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Jun 12, 2006

Oh dear.  It is a review-a-ton.   For those of you who wondered why Duncan had been muzzled as of late,  your answer is here as he and Amanda rant with willful abandon (mostly Duncan).  Once again he brings shame to his family as we review shows at VON ZWECK, The Mars Gallery, NOVA, Garden Fresh, Live Box, Kasia Kay, Navta Schulz Gallery, Rowland Contemporary, Schopf Gallery, and Three Walls.  Ouch. Not a lot of love here.  But so far everyone is still alive.

"Negative" this you blogosphere jerks.

That British Journal that Duncan Spoke of
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Olivia Schreiner
Rowland ContemporaryStan Douglas
Lora Fosberg
Linda Warren Gallery
Edward Muybridge
Barry Anderson
Steve Hamann
Schopf Gallery on Lake
Amy Devoogd
Bruce Campbell
Ben Potter
Navta Schulz Gallery
Hyeyun Park
LiveBox Gallery
Sabrina Raaf
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Annette Messager
Three Walls
Joseph Kohnke
Miklos P. Simon
Alee Peoples
Ben Driggs
Seth Hunter
NOVA: Unexpected Token Show
Garden Fresh Gallery
Dana Sperry
Ashley Bickerton
Robin Assner
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris
Jerry Bleem
Wizard Island
Aron Packer Gallery
Mars Gallery
Heaven Gallery
Tom Selleck
Japeth Mennes
Katherine Bowman