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May 17, 2009

This week: Duncan talks to Paul Morris the Art Czar of a number of art fairs who really goes by the title of  Vice President of Art Shows & Events for Merchandise Mart Properties Inc. to discuss Artropolis, his history as an innovator and gallery owner, and where the art world is headed.



A night you won't forget...if you live to remember!!!

Friday, May 29th, You Oughta be in Fangs, written & directed by Death by Design

Decadent 1920s party-goers in search of hot-jazz and free-flowing booze, head to a secret speakeasy run by the conjoined Whisper Sisters. Assisted by a team of waxen virgins and undead goons, the Sisters entice their guests with vampish performers, seductive strains and intoxicating elixirs. But watch your step – lest you should shimmy straight into the arms of their Vampire suitors, who slip incognito through the euphoric crowd, adding to their brood.

Join us for our first artist-directed fundraiser, You Oughta Be in Fangs by Death by Design. Featuring hot-jazz by D.J. Coffin Banger, a medicine show by Sanjula Vamana, vampire bites by The Bleeding Heart Bakery, open casket portraits, a secret potion hunt, prohibition era coffin varnish (ie. booze) and much much more.

A one-of-a-kind event, You Oughta Be in Fangs is a prohibition era meets the undead, housed in Chicago’s spectacular The International Museum of Surgical Science. Unlike any event threewalls has ever held, You Oughta Be in Fangs is our first spring fundraiser, a new annual artist designed and directed ‘experience’ where guests become ‘part of the art’.

Death by Design, Co., is a special effects and video-based company established by artists Michelle Maynard and Teena McClelland in May 2005. The Death by Design team constructs film sets and immersive environments at select locations where clients are invited to enter the set and engage in an in-depth conversation with life through their own "Hollywood" death.  Visitors can either watch the action unfold or be part of the story-line, infiltrating the artwork as live (and dead) bodies. You Oughta Be In Fangs is their first ‘party’ environment/installation, where party-goers, immersed in the set, become characters in a speak-easy riddled with the undead.

Take a bite of the visual arts and help support threewalls support artists.

Costumes encouraged!   

7:30-8:30: VIP Preview with appetizers, live entertainment, and open bar.

8:30-11:30: General Admission with dessert, and open bar.