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Aug 28, 2023

Welcome back to a monster week at Bad at Sports. (We took an unscheduled vacation in August [cringe emoji]. This week we drop three shows the first of which is episode 851 from Kansas City with Kevin Demery. A great conversation about art, life, and the intersection of race and justice.


This conversation is amongst several you will hear in the next few weeks are brought to you through the support of Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, where they are doing a remarkable job of bedrock-ing the Kansas City art world and its artists.


You should also know that you can expect us back on the radio on Wednesday with an episode from Expo Chicago. Excitingly, EXPO just sold to Freize and what that portends for our local International Art Fair, we will do our best to find out.


And, this Friday we will drop a third show with Andrew Mcilvaine who is currently doing an exhibition with our friend and now your’s Kevin Demery.


Our friend Duncan. (He works here.) Is also hoping that we will let you know about an opportunity he and a West Coast artist and theorist, Ted Hiebert (former guest of the show) are hosting at the College Art Association conference in February 2024. They are hosting a panel on post-rational visuality and all that that could mean. How do we re situate human-ness now (post-ai, hyper bureaucratized, justly, and constantly observed and ordered), and what can those parts of being human which don't feel rational or computable mean to us? How do we foreground them? What kinds of art allow us to get enough intellectual space that we can reflect on these conditions? If you've got ideas about a human future through art, they've got the panel for you.


Kevin Demery -

Charlotte St. Foundation -

Andrew Mcilvaine -

CAA Panel “Post-Rational Visuality” With Duncan and Ted Hiebert (it is a bit of a scroll) -

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