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Aug 29, 2011

This week, Brian, Patricia, and Art Practical contributor Mary Anne Kluth sit down

with artist Elaine Buckholtz and gallery president Richard Lang at Electric Works

in San Francisco where Buckholz’s solo show, Light Making Motion: Works on Paper

and in Light, was recently on view. In her review, Kluth notes that Buckholtz,

whose primary medium is light, “is a generous guide, making instructive objects

that allow her audience to come to discoveries” about the “experience of vision as

a phenomena unfolding in time… focus[ing] attention on shifting, fleeting, elusive

sensations.” In this conversation they talk about that generosity, the installations on

view, working with Meredith Monk, and the pleasures of going off the cliff, Wile. E.


Buckholz received her MFA at Stanford University and has shown at the Swiss

Technorama Museum, Winterthur, Switzerland; Pierogi Leipzig, Germany; the

Wexner Center For The Arts, Columbus, OH; the Sun Valley Center for the Arts,

Idaho; the Claremont Museum, Claremont, CA; Stanford University, Palo Alto;

California College of The Arts, Fusion Art Space, the Luggage Store, and Yerba Buena

Center for the Arts, San Francisco.

You can read Kluth’s full review on Art Practical here: http://