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Jan 27, 2008

The Central European Bureau, “EuroShark? Mark Staff Brandl and his new partner Lamis El Farra interview Alex Meszmer of the art team Meszmer/Müller. Meszmer discusses the exhibition they curated at Projektraum Exex titled “Deconstructing Eden – Fragments of a Perfect Life,? their transitory museum-in-progress called Zeitgarten, the Swiss professional artists’ organization Visarte, and the new group of highly active “alternative? art spaces in Switzerland united under the rubric “Off-Off.?

Terri and Joanna give their book review of Eeee Eee Eeeee by Tao Lin . The "shitty drawing of novels."

Duncan rages about how F-ing angry he is at the Art Institute of Chicago, and in order to make up for it, rumor has it that he intends to increase his donation to them. If you work in development, please make a note of Duncan’s generosity and contact me at and I’ll pass along his phone number. He really wants to talk to you ASAP.