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Apr 5, 2023

Once again Bad at Sports brings back a little audio that we recorded several years ago at NADA Miami which for no good reason never made it to air. We blame our day jobs but these would not have seen the light without the editing support of Martin Ortiz de Taranco!


This week we run into Chambliss Giobbi and circle around model building, portraits, the relationship between an image and its materials. Then we are treated to the driest wit in Chicago by Alex Chitty thanks to Patron Gallery! Thanks to NADA! Thanks to Claire Ashley who provided the work for our booth. And in a rare twist Dana Bassett and Tom Sanford, in the same show!


Chambliss Giobbi -

Alex Chitty -

Patron Gallery -

Amanda Browder -


EXPO - Chicago

Martin Ortiz de Taranco -

Tom Sanford -

Claire Ashley -



Alex Chitty

They will bloom without you

Elmhurst Art Museum -McCormick House