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Bad at Sports Episode 21: Chicago Artists Resource

Another great show, tell your pals that we kick ass. Duncan cries inside because there are still people in town who haven't been reached by our pithy commentary.

WHY OH WHY doesn't Tony Wight at Bodybuilder & Sportsman respond to our e-mail? Everybody else in 119 responds; where is the love??? We are just trying to give you some airtime--we won't be mean, honest. Wendy Cooper writes back, c'mon buddy.


We visit Barbara Koenen at her lovely home and discuss resources available for artists in the City of Chicago. Barbara is in charge of the utterly bad-assed Chicago Artists Resource website, which shines the light of knowledge into the dark pit of confusion for us local types. If you don't already participate, sign up now!

Chicago Artists Resource website, GO NOW!!!

ALSO: Duncan and Richard shut the hell up (leave the room even) so that Amanda and Shannon can review the new show at 40000 "Versus"

Names dropped:Brian Andrews, Cody Cloud, Rose DiSalvo, Dennis Hodges, Josh Mannis, Video Machete, Dan Peterman (also can't write back to us), Rich Mansfield, Duncan MacKenzie, Heather Mekkelson, Jenny Walters, Sze Lin Pang, Naomi Robbins, Geoff Smalley, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Alan Artner, Scott Power, BAT magazine, New Art Examiner, Bridge, Art News sucking, Flash Art, Paul Klien, Michael Workman, NOVA art fair, ACME, Switching Station Artists Lofts, Artspace, The Chicago Transit Authority, LaShawnda Crowe Storm, Michael Thompson, Michael Hernandez De Luna, New York Foundation for the Arts, Michele Feder-Nadoff, Greg Cameron, Carl Hammer, Carrie Secrists, Natalie Van Straaten, and we weep for the lack of funding for the Chicago Artists International Program.


Liz Armstrong from the Reader? James Rondeau? Michael Workman dishing on who pisses him off? We have lots of stuff in the queue, let's see who we manage to schedule time with.

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