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Jun 25, 2006

This Week:
Episode 43:  3 Three Editors from Blunt Art Text

BAT Magazine: Blunt Art Text.  Like ninjas of art journalism, these
evil doers sneak around and do smart, thoughtful reviews and publish
them in their journal.  We thought we had the drop on them, but nope
the lights when out and Richard and I found ourselves tied together,
laying on train tracks.  Who knew Richard was born with a prehensile
tail?  It was a close one.  Enjoy.

Oh Yeah, BAT is Elijah Burgher, Julia Marsh and William Staples.

Richard would like to note next to them, "[we] seem even dumber than usual."


We are being auctioned off at Phyllis's Musical Inn on
Thursday the 29th to benefit 40000.

AND TOTALLY, OH MY GOD!!! Duncan and Richard are announcing the first
annual art-world Kickball Tournament July 1st at Noon in Wicker Park.
Watch the blog for details.

40000 Gallery
James Rondeau
Raymond Pettibon
Lane Relyea
Michelle Grabner
Philip VonZweck
Scott Speh
Richard Rezac
Rhona Hoffman
Monique Meloche Gallery
Brice Marden
Alegon Gallery
Maxmilian Schubert
Banks Violette
David Altmejd
Butcher Shop Dogmatic Gallery
Luis Gispert
Bucket Rider Gallery
Jon Beasley
Alison Ruttan
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Zo�« Charlton
Kara Walker
Lisa Yuskavage
John Currin
David Hockney
Julia Marsh
Elijah Burgher
William Staples
Robert Rainey
Chicago Cultural Center
Shannon Stratton and Lisa Boumstein-Smalley
Booster and Seven
Jeremy Boyle
Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery
Quimby's Bookstore
Museum of Contemporary Art Bookstore
Jeff Ward
Marc Fischer
Gregg Perkins
Kelly Shi
Brandon Larson