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Sep 25, 2005

We talk to Chicago Artist Amanda Browder about her current local and international projects, and about the meaning of Career Day.

The three of us discuss the Bruce Nauman show at theDonald Young Gallery Gallery and we look at the Nevin Tomlinson show at Gallery 40000.


Anyone interested in show opportunities that exist in Canada should check out these websites.

Instant Coffee

Closer to home...

The Illinois Arts Council
The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Grant Opportunities

Richard Interviews everyone he can at the Chicago Composers Forum: John Cages Musicircus the MCA.

The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators, Experiment 400/5 With a tongue-in-cheek curatorial style, Experiment 400/5 seeks to question and play with the structure of gallery systems.

To apply for Experiment 400/5, please pick up an application at Gallery 400 or email