin
Fraction Workspace
For info on Jason Dunda and the Pentaphilic Curatorial Projects please see Gallery 400 and or our links page for an application. Remember they are only accepting applicants until October 11th.

Thanks for Listening.

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