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Oct 30, 2005

Holy guacamole it's my freaking birthday, my landlord is making me move my studio, and we STILL get the show out early. That's quality people, trauma, mirth and on time. When choosing podcasts remember who loves ya baby, we don't make you wait three weeks between shows like lots of the other bush league podcasters out there in I-pod land. Duncan and I sit, huddled under a bare bulb, humming "working in a coal mine" and get our shit out in short order. Golly.

Okay, anyway. This week, Chicago art legend Paul Klein, Duncan reviews a book and rants about the oppression of pest fowl, I counterpoint, and west coast bureau chief Brian Andrews checks in with his first report. Damn, that's a lot of quality art reporting.

As this is the temp show note posted in the 8:00 a.m. hour no links as of yet, but eventually Duncan will get to it. Although, I am making him accompany me to the comic book convention today, so he has an excuse.

Lastly, spread the damn word already, we want thousands of adoring fans fawning at us instead of the measly hundreds we have now.

Happy Halloween.

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de Young Museum
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Art Letter
Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Three Walls
Mexican Fine Arts Center
Southside Community Art Center
Union League Club of Chicago