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Mar 26, 2006


Books + Food = The 7th Annual Edible Book Show at Columbia College. Kathryn Born makes her podcast debut with an interview with Marlene Russum Scott about the festival, and book arts in the city. - Michelle Grabner picks up the critical torch in her "Art Papers" article. - Reviews a plenty: Some are kinda awesome, and some kinda are not. - Richard takes on the "Dad" character in Leave it to Beaver, and Duncan giggles his way to stardom. - All are wrapped up in a cheery band melody that Richard promises a dollar to the first person to e-mail us the exact reason of why it is so funny!


Juventus 2006
Charles LaBelle
Chris Uphues

Josh Mannis
Mariano Chavez
Jean-Pierre Roy
Michael Thomas, Butcher Shop Dogmatic
Michael Rea
Nova Art Fair
Alison Ruttan
Michelle Grabner/Art Papers
Bill Drendel
Chicago Hand Bookbinders
Chicago Public Library Special Collection
Columbia College Book & Paper Center
Edible Books
Julie Chen
Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection
Marlene Russum Scott
Melissa Jay Craig
Newberry Library
Northwestern University
Penland School of Crafts
Sherryl Keyes
Dan Anhorn
Joycelyn merchant
Oscar Wilde
Mayuko Kono
Nathaniel Smyth
Lauren Anderson
Aristotle Georgiades
Pete Fowler
Jim Woodring